Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Hovig (Cyprus)

Cyprus – Cyprus is a country that is rarely seen in the Grand Final but for the past two years, with the help of Minus One and John Karayiannis, they have made it into the final. This year, Cyprus have gone for an internal selection with Hovig who will be performing “Gravity”

Song: “Gravity”
Music By: Thomas G:son
Lyrics By: Thomas G:son

About Hovig
Hovig Demirjian was born in 1989 in Nicosia, Cyprus to Armenian parents. His singing career started when he turned 16 years old and became old enough to perform in clubs.
In 2009 when he auditioned for X Factor Greece placing 7th place in the final stages of the show and after that in 2010 performed in the National Selection to represent Cyprus with “Goodbye” which he came 3rd with. In 2015 he tried again with “Stone in a River” where he came in at 4th Place.
As well as sing, he can also play guitar and piano.

CyBC have again taken on Thomas G:Son to write their Eurovision Song. G:Son is a very popular choice of song writer having written Eurovision successes for Young Georgian Lolitaz (Georgia 2016) Nina Sublatti (Georgia 2015) Pastora Soler (Spain 2012) Loreen (Sweden 2012) and Carola (2006).

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

No matter where you’re going
No matter where you’ll be
Wherever the wind is blowing
Let me be your gravity

I can be your hero
I can be your fantasy, oh
I can be the cure, oh
Let me be your remedy

Right beside you
I’ll never leave you

Let me be your heart and your company
I’ll let you be the one who can lean on me
I’ll catch you when you fall, when you’re fallin’ free
Let me be, be your gravity

Let me be your wings when you’re flying high
I’m gonna raise you up ’til you touch the sky
I’ll catch you when you fall, when you’re fallin’ free
Let me be, be your gravity

Attached inseparably, like gravity

As high as the highest mountain
As low as the deepest sea or
Wherever you settle down
Just let me be you gravity

Attached inseparably
It’s all we’ll ever be
You – me – gravity

Hovig on Social Media:
Twitter: @hovigmusic
Facebook: hovigmusic
Instagram: @hovigmusic

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

117 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Hovig (Cyprus)

  1. OGAE ROW:

    01 pt—-MONTENEGRO
    02 pts—AUSTRALIA
    03 pts—ISRAEL
    04 pts—ICELAND
    05 pts—FYROM
    06 pts—ESTONIA
    07 pts—BELGIUM
    08 pts—SWEDEN
    10 pts—FRANCE
    12 pts—ITALY

  2. There is sth really off-putting in this entry. Strangely enough, it is neither the song itself nor Hovig. I think it’s the lyrics.
    #36 on my list.
    Good luck.

    • Lyrics suck and contradict themselves f.e :
      “I’ll catch you when you fall, when you’re fallin’ free
      Let me be, be your gravity.”
      How can he catch her when he is her gravity? Makes no sense AT ALL!

  3. On Cyprus: It has a catchy tempo and Hovig is good vocally.Something feels a bit off though.Is it the lyrics and accent?Could be.It also reminds me of “Human” so much which is off-putting.I think they will try to have a stage-performance focused on gravity with his 2 male dancers.

    • I agree 100%. It’s growing on me though. Hovig sings it well live and I am curious to see what they’ll do with it on stage.

  4. I quite like it and think that it might do surprisingly well with good vocals and good staging.

  5. I agree with Dimitri…it sounds so much like “Human” which is offputting
    But still it is a good effort

  6. Off-topic: Dimitri got me started on INFE (blame him! LOL):

    1 point goes to Azerbaijan
    2 points go to Belgium
    3 points go to Estonia
    4 points go to Cyprus
    5 points go to Australia
    6 points go to the United Kingdom
    7 points go to Bulgaria
    8 points go to Sweden
    10 points go to Portugal
    12 points go to Italy!

