TEKO 2017: Duel 6 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in duel 6 is closed! See the results of the duel between Belgium and Switzerland!

After two days, people cast 154 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 BELGIUM Blanche – City Lights

SWITZERLAND Timebelle – Apollo

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

“City Lights” was written by Emmanuel Delcourt and Pierre Dumoulin, with lyrics by Ellie Delvaux, also known as Blanche! The song was internally chosen by RTBF and it will be performed by Blanche in Kyiv! The full result of the duel is listed below.

114 votes (74%) Belgium – Switzerland 40 votes (26%)

This means that Belgium has moved onto the quarterfinals and that Switzerland is eliminated. Come back tomorrow for the results of duel 7!

92 comments on “TEKO 2017: Duel 6 Results!

  1. I predict an Italy vs Belgium TEKO final :)

  2. Well, Switzerland should be happy they reached final 16 anyway.
    A well deserved winner though I don’t see City Lights winning in May at all! Probably another top 10 but in my opinion it’s not top 3 material. My main concern is that it could repeat a SVN 15

  3. I hate Blanche’s über lazy dictation. It’s like her mouth is full of ice cubes, frasing is horrible especially in the first verse. This Lana Del Ray impersonator is not through to next round in Britain’s got talent as she sounds like reluctant teen. Hmmm, Frans 17?

  4. Estonia just scored a very respectable 7.00 from wiwibloggs :)

      • Not as overrated as Switzerland’s 6.81 imo :P

        • All above Portugal. LOL
          The reason being of course that fans of certain sounds gave Portugla 0 or 1 point whereas the more reasonable wiwis still give 2 or 3 points to the songs they don’t like. Alas, the jury being what it is, those scores tell us nothing.

          • Portugal scored very high points too (9 and 8 from William and Deban f.e) but I agree that the “average” esc Wiwiblogg reviewer must have given it low marks cause Portugal’s average is at 6.56

            • I checked the individual marks and there were very few middle scores. Many 10s, 9s and 8s … and many 2s, 1s and 0s.

            • Just as you predicted ;)

            • Btw, they discuss “Perfect Life” in every NDR songcheck. In the first two the experts *cough* said that the song wasn’t special but that we would come 10th-15th anyway because Levina was such a good singer and lovely onstage. Last night was different: They used nice words but more or less told us to prepare for a bottom 3 result. I like honesty. :)

    12 ITA :)
    10 SWE
    08 FRA :)
    07 BEL
    06 FYR
    05 HUN :)
    04 ISR pfffff
    03 PRT :)
    02 DNK
    01 AZE :)

  6. With 10 OGAE clubs missing :
    1. ITA 383 !!!!
    2. BEL 264
    3. SWE 253
    4. FRA 213
    5. EST 175
    6. BGR 99
    7. PRT 89
    8. ISR 78
    9. FYR 71
    10. FIN 49
    11. DNK 34
    12. HUN 34
    13. CHE 34
    14. AUS 28
    15. NOR 25
    16. AZE 24

    • Flop material candidates :


      • Azerbaijan is definitely in the possible flop category, Israel and Estonia are definitely not. Armenia, Romania and possibly Austria are the underrated ones here.

        Australia along with Belgium are the big question marks of the first semi. I think his televote has the potential be dismal and he will not be helped by appearing third. That semi will most certainly have one or more shock non-qualifiers (perhaps Cyprus instead of Greece? I don’t believe they will both pass, but I think Demy will do better in the end than OGAEs seem to think)

        As for the Netherlands, they really have the potential to be bottom-3 in the televote of the second semi, along with Malta and Ireland. Like Australia, they will need all the help they can get from the juries.

        • Estonia will do an AUT 16 imo (around #12 in Final imo, given the known flawed performance) meaning lower top 10 in televoting and bottom 10 with juries.
          Israel will do a GRC 14 imo and will end up around #20 in final. Song is void.
          Netherlands could repeat their last year’s result. Top 10 with juries, bottom 7 with televoting in Final.

        • EST will qualify but I can’t see them doing anything remarkable. Cyprus’ qualification, if it comes will not be a shocking event…

          • In that semi it will be very shocking as far as I am concerned. And I can only see them in only if Greece is put.

            • *out

            • I will have to disagree vastly.

            • It is a top10 material already in many polls and in betting odds. I am not saying it is dead certain but obviously it is among the ones to watch. You should leave your personal views aside IMO. Treating MDA dead certain and Cyprus shocking qualifier IMO is quite overstatement.

            • I have seen the betting odds on Cyprus and Latvia- I think Poland, Iceland and Finland are much better bets than those two. As I said I don’t see both Greece and Cyprus in the final as the odds seem to suggest.

            • Eh? Are you sure you are reading the correct thing. All 3 are further down than Cyprus…

            • I know. That’s why I said they are better bets.

