TEKO 2017: Duel 8!

teko-2017-logoTEKO 2017 – It’s time to vote in duel 8 of TEKO 2017; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2017. Today, you can start voting in the duel between Serbia and Sweden!

TEKO 2017 – Duel 8

Please listen to the competing entries:

SERBIA Tijana Bogićević – In Too Deep

SWEDEN Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On

To hear the song, click on the respective flag!

The voting:

After listening to the two songs, it’s time for you to vote! Please vote for the country you want to see in the quarterfinals.

Europe (…and Australia…and the rest of the world), start voting now!

UPDATE: The results for this duel are out now!

23 comments on “TEKO 2017: Duel 8!

  1. SVERIGE 👌👌👌

  2. Sweden is my #12. Serbia is way lower on my list (although it’s kinda growing on me lately).
    I voted for Sweden.

  3. Two mid-tablers for me, although they’ve both moved up in my top recently.

  4. *throws dices*

  5. No competition at all. Sweden.

  6. Off-Topic: Nathan Trent’s just finished up his ESC cover series with Albania 2015. I like his take on it. ˆ-ˆ

  7. I didn’t love either of them that much originally, but Serbia has grown on me immensely. Sweden is nothing without the live performance (much like 2015), so my vote goes to Serbia.

  8. That’s a difficult one. I’m not particularly fond of either of them.

  9. haven’t commented here in awhile….

    Serbia for me by far tbh….. I love the NeAngely-Higher ripoff from Tijana.

  10. Sweden without a doubt!

  11. I do not like these songs at all: Sweden 30th, Serbia 33 rd. Tijana seems to have no connection whatsoever to the song she is singing, whereas Robin sells his very weak song effectively at least. Voted for Sweden.

  12. Hmm, my #9 vs #10, I’ll stick with my ranking and vote for Serbia here.

  13. Sweden, because I have so many more bitchy comments about it 😃

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