  7. Wiwiblogs reviews on 2017 songs are still taking place. Today they did AZE, IRL and AUS. Azerbaijan just skyrocketed on top of their list but some other fan faves (FRA, ITA, FYR) are yet to be reviewed.
    Current standings :

    1. Azerbaijan 7.83
    2. Sweden 7.58
    3. Finland 7.33
    4. Bulgaria 7.25
    5. Israel 7.17
    6. Serbia 6.93
    7. Belarus 6.90
    8. Armenia 6.83
    9. Latvia 6.72
    10. Moldova 6.67
    11. Austria 6.64
    12. Iceland 6.63
    13. Australia 6.61
    14. Denmark 6.60
    15. UK 6.58
    16. Portugal 6.56
    17. Cyprus 6.50
    18. Norway 6.26
    19. Greece 6.11
    20. Montenegro 6.03
    21. Albania 5.92
    22. Poland 5.74
    23. Romania 5.69
    24. Netherlands 5.38
    25. Ireland 5.25
    26. Russia 5.14
    27. Czech Republic 5.06
    28. San Marino 5.01
    29. Spain 5.01
    30. Germany 4.99
    31. Croatia 4.39
    32. Georgia 4.31
    33. Malta 4.20
    34. Slovenia 3.44

    • These reviews tell us much about who these guys are. It’s their opinion and one has to respect it, even if one vastly disagrees as I do. They are very conservative when it comes to music.

  8. Macron against Le Pen. Expected. Both les Répiblicains and les Socialistes are out. Mr. Macron FTW!


    01 pt—-NETHERLANDS
    02 pts—PORTUGAL
    04 pts—FYROM
    05 pts—AUSTRALIA
    06 pts—BULGARIA
    07 pts—SWEDEN
    08 pts—BELGIUM
    10 pts—ESTONIA
    12 pts—ITALY

  10. Today is the battled of the bands:

  11. I quite like the song. It has a rather strong, memorable chorus, and the song’s internal dynamics work very well. The structure is very clear cut, unlike f.e. the Dutch song which sounds like it has no form (well, it does have one of course, but it is a very weak one). Not so much more than that, but it’s a solid 7/12. Should be an easy qualifier.

    • So the Dutch song could be described as lasagna if we go with Tony Kushner’s aesthetics?

        • He’s an American playright (and one of my favourites) who describes his plays as lasagna: the perfect balance between form and dissolution. He tries to finally resolve a conflict that goes back all the way to the Querelle des Anciens et des Modernes of the late 17th century. :) ;)

          • Interesting. I don’t know if it would fit here, because I think the song is more dissolution than form, so there isn’t really a perfect balance.

            The chorus sounds like a verse that is leading up to a chorus, but then in the end it isn’t leading up to anything. Moreover it lacks melody, among other things due to the three part harmonies. It blurs out anything that could have made it distinct.

            Then of course there is too little dynamics, and their voices sound all too clean and polished.

  12. Belgium’s technical rehearsal:

  13. 3 male backing vocalists for Slavko.He’ll need all the vocal help he can get.lol

  14. Zain Odelstal an MF choreographer is responsible for the stage direction of the opening and interval acts.

  15. Sacha Jean-Baptiste,an MF stage director will be behind one more entry this year,Bulgaria.She describes the song as trully impressive art and says she’ll work with Kristian’s energy and innocence for the best result.It will be a very clean performance focusing on his eyes.

  16. This is just average for me, so I will decide in May if I like this or not, cause rn nothing tbh.

  17. @ mermaid, there is a report on Leningrad on ARD’s culture magazine Titel Thesen Temperamente atm. :)

    • How nice :) I want them to represent Russia in 2019 :)

      • That would be fantastic. They aired a snippet of “Eksponat” too and I was shouting “GOOOO Mermaid” in front of my TV set.
        Panorama also had a report on the struggling artists in Turkey and about Istanbul, where 70 % voted hayir.

  18. 23,9 + 19,2 + 6,4 + 1,2 + 0,7 = the left together comes up front! when the world falls apart, France can succeed!

