Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Valentina & Jimmie (San Marino)

San Marino – She’s baaaaaack. Valentina Monetta is back in Eurovision representing San Marino yet again for her fourth year. This year however she will be joined by Jimmie Wilson for their song “Spirit of the Night”. With Valentina back on San Marino’s side will they be back in the Grand Final this May?

Song: “Spirit of the Night”
Music By: Jutta Staudenmayer & Steven Barnacle
Lyrics By: Ralph Siegel

About Valentina Monetta
Valentina Monetta was born in 1975 and is from San Marino. Her career started in the 1990’s after graduating from the Giovanni da Rimini school in Rimini. She has fronted for several bands such as Tiberio, Parafunky, Harem-B, 2blackBluesmobile and My Funky Valentine. In 2001 she auditioned for Popstars Italy.
Valentina has become the Sammarinese Queen of Eurovision representing the Nation three times prior to her participation with Jimmie.
Her Eurovision career started in 2008 when she entered her song “Se Non Ci Sei Tu” to SMRTV for consideration however Miodio were selected from the entries SMRTV received. In 2012 Valentina was internally selected to represent San Marino with the Ralph Siegel song “The Social Network Song” which failed to qualify to the final. In 2013 she was selected again with “Crisalide”, a song very different to that of 2012 it was also written by Ralph Siegel and was met with fan acclaim. Unfortunately the song also failed to qualify for the final however in 2014 it was third time lucky with “Maybe”. Another Siegel penned song, “Maybe” qualified for the final but failed to gain more success after that finishing 24th of 26 finalists.

About Jimmie Wilson
Jimmie is an American singer hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Wilson comes from a stage background performing in shows such as Sisterella (America) and Hope! – Das Obama Musical (Germany). He has also been in Poland, taking part in their version of Must Be the Music where he made the semi finals.

SMRTV have brought back in the talents of Ralph Seigel who as of this year has composed five out of eight songs for the nation including all of Valentina’s entry and that of Anita and Michele in 2015. As well as being composed by a German musician, “Spirit of the Night” also has German song writer Jutta Staudenmayer in the mix. Co-Writer Steven Barnacle is from England.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Him: Hey, are you the one I dream about
Her: Baby I am
Him: I really feel the night
Can take away my doubt
Her: I’ll try and do what I can
Him: Every time I see you smile –
There is sadness in your eyes
Her: well I’ve been hurt before
Him: I know it’s nothing new – and time will make you realize
Her: We always wish for more
Both: we find we’re searching high and low and always looking for the right time

Both: Together we can make it through the night

Both: It’s the spirit of the night
Spirit of the night
Burning like St. Elmo’s fire
Spirit of the night
Takes our feelings so much higher
Her: It’s the spirit of the night
we can live our fantasy
Both: Spirit of the night
Burning in our ecstasy

Him: Hey, are you the one to take my pain
Her: just take my hand
Him: I’ve been so hurt before –
It’s hard to trust again
Choir: Trust again
Her: you know I understand
Him: You’ve got me feeling right – and I can see the future is bright
Her: I’ll take your blues away
Both: So no more searching high and low and always looking for the right time
Choir: right time

Both: Together
We Choir: we
Can Choir: can
Make it trough the night

Both: It’s the spirit of the night
Spirit of the night
Burning like St. Elmo’s fire
Spirit of the night
Takes our feelings so much higher
Him: feed our deep desire

Her + Choir: It’s the spirit of the night
Him: it’s a feeling – got me reeling
Him: we can live our fantasy
Her: it’s the spirit of the night
Him: It’s a feeling, just a feeling, burning in our ecstasy

Her: Time to celebrate our love – We’re caught in it’s ray of light
Him: calling to the world out loud just let our spirits fly
Choir: spirits fly
Both: we can write another page a golden age within our lifetime

Both: It’s the spirit of the night
Choir: Spirit of the night
She: It’s the spirit of the night
Echo: night night night
Him: The spirit – of the night
Both: takes our feelings so much higher and higher

It’s the Spirit of the night
Spirit of the night
Burning in our ecstasy
Choir: Spirit of the night
Spirit of the night
We can live our fantasy

Valentina Monetta on Social Media:
Facebook: valentinamonettaofficial
Instagram: @valentinamonettaofficial

Jimmie Wilson on Social Media:
Facebook: Jimmie Wilson
Instagram: @jimmie_wilson13

About jadeukesc

Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

27 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Valentina & Jimmie (San Marino)

  1. Spirit of the dated nonsense.
    A big no from me and I wish Ralph Siegel installed his esc update software :P

  2. Buona fortuna!

  3. Sorry but the song sounds lame and lazy and the video clip looks sleazy. Last place on my list with 2/12 (and those 2 points are microstate bonus points …)

    • What happened to “Yodel It” on your list? :)

      • In 41st place with 2/12 too …

        • And Greece 40th. It seems you like “This is Love” even less than “Yasou Maria” or “Aphrodisiac” f.i. :)

          • I have never disliked “Yasou Maria” as much as you do. It’s a solid 3/12 on my list. LOL “Aphrodisiac” (aka the Show Me Your Knickers Song) stands at 2/12 too.

            • Both of them along with “Opa” are in my absolute bottom 3 of Greek entries in ESC. True horrors! There other Greek entries I dislike, but I wouldn’t actually call them “horrors”. 1980, 1990, 2002, 2008 f.i. :)

            • Opa 6/12
              Autostop 4/12
              Horis Skopo 5/12
              S.A.G.A.P.O. 3/12
              Secret Comination 5/12

              I have “This Is Our Night” at 2/12 …

            • It seems you are way too generous ;)

            • I have always been a generous man. ;)

            • Or should I add 2004 and 2009 to those three and make an absolute bottom 5?! :P

            • Shake It 5/12 :)

            • Well, I prefer it to “This is our Night” but I wouldn’t give it sth higher than 4/12 :)

    • Oh, I now see that it was beaten by San Marino for the dead last place on your list :P

  4. I still give credit to Valentina for being a legend in ESC, but this is by far her worst entry and will surely come last in its semi. 1/10

  5. I really don’t like SM 17!It’s so monotonous and dated in the worse sense of the word.And i don’t like Valentina Monetta,either.I hope she won’t be coming back.The Sammarinese national broadcaster needs to find a new strategy regarding their esc entries.

  6. Good vocals; bad song in just about every way; even the orchestration is lazy. Montenegro did a much better job with its (similar in style, I guess) orchestration.

  7. I really wonder till when will last this torture from Siegel and Valentina Monneta..we are exposed for years now.. :/ :(

  8. I’ve always hated Siegel in esc, and now that he’s found both the country and singer to sign him up each time (easy free vacations in Spring), we’re given our yearly disaster!

  9. The one good thing I can say about this is that their chemistry is a lot better than Koit and Laura. They at least try and make it look like they don’t hate each other.

  10. Spirit of the shite! Spirit of the Shite! Spirit of the Shite! 🎷🎺🎸🎻🎹

    I don’t hate Siegel. I think he is integral part of ESC history, shaping it for what it is now and he has served us quite many memorable moments in good and bad and even worse. However, this is one of his biggest flops. He comes from the home of cheap Euro disco and even cheaper Euro dance, so he really should have known better.

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