            • They aren’t better bets. They are ranked lower…

            • Which means you win more money if you bet on them and they qualify. And since I think they actually have much better chances of passing than either Cyprus or Latvia, I’d bet on them if I did that sort of thing.

            • That’s about profit-making thinking, not predicting the outcome…

            • I am predicting that Finland/Poland/Iceland have much better chances of qualifying than Latvia/Cyprus. Since the market says otherwise right now, if I betted (which I don’t) I’d see that as an opportunity. It’s not about making money because I don’t bet. It is about who I believe the current odds overestimate or underestimate.

            • With the exception of MDA they are doing well. in fact they keep all those countries very close to each other (bar ISL and now POL) and to me it makes sense. Besides, our main argument was about whether Cyprus is a surprising qualifier or not. Based on facts it isn’t.

            • To me it will be surprising based on the acts, songs and possible voting alliances the three countries I mentioned have compared to Cyprus.

  7. A commanding victory and a deserving one that is.

  8. Jamala tied the knot.Congratulations!

  9. OGAE UK
    12 ITA
    10 EST
    08 BEL
    07 SWE
    06 FRA
    05 FYR
    04 PRT
    03 FIN
    02 NLD
    01 ISR

  10. OMG rehearsals are starting this Monday/Tuesday??


    01 pt—-AUSTRALIA
    02 pts—CYPRUS
    03 pts—BULGARIA
    04 pts—ISRAEL
    05 pts—FINLAND
    06 pts—FYROM
    07 pts—ESTONIA
    08 pts—FRANCE
    10 pts—SWEDEN
    12 pts—ITALY

  12. 2314 voters in EscNation’s poll and current semi results look like this :

    Semi 1 :
    1. BEL 215
    2. SWE 129
    3. GRC 103
    4. AZE 102
    5. PRT 89
    6. FIN 84
    7. CYP 81
    8. MNE !!! 59
    9. LVA 55
    10. POL 51
    11. ALB 49
    12. ISL 46
    13. SVN 37
    14. ARM 37
    15. AUS !!! 34
    16. CZE 21
    17. MDA 14
    18. GEO 12

    SEMI 2:
    1. MKD 187
    2. SRB!!! 162
    3. BGR 134
    4. HUN 123
    5. DNK 94
    6. EST 93
    7. CHE 92
    8. ISR 79
    9. AUT 78
    10. BLR 39
    11. NOR 37
    12. ROU 24
    13. SMR 21
    14. HRV 17
    15. NLD 12
    16. IRL 2
    17. MLT 1
    18. LTU 0

    PS : You can’t vote for your country, IPs are checked.
    Does this mean we get a hint of the televoting tendencies and preferences?

  13. Svala singing “1944” :

  14. Manel Navarro’s new tattoo.

  15. Facts and Fakenews about Finland 17:

  16. If you are ready, this is my part 2 of alternative titles for this year’s ESC entries. Let the bitchiness begin!

    Portugal: Brother can you spare a dime?
    Greece: Beautiful but wronged
    Croatia: Bipolar disorder
    Finland: Dark wings, dark words
    Israel: He can keep his pants off
    Moldova: Bachelor party
    Denmark: Blond vortex
    Latvia: Sniff a line
    Poland: Investigation light
    France: Profiterole for the ears
    FYRoM: Dancing with my autotune
    Austria: Cruising in the mountains

    Ukraine: Time to pee

    Sweden: I look so freakin’ gorgeous
    Bulgaria: Teachers’ pet
    Estonia: Star-crossed older lovers
    Iceland: Stationery and office supplies
    Ireland: Trying to cry
    Romania: Milkmaid and the hipster
    Armenia: Higher than a kite
    Hungary: Macho but heartbroken
    Georgia: Attack of the giant perm
    Belgium: All blanched out in the universe
    Australia: Bambi takes a nap
    Azerbaijan: Orthopedics’ convention

    And last but not least:
    Italy: The monkey and the donkey

  17. Today’s battle: Rock it out!

  18. Hoping Bulgaria don’t win TEKO or the Eurovision – that would bene dull victory just like Ukraine last year !

  19. Always trying to find out things i thiught could this tic tac toe game with the hearts be projected on the stage floor and the dancers revealing the hearts by stepping on them?Just a speculation. :P

  20. Wiwibloggs prediction
    Semi 1 :
    Both William & Deban predict SWE, BEL, PRT, GRC, LVA and POL as qualifiers.
    Then FIN, MDA, AUS, ARM, AZE, GEO, MNE, ISL and ALB in the danger zone
    while CYP, CZE and SVN stand no chance for the moment.

    Semi 2 :
    AUT, HUN, BGR, BLR, EST, NLD and HRV!!! are predicted through.
    LTU and SMR are written off.
    ROU, NOR, ISR, IRL, SRB and MLT are the borderline ones.
    Surprised cause CHE, MKD and DNK seem to struggle with them!

  21. One week until we go to Kyiv! Sadly we’ll not be there for the first rehearsals, but are very excited about going now.

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