United Kingdon: Lucie Jones Performs for Graham Norton

United Kingdom – The voice of Eurovision in the United Kingdom, Graham Norton has returned to the BBC for a new season of his Friday night chat Show and last night the UK rep Lucie Jones performed her Eurovision Entry “Never Give Up on You”.

Even though Lucie was selected by National Selection, non Eurovision fans had not likely heard our song yet so The Graham Norton Show usually tends to be their first glimpse at the song representing them. Twitter is always a fun place to be to see how much backing the song gets. First, the performance:

Lucie performed at the end of the show that also guest starred Goldie Hawn, Amy Schumer, Orlando Bloom and John Beyega and the main topics of comments on Twitter involved the uncanny resemblance to the Sweden 2014 staging (let’s hope the UK come up with something original for May 13th) and how it will fair after the Brexit Vote.

However some were positive about Lucie’s voice and the song

Will the Brexit Saga have an effect on the United Kingdom that have not been doing well in recent years anyway? What do you think of Lucies performance last night? As always comments welcome below

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

15 comments on “United Kingdon: Lucie Jones Performs for Graham Norton

  1. Good luck, Lucie and the UK. My most favourite UK entry of the last ten years (along with “Even If”).

  2. This is the first time Lucie managed to impress me. I liked this live rendition very much. Her vocals are softer and more elegant and classy. Even her look seems lighter. Well done, Lucie. Going up on my list.

  3. Each one of Lucy’s live performances convinces me even more she will fare better than the recent UK entrants. She is mesmerizing. She must get at least those juru votes imo.

    P.S. Sanna’s lights need to go. Too obvious.

  4. A little biased towards the UK i guess.

  5. Not the biggest fan.
    Good luck anyway :)

  6. A new song from Francesco’s new album “Magellano” which was released yesterday:

  7. ESC NATION’s current qualifiers (SEMI 1)
    1. BEL
    2. SWE
    3. GRC
    4. AZE
    5. PRT
    6. FIN
    7. CYP
    8. ALB
    9. MNE
    10. POL
    11. LVA
    12. ISL
    13. ARM
    14. AUS
    15. SVN
    16. CZE
    17. GEO
    18. MDA

    • SEMI 2 :
      1. MKD
      2. SRB
      3. BGR
      4. HUN
      5. EST
      6. DNK
      7. CHE
      8. AUT
      9. ISR
      10. BLR
      11. NOR
      12. ROU
      13. SMR
      14. HRV
      15. NLD
      16. IRL
      17. MLT
      18. LTU

      PS : The top 3 is composed by the same team. That’s what I call “appealing” music :P

  8. The song is lovely in it’s very special plodding way and I really like Lucie. I hope that she will pin up her hair in Kyiv because she looks stunning if she does. Good luck!
    And of course some Brits already talk Brexit again. I wish that they were less whiny and self-centered. I really feel for those in the UK outvoted by the pathetic ones.

  9. UKD17 has been in 21st place on my list all along. Some songs were climbing and others were falling but Lucie always bravely stood her ground at 21st, no matter what happened to the others. LOL
    And I agree with oxi. Together with “Even If” it’s the BBC’s best effort since 2002.

  10. It’s a nice live performance but i feel lovely Lucie looks more like a music teacher than a pop singer.The staging reminds me of SWE 14.”Never give up on you” is my favorite UK entry in many years although,it’s not in my current top-15.

  11. It looked like they were trying to burn Lucie as if she was an ant :(
    She is not a bad singer but I can’t connect with her because of her expressions and the cold song doensn’t help. It’s the worst revamp this year in my opinion.

  12. “If it wasn’t for #Brexit we might have had a serious chance of winning #Eurovision this year with Lucy Jones #GrahamNorton”

    Lol. What the hell has Brexit to do with UK’s chances in Eurovision? It’s the same old song as in 2000 when Nikki French blamed her poor result on the fact that UK hadn’t switched to the euro. Forgetting that neither Denmark (1st), Russia (2nd), Latvia (3rd) and Estonia (4th) had euro.

    I wish Lucie good luck. The song is a pleasant and breezy little tune, going in and out of your ear. Fine enough but sadly it looks pretty dead here.

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