TEKO 2017: Duel 2 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in duel 2 is closed! See the results of the duel between Portugal and Azerbaijan!

After two days, people cast 187 votes in our poll, a new high for TEKO 2017! Remind yourself of the entries:

Portugal PORTUGAL Salvador Sobral – Amar pelos dois

 AZERBAIJAN Dihaj – Skeletons

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

 “Amar pelos dois” was written by Luísa Sobral for her brother. After winning Festival da Canção on 5 March, it will be performed by Salvador in Kyiv! The full result of the duel is listed below.

94 votes (50.5%) Portugal – Azerbaijan 93 votes (49.5%)

This means that Portugal has moved onto the quarterfinals and that Azerbaijan is (barely) eliminated. Come back tomorrow for the results of duel 3!

62 comments on “TEKO 2017: Duel 2 Results!

  1. […] The results for this duel are out […]

  2. The only word I have for this duel is SHOOK

  3. It’s more than obvious that the anti-vote was mobilised in this particular duel :/

    • Is it? I mean on here we get the views of maybe 25-35 regulars, but the rest are silent voters, so it’s not obvious at all imo. Azerbaijan’s song is really well composed, modern and catchy and I dont think that many on here votes to sabotage. :P

      • I agree on the Azerbaijani song. But Portugal is way more, let’s say, “love/hate” case this year.

        • I have not seen any hate on the entry, people have been bored hearing the song yes, but everyone have still been respectful of his style and performance. Like me (Y)

        • so what? it’s duels, everyone will have to vote either because they love one or hate the other one, so this duel doesnt have results that say anything but “the results were very divided”

          • “…vote either because they love one or hate the other one…”

            Well, imho, voting for sth you love is totally different from actually voting down sth you hate.

  4. That was close. :) PRT vs ITA next. That one should be the final imo and I wouldn’t be surprised if ITA and PRT were the last 2 standing in Kyiv.

  5. I can’t believe that the azeri song got 49,5% against the fragile piece of pure musical wonder that is Portugal. Azerbaijan and Bulgaria may not be bad songs, but they sound to me 100% eurovision-y and calculated down to the last note.

    • “they sound to me 100% eurovision-y and calculated down to the last note”
      So does every hit in music charts!!! What is “eurovisionised”?
      Can someone explain coz I have no clue 😎

      • I mean exactly that they try to sound too much like what’s “current” in the music charts, using mainly imported international songwriters for that very reason.

        • I still can’t see anything wrong with sending contemporary or “eurovisionized” song …If a song is good it is good no matter what.Quality does not belong to only certain genre or era

          • Mermaid, its simply a matter of having good or bad taste…

          • Exactly! To me Azerbaijan 2017 doesn’t scream contemporary, the sound is very modern yes, but it’s not really a song you hear on the radio all the time. Maybe Eurovision, but to me ”Skeletons” have a sound of its own and believe it or not some, like me doesn’t voluntarily jump aboard the Portugal love train like most of you guys have here on ET.

          • Nothing’s wrong with it :) I believe both AZR and BUL are good songs. But good is different than special.

  6. From the beginning it was an unfortunate match…And I was expecting this…Portuguese song is great but it does not reach all the fans in ESC world imo that explains that tiny difference!

  7. I voted Portugal…I like a lot Azerbaijan too, but it will depend on performance, vocals and outfit a lot, Dilra Kazimova was my number two before rehearsals, and after them it dropped DRAMATICALLY like nobody before did, on my list..while Portugal this year is my number one and if he will sing in Kiev, i can;t see it dropping on my list at all..only if her sister will perform then I will probably put Svala Björgvinsdóttir or Kristian Kostov on the top!

  8. I like both so I don’t really mind despite voting for AZR.

  9. In the end, I decided to give both of my votes to Portugal !

  10. Only one vote ahead of Azerbaijan??? Well, I’m glad I got to vote then.

  11. This did not come as a surprise at all; ‘Amar pelos dois’ could not be further away from what the ESC bubble likes and enjoys to hear and mostly see; there is no quality screaming, no fancy stage presentation, no pretty boys, no expensive and flashy outfits (no brands), no glitter and gloss and that is not admissible in this very conservative universe.

  12. I’m really surprised Azerbaijan did this well, and I’m happy too. If she did this well against the Eurovision Times darling, I’m excited to see how well she can actually do. I like Portugal, but nothing comes close to Azerbaijan this year. This is exactly the type of music I listen to and I love everything about it. Portugal is good but nothing something I’d listen to at all.

  13. OMG thats the closest vote we have ever had on TEKO at least in my time on ET :O Jeez!!!! Personally I voted for Azerbaijan as I dont really fancy Portugals more traditional song.

  14. Have to chime in here. Very sad I missed that duel since my vote would have brought it to a tie at least, something I did not expect here.
    I guess I take full responsibility that I let an edgy, dark, contemporary song and possible winner lose to a dated, dull, without much of an artistic quality or memorability, mediocre 50s song that could literally be any song of that era performed in a disturbing way that does not fit it.In a sense it is another good representation of the negative stereotypes associated with the contest (i.e.being out of touch with contemporary music).Pity. Congrats to Dihaj for putting up a fight (and please work on that on stage stiffness) ! :-)

  15. The two ET favorites I reckon, indeed sad they were to face that soon!

  16. Deban and William both love Croatia this year but wiwiblogs in general just trashed it with a 4.39/10

    • So far out of 30 reviewed entries :
      1. Sweden 7.58
      2. Finland 7.33
      3. Bulgaria 7.25
      4. Israel: 7.17
      5. Serbia: 6.93
      6. Belarus: 6.90
      7. Armenia : 6.83
      8. Latvia: 6.72
      9. Moldova 6.67
      10. Austria 6.64
      11. Iceland: 6.63
      12. Denmark: 6.60
      13. UK: 6.58
      14. Cyprus 6.50
      15. Norway: 6.26
      16. Greece: 6.11
      17. Montenegro: 6.03
      18. Albania 5.92
      19. Poland: 5.74
      20. Romania 5.69
      21. Netherlands: 5.38
      22. Russia 5.14
      23. Czech Republic 5.06
      24. San Marino 5.01
      24. Spain: 5.01
      26. Germany: 4.99
      27. Croatia 4.39
      28. Georgia 4.31
      29. Malta: 4.20
      30. Slovenia: 3.44

  17. Wow, only 1 vote difference! :o This was pretty much the Final, played way too soon.

  18. Very happy with the result, not a fan of Azerbaijan.

  19. Ooooh!!!

    This is some kind of a sweet revenge a few years after Zlata’s defeat with the same margin.

  20. I’ve voted for “Skeletons” but I also like “Amar Pelos Dois”. I won’t vote for it in the next round but I won’t feel bad if it wins, of course. The thing is… what is going to happen here if the final round is Portugal vs. Belgium? Is this forum going to explode? :P
    I hope to see the same support from people here at ESC because if he don’t do well (I don’t think so…) it’ll be only fan’s fault (or the jury, but that’s out of our reach).

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