TEKO 2017: Quarterfinal 1!

teko-2017-logoTEKO 2017 – It’s time to vote in quarterfinal 1 of TEKO 2017; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2017. Today, you can start voting in the matchup between Italy and Portugal!

TEKO 2017 – Quarterfinal 1

Please listen to the two competing entries:

ITALY Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma

Portugal PORTUGAL Salvador Sobral – Amar pelos dois

To hear the song, click on the respective flag!

The voting:

After listening to the three songs, it’s time for you to vote! Please vote for your favorite out of the two.

Europe (…and Australia…and the rest of the world), start voting now!

UPDATE: The results of this round are out now!

80 comments on “TEKO 2017: Quarterfinal 1!

  1. Italy but I have a feeling Portugal will win TEKO 2017

  2. I believe I won’t be voting in this :P

  3. I hath opened the gates of hell, I assume a lot of people will be choosing between two of their top 5; I know I am, and it’s a bit painful of a cut to make. Think of it this way, you won’t be disappointed no matter who wins because one of your favorites will be advancing?

  4. Tough one. Both songs are in my top 4, and it is very close there. Songs keep switching places depending on the mood I am in.

    • Hi Mermaid, do you know where the “kiz” in Portekiz comes from?

      • Hmmm I have no idea but it has got nothing to the with “kız” which is a girl :)
        But I know where “Portugal” name comes from…it means “orange”( fruit) in Arabic same in Turkish

        • Thanks, I was wondering why Turkish uses a different ending.

          • Portekiz sounds similiar with “Portuguese” though…I think only linguists can answer that 😊

            • Not really. Portugal comes from the latin name of two cities (“Portus” (nowadays Oporto and “Calem” – Gaia). Those two cities where essential to the origins of our country. Both cities share the shores of Douro river in northern Portugal (like Buda and Pest share the Danube river shores). The origin of the word “Orange” in many languages derives from our country’s name and not the opposite. In Greek is Portukali, in persian “porteghâl”, the arabic word for a sweet orange is portukal, and the only reason for that is that we were one of its big producers and distributors.

  5. Portugal gets my vote.

    • High notes are a bit painful to watch 🤔I like the song nevertheless

      • Yeah looses it in the last part (the song has the same problem), but I like it still. #10
        Have to say it’s still a far cry from Anja’s out of pitch and out of breath screaming 😃

        • Haven’t seen her sing live

        • She’s not particularly out of pitch. I have good ears, and I can’t hear any false notes.

          Her way of singing is rather shouty in the chorus, true, some like it, I don’t, but off-key? No.

          • Well, in NF it was a showcase of advanced karaoke singer doing her best Whitney. It sounded serioulsly bad. It’s shouting and yeah, talent shows have taught tv audiences to appreciate it. It’s sad that belting and shouting are so seriously mixed up nowadays.

            • Shouting maybe, but not out of tune…

            • Maybe these orgastic breathless screams in NF are in key. Don’t know in what key women scream. Sorry.

            • She sings in the key of the song. She is OK technically, whether or not one likes her way of singing is another question. As I said, I’m not so fond of it, finding it very uninteresting. And yes, it’s pretty shouty, but to be fair, some rock singers are screaming more than her (e.g. Little Richard), but with more expression.

              If you are really looking for an off-key performance:

            • Shouting starts when technic ends. It’s very simple. And when you shout you get pitching issues. The ones she is pretending to be are not screaming. 90 ‘s ballads needs big voices but impeccable sense of style and control. She doesn’t.

            • But I really can’t hear any serious pitching issues in her performance.

            • You shouldn’t even have one when you sing this kind of songs and you shouldn’t loose your breath. That’s my point. Her Sigh of Relief says it all after adlib screaming. She struggles.

            • But I guess the loss of breath is an attraction for some. Some sort of adrenalin shot after the “hard work” is done, I don’t know. It may be the reason why she won (?)

              It was a very weak NF, and I didn’t really like many of the songs. I would have preferred another winner, no doubt about that. But the voters wanted it otherwise.

              It’s a demanding song to sing because of the long high notes in the chorus. But I still think f.e. Jade Ewen sounded more exhausted at the end of her song in 2009 (the change of key in the second chorus was a bit too high for her).

            • True. My point is that this kind of singing should sound effortless, but talent shows has turned it into survival game. Maybe that’s why they always start to applaud when the shouting behind. Go girl! We are right behind you!

            • I wouldn’t disagree with that. I just reacted on the notion that she was off-key. I checked the NF performance, and she really wasn’t. Shouty, yes, but not off-key.

          • I think people on this site tend to have a problem for this kind off singing tbh. vocals are the only things musically I really know about and you are right she’s not out of pitch at all and to me it sounds very effortless. She is imo one of the best singers this year and I would be very surprised if she was left behind in the semi.
            Having said that I still think the entry is a bit cold and sterile, but I cant help to like this as it is similar to ”Sound of Silence”, which I was very alone to really tressure last year.

            • I had “Sound of Silence” somewhere in the midfield. I think it had some qualities, especially in the chorus, but overall it sounded rather impersonal and pompous to me. Plus I was not crazy about the verse.

              As for the Danish song this year I think the weakest think about it is actually the composition which doesn’t really express anything. Plus I think there is too much of that synth pop sound today. I can understand why some may like her singing, because obviously she puts a lot of energy into her performance. But in the end it comes across to me as somewhat machine-like to me, if you understand what I mean.

