TEKO 2017: Duel 5 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in duel 5 is closed! See the results of the duel between Australia and Bulgaria!

After two days, people cast 191 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 AUSTRALIA Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy

BULGARIA Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

 “Beautiful Mess” was written by Sebastian Arman, Alexander V. Blay, Borislav Milanov, Alex Omar, and Joacim Persson. For Persson, this is his second entry to qualify to the quarterfinal stage of TEKO 2017 after F.Y.R. Macedonia yesterday! Written for Kristian Kostov, it’ll be the Bulgarian entry in Kyiv! The full result of the duel is listed below.

96 votes (50.5%) Bulgaria – Australia 95 votes (49.5%)

This means that Bulgaria has moved onto the quarterfinals and that Australia is eliminated. Come back tomorrow for the results of duel 6!

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150 comments on “TEKO 2017: Duel 5 Results!


    01 pt—-ISRAEL
    02 pts—AZERBAIJAN
    03 pts—ESTONIA
    04 pts—FYROM
    05 pts—BULGARIA
    06 pts—PORTUGAL
    07 pts—FRANCE
    08 pts—SWEDEN
    10 pts—BELGIUM
    12 pts—ITALY

    • The current top 10 plus Azerbaijan. Good!

    • Plus considering OGAE ITALY couldn’t vote for themselves, the max Italy can score this year in OGAE voting is 43 x 12 = 516.
      So far, Italy has been given a 12 by every single club but 4. If they continue this way, Francesco will collect 503 points (with 12 clubs missing).
      That’s a very LANDSLIDE victory. Will esc be crowning another very obvious winner like in 2009 & 2012? Remains to be seen :)

    • Isn’t it fantastic that tiny Andorra still has an OGAE club even though they haven’t participated for almost a decade now?

  2. Off topic: Have you all heard Onyka will perform the interval act! :O This sounds like its gonna be good!

    • Yes.I have been fanwanking over it ever since.lol They will be accompanied by the NAONI orchestra on stage.

  3. What’s all the hype about Bulgaria this year ? It is such a boring song! Clearly a great singer for his young age but the song annoys me and sends me sleep ! Another boring ballad to win ?

  4. Inspired from Toggie, here are some bitchy/nasty alternative titles for some of this year’s ESC entries I don’t particularly care for:

    Czechia: Underwear ad
    Netherlands: Sisters’s catfight
    Montenegro: A boy called Rapunzel
    San Marino: Recurring nightmare
    Cyprus: All Rags and no Bone
    Serbia: In too shallow
    Malta: The Real Housewives of Valetta
    UK: Never give up on the EU
    Lithuania: The Revolution devours its children
    Germany: Sia from Lidl
    Slovenia: On your way Omar, never come back
    Norway: Our nerves in the coffin
    Albania: World, hear me shout
    Spain: Find another spanish lover
    Belarus: Happy campers from hell
    Switzerland: Apollo from Tirolo

  5. Battle of the day.Ok!Armenia is winning this with ease:

  6. 3 female backing vocalists and one male dancer on stage for Serbia.Hjallis,you won’t like this one,either. :P

    12 ITA :)
    10 FRA :)
    08 EST
    07 PRT :)
    06 BEL
    05 SWE
    04 BGR
    03 ISR pfffff
    02 CYP pfffff
    01 AZE :)

    • It’s a very diverse top 10. :)

      • With all of CYP, ISR, ITA, FRA and PRT being Mediterranean? :P

        • I was referring to musical style, not to geography. :)
          And hands off France. They are central European too! ;)

          • weirdly enough, we’re a bit of everything! (however this year’s entry is more mediterranean than “diwanit bugale” but not as much as “mama corsica” lol)

            • That’s the fate of the big ones. We are a bit Eastern European, a bit Austrian (Bavaria), a bit Scandinavian (Schleswig-Holstein) and even a tiny bit French here in the SW. In fact, people here in Ba-Wü have much more in common culturally with people in Alsace or Lorraine than they have with Prussians f. e.: villages look the same, food is similar, we make and enjoy great wines, we love onions and cheese. We even have a significant amount of French words in our dialects.

      • It’s pretty much what the other OGAEs have voting for with a few regional variations (Cyprus).

    • It’s a nice top-10 overall.

    • 7 pts from Greece. .:) I have to confess that I was not expecting to see ‘Amar pelos dois’ doing so well with this crowd. :) All in all, the OGAEs still vote for the same bunch of songs regardless of the country of origin and that is astonishing.

      P.S. – the biggest surprise is Denmark, imo. I was expecting too see Anja faring much better.

      • The biggest set of OGAE votes to Portugal so far, apart from Italy’s 12. I told you the greeks will like it ;)

        Italy has gotten 12 from everyone so far except Latvia, Hungary, Belarus and Armenia.

  8. Ooh, we really get a lot of truly tight voting this year! While I’m not crazy about any of these two songs, I do enjoy the Aussie one for having an enjoyable orchestration and smooth composition, while I don’t like the Bulgarian at all. So a bit disappointed this time, lol.

  9. Francesco himself came up with the choreography of “Occidentali’s Karma” :

  10. Can i say that i’m really pissed the greek stage performance seems to be uninspired and generic too?I know we have to wait for the whole thing but this 2 dancers forming a heart at the end is SO 00’s and been done all before.

  11. Dimivision is out of hibernation. :)


  12. i remember Morgan liking Shawn Barber.Today he came out as gay.I knew it!After the story behind his cocaine use scandal emerged i wasn’t convinced.I knew there was more to it.

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