    Also, Hollande is (and always has been) a political genius. Even though he’s extremely unpopular, like no one before, he managed to push his own “product” (his former council, then Minister of the economy) up front first! People said the country wanted to move away from his social-democrat policies, but now the left won the first round added together (even if Mélenchon for instance totally opposed Macron)… the right had their worst candidate ever, they were awful as opposition to Hollande and ridiculed themselves and totally deserve to be out (for the first time ever in the Fifth Republic (since 58))

    • You put Macron as part of the left ? I’d say not quite there. Of course he is the better candidate compared to Fillon or Le Pen but I’d think Melenchon, Poutou and Arthaud would be really really mad if they saw you putting them on an additive list with Macron :P

    • Mr. Hollande is very well-liked in Germany and I think that Angie will miss him terribly, even though he is a socialist.

      • He’s a reasonable politician, who thinks of the greater good instead of himself (else he would have rerun and cost the elections to the left), and is very uncharismatic: therefore unpopular here, where we like to elect kings (and then love ‘killing’ them)

        • ROFL People are so silly. I really like Mr. Hollande because he doesn’t have a single streak of vanity in his character. Alas, many people prefer glossy characters (like Mr. Trump or Ms. Le Pen) who rhetorically blow out of proportions everything they talk about and get an orgasm everytime they use an exaggeration or a superlative …
          Btw, have you seen that France will get good points from German OGAE?

          • He’s probably also the only French politician who has a 30+ years career without any affair on him: in France, almost every single politician is corrupt :/

          • Still less than Estonia, whom I detest with a passion just like Fillon!

            • I know … and alas, it is similar here in Germany. Merkel is an exception, and that is one of the reasons why she is so popular. She is an honest and modest lady but alas she has zero empathy and is unable to see beyond limited interests (historically, socially and geographical).

            • She got close in the end at least. :)

        • And at least Mr. Fillon, whom I detest with a passion, had the decency to tell people to support Mr. Macron now.

          • I haven’t seen Melenchon supporting Macron and i don’t expect him to.

            • Nope, he is one of those arrogant lefties who think that everyone who doesn’t support 100 % what he thinks and wants isn’t worthy of support … just like the right wing nationalists.
              And that’s the exact difference between a dogmatic leftists and a humanist and pragmatic leftist like me.

    • When Hollande was elected, the satirical nonsense column in the newspaper Politiken claimed that the Marseillaise had been renamed “the Hollandaise”.

  19. Of course, the two main parties, who had huge primaries, ended up eliminated! It’s a huge symbol (the left already failed in 2002 to be in the second round, when the socialist Prime minister was given as a huge winner, but had to face in the first round FOUR “small” candidates who all did 5% and costed him for 140.000 votes the second round): this time, both the Socialist party and the Republicans are out!


    01 pt—-DENMARK
    02 pts—LATVIA
    03 pts—AUSTRIA
    04 pts—AUSTRALIA
    05 pts—ISRAEL
    06 pts—FINLAND
    07 pts—BELGIUM
    08 pts—BULGARIA
    10 pts—SWEDEN
    12 pts—ITALY

  21. OGAE Germany votes 15 minutes before the deadline:

    11th NOR 193
    1 pt BRG 201
    2 pts ISR 203
    3 pts HUN 248
    4 pts FIN 329
    5 pts SWE 445
    6 pts PRT 467
    7 pts FRA 539
    8 pts EST 569
    10 pts BEL 733
    12 pts ITA 1058 pts

    Landslide … :)

  22. I have just watched some prediction clips and some people seem to go simply by personal taste and make fools of themselves by predicting Sweden or Portugal not to qualify …

  23. So, French voters decided to go for a fascist misanthropist and the media and bankers’ sweetheart who wants to make sure that rich people get richer and the poor poorer. What was the other scenario? Oh, a fascist misanthropist versus a crook.