              In any case it’s a stronger effort than “Soldiers of Love” from last year which I strongly disliked.

            • It’s weird, cause I dont really fancy the divas from example Albania and Georgia at all. I think it’s because they sound to americanized if you know what I mean and the entries are more OTT and screamish than Denmark imo.
              I do tressure real emotions rather than a vocal powerhouse, but somewhow i’m weak to that kinda of stuff even if it sounds sterile. I also believe that’s why Australia came only fourth in the televote, because of the lack of emotions in it.

            • (* the weakest thing about it…)

    • One more:
      Ireland – I’m Trying My Best

    • My first impression of this song is still valid. It starts very well, but it soon sabotages itself with all those pointless shouty/screechy bits. Denmark manages to be even worse in that area, I agree with Hjallis.

    • Oh my. Horrendous!

    • I really liked his vocal performance though the backings were not live and the staging is let’s say unimaginative.

  6. I love both to bits, but Portugal gets my vote.

  7. My vote here should come as a surprise to no-one…

  8. Voted Italy here!

    off topic: have you heard about the new game called the ET premath? A game where we rank our personal top 10 songs of the season, creating an official ET Pre-Chart! 30 of you guys have voted so far, but its still very tight in the top and one vote can literally change the whole outcome(This is still a fact!)! The voting will end on the 2 of May 23:59! So only 3 days left to vote! More info can be found here:


  9. Portugal is my nº1 and Italy my nº2. Voted for Portugal.

    P.S. – both songs manage to reach the audience using different strategies. It would be great for ESC and for the sake of diversity if one of them won, but ESC tends to vote for plastic and voting blocs.

  10. I will vote Portugal, because the song touches me much more deeply that Italy has done so far

  11. This is so tough, my #6 vs my #5!
    Italy is definitely the song I enjoy more listening, but I think Portugal is the better song, so my vote goes to Portugal.

  12. This is so tough! Italy is the song I enjoy more listening, but I think Portugal is the better song overall so my vote goes to Portugal.

  13. I decide in honor of all the pre esc enthusiasm that is generated today to vote in a TEKO duel and I am faced with this one for god’s sake…ugh…My luck I guess.

    The two most overrated entries this year..Between dated, dull and disturbing live and silly typical esc joke entry with monkeys, silly dances and supposed “messages” I refuse to vote. They represent esc stereotypes the contest should have cut ties with long ago if it wants to gain any credibility.

    Much better songs were refused a place here for these 2 to get this far.

    • P.S. None of the two are any great vocal talent either. They are ok, decent to what they have to deliver and that’s all. Also Portugal is considerably higher score wise (a +2.5 compared to Italy on my list) but being as overrated as it is I cannot vote for it either.

  14. I can’t vote atm.I just can’t decide but i feel that the negative vote against the big favorite will result in a win for Portugal.

  15. The 2 best songs in this contest and the only one I really like. They both totally stand out from everything else, totally irrelevant, plastified, artificial and heard before… Voted for Portugal, as I think Italy will win.

    • No matter if you like the song or not, I don’t think that “totally irrelevant, plastified, artificial and heard before” applies to Hungary either. I haven’t heard many similar songs, and the lyrics make the song very relevant, in particular to Romani people and probably other minorities too.

    • New kid on the block as I see. And fitting here like a glove as well….You ll have a good time for sure. Welcome !

      • Thanks a lot, guitaristbl :-)
        tagravus: you’re right about HGR. I would give it 8 points. And 7 to the BLR folk song.
        Still, both (HGR and BLR) an ocean away from Italy or Portugal.
        guitarist will disagree, for sure… but, well, the best part of these discussions becomes precisely from our disagreements! :-)

  16. This looks like the TEKO Final to me. I love BOTH songs, and BOTH artists would be great esc winners!!! Probably the two most distinctive entries of this year’s edition.
    I will vote for Portugal cause :
    a) the Italian revamp is lame and prevents me from 100% enjoying the song as I initially did
    b) I can connect more to “Amar pelos dois” as a song. Very artistic and true to itself imo

    12 ITA
    10 BEL
    08 EST
    07 PRT
    06 FRA
    05 SWE
    04 FIN
    03 ISR
    02 BGR
    01 MKD

    • They actually voted for the current top 10!

    • It’s almost identical to the OGAE DEU votes. I have never understood why we have 2 fan clubs. Perhaps there was a clandestine one in the GDR? Or they have some sort of feud? I honestly don’t know.

      • The east German one is from before 1989 I suppose?

        • I have no idea … it was just speculation. I know next to nothing about the German fan clubs.

        • Was East Germany keen on esc too?Lol.Eurovision will never die.

          • Back then the hosts usually said that the contest was broadcast by the Intervision network as well and mentioned some of its member states, so I suppose East Germany was among them,

            I once watched an Australian doc about Eurovision which claimed that watching Eurovision was a sort of silent protest in many of the Warsaw Pact countries before 1989. On the other hand, the doc also claimed that it was illegal to watch it in many of those countries, and that doesn’t make sense if it was broadcast by the Intervision network. So I am not sure how true it is.

  18. I voted for my #1 in the end :P

  19. I feel i have to support Italy here because the anti-Italy vote will be big.Love them both,anyway.

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