    • Grumpy old man. ;)
      Btw, I saw your Ms. Merkel and Mr. Schäuble comment on the other thread. As you know, I am no friend of either but what you wrote was a bit simplifying imo. Of course their politics is partly responsible for the rise of extremism in the EU but terrible mistakes have been made in most other countries too imo. It’s too easy to blame Germany for everything that has gone wrong imo.

      • I’m afraid we vastly disagree on this, Togravus. I bare them and their policies 100% responsible :(

        • We won’t be a scapegoat because that’s exactly what extremists do, picking scapegoats and putting all the blame on them. Sorry, oxi, but what you say is bitter and makes zero sense. Honestly, I feel personally insulted now. :(

          • I am an extremist anyway. I have been voting for the extreme left since I know myself. I feel insulted too by what Germany does to my country these last 7 years. And, I am sure you know I do not want to insult anyone with my comments, especially people I consider my friends. I apologize if it sounded that way. Good night, Togravus.
            PS: I always knew I am isolated in this forum when it comes political views, that’s why I tried to self-censor myself all this time.

            • Don’t worry, we are pretty close when it comes to political opinions. My only point is that pointing the finger elsewhere won’t get you anywhere. G’night dear oxi. :)

      • I second that, of course.

    • yes we voted for the least fascist and the only non-corrupt (never elected before) candidate…

      • Well, being the bankers’ and media sweetheart can only be a negative thing.
        Anyway, I know this world is not for me.

        • I know, lately being a banker is like having the plague.

          • If he becomes president, I’ll judge him based on what he does and not based on his biography. :)

            • the French education system has “contests” to select best students (75 each year in the humanities), which he got in, then he wrote notes as a philosophical student for Ricoeur, and got in France’s top school ENA: when most students of t he ENA do politics (like Hollande), he decided to go make money. When Hollande asked him to become his personal council and then a Minister, Macron left the bank and got only a sixth of his salary… I’m not a capitalist so I understand everyone who thinks the symbol of a former bank at the presidency is bad. But unlike everyone else in politics, he never decided to do politics for politics or for being elected! And he did do good philosophy studies…

            • I honestly think that he wants the best for France and Europe, and as I have said in my reply to Dimi, I am a humanist and pragmatic leftist (not a dogmatic one), and thus I’ll judge him based on what he delivers once he (hopefully) is president.

            • well, im also a pragmatic: as of now, we have 14 days to prevent Le Pen from winning regardless of whom we voted for in the first round!

            • GOOOO #stoplepen

      • I hope the radical leftists won’t vote for Le Pen in the next round.I’m sure they’re closer to her than Macron,anyway.

        • I think that the radical left vote will go both ways …

        • Well the Communist Party tonight said they call voters to vote for Macron against Le Pen! Mélenchon himself has made a personal battle against Le Pen, he even moved in the North to face her in the last legislative elections (both lost to the Socialist candidate there). In general, the history here is that the exteme left is closer to the left (whether true or not) than the other exteme… their policies on immigrations are 100% opposite for instance…

        • As a radical leftist that reasonates very well with the left parties in France I can tell you this is the furthest thing from the truth ever. Case in point, it is 1 third of Fillon’s supporters who are polling as voting for Le Pen next round while only 1 tenth of Melenchon’s (keeping in mind as well that Fillon explicitly supported Macron and Melenchon only implied it this becomes even more remarkable).

          • I don’t doubt that a portion of Fillon’s supporters who are conservative catholics will opt for Le Pen in the next round but i will keep my doubts as to how much support Macron will garner from Melenchon’s supporters.

            • It seems to hover at 50%+ according to polls I am reading but I do understand that it is very difficult for a left wing person to support a free market ex banker such as Macron since it goes against the whole ideology even if he is a socially progressive person.
              I think the fundumental hatred for anything Le Pen stands for will lead them to the polls for Macron or to abstention at worse.

              It’s the right wing where Le Pen has to draw voters from. Fillon’s supporters and it is very likely Dupont Aignan will throw his support behind her.

  24. The lyrics demonstrate a woeful grasp of the concept. The melody is dull and the arrangement is stodgy.

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