Results: Who You Think Will Qualify from Semi Final Two

pollPoll – A couple of weeks ago I put out a poll where you could select the ten countries you thought will qualify to the Grand Final from Semi Final Two. We had 44 responses to the question and we now have the results. Click Here to see the results

Some Stats first of all…

  • There was no sure qualifier in this semi final like there was in the SF2
  • Croatia are in the bottom of this table but more people voted for Croatia than they did Georgia who was bottom in the SF1 poll.
  • Switzerland just missed out of the Top 10 and Romania and Serbia are just one vote apart.

Your Top 10 qualifiers are in the table below:

What do you think of these results? Accurate? We will be releasing another poll after the first semi finalists rehearse for the second time in Kyiv as staging can make a bad song a success very easily.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

59 comments on “Results: Who You Think Will Qualify from Semi Final Two

  1. Current betting odds (To Qualify)
    1. BGR
    2. HUN
    3. ISR
    3. DNK
    5. AUT (UP)
    6. ROU
    6. EST
    8. NOR
    8. CHE
    10. SRB
    11. NLD
    12. BLR
    12. IRL
    14. MKD
    15. HRV
    16. MLT
    17. LTU
    18. SMR

  2. Regarding poll results:
    I voted for all ten minus FYR.
    I included AUT instead :)

  3. 54 votes for Romania… Waw! Heres a group of songs that explains why so many music lovers hate eurovision…

  4. Serbia is in the danger zone imo. It’s either them or FYROM imo. It can’t be both!
    Bulgaria and possibly Croatia could be collecting the Balkans’ top marks.

  5. i had 9 of these: all but Netherlands and had Austria in instead

  6. I believe Norway and Croatia are not hopeless.Serbia or FYROM(probably the latter)could be out and i don’t think Estonia and Israel will be that high.

  7. Plausible at some parts. I think FYR Macedonia is out and Switzerland in though. Also Serbia could be out and Austria in. Moreover Estonia and Israel although they have good running orders are far from that certain and they could be replaced by Ireland and Croatia (who is quite bad but I consider it the most likely balkan qualifier from semi 2 I am afraid).

    And after 2013 I learned to never rule out Lithuania. They start with 20-24p certain from televoting already (Ireland-Estonia)

    • Oh and Romania will be an almost certain top 2 in televote in this semi (if Bulgaria flops there they may even win it) so under the current voting system I expect it top 5 in the semi overall even if juries totally kill it (likely).

  8. I’m still not sure the Netherlands and Hungary will qualify. Noway sounds more plausible to me.

  9. Norway’s preview show.The trolls are back:

  10. I expect Austria and Norway (instead of Serbia and Romania) to qualify..


    01 pt—-FYROM
    02 pts—PORTUGAL
    03 pts—MONTENEGRO
    04 pts—ISRAEL
    05 pts—BULGARIA
    06 pts—SWEDEN
    07 pts—BELGIUM
    08 pts—FRANCE
    12 pts—ITALY

  12. This semi is a lot harder to predict than the first one. I could see all these top 10 entries qualify but also at least four of the eliminated ones here. Lithuania, San Marino and Malta are the only ones that should stand no chance at all, but you never really know with Eurovision.

    I’d also like to add that i find this a much weaker semi than the first one too. Hungary, which is my favourite here, would only be my 6th if it had been in semi 1. I don’t think there has ever been such a gap between semi 1 and semi 2 for me personally.

  13. I predicted Austria and Switzerland in instead of Serbia and Macedonia.

  14. The only ones I see as favorites in this semi and will 100 % qualify are Denmark, Hungary and Bulgaria. The rest except Malta and San Marino are borderline qualifiers imo. In conclusion the live performance will have a huge impact in this semi in May.

  15. I am only sure that Bulgaria, Hungary and Israel will qualify and I only care about Belarus, Hungary and Norway personally. That will save me two sms on SF night. :)

  16. German OGAE poll on the penultimate day:

    1st ITA (can’t be caught)
    2nd BEL (can’t be caught)
    3rd EST (probably can’t be caught)
    4th FRA (probably can’t be caught)
    5th PRT
    6th SWE (they are tied with 410 points but PRT got points from more members)
    7th FIN (more than 100 pts behind)
    8th HUN
    9th ISR (209 pts)
    10th BGR (the only one that might drop out of the top 10 … BGR 197 pts vs SVN and AUS 172 pts and NOR 162 pts)

  17. 3rd preview show in Iceland.Serbia won followed by FYROM.Romania was very polarizing.lol Go to 1:06:18 to view the full table: http://www.ruv.is/sarpurinn/ruv/alla-leid/20170422

  18. I didn’t vote here because I’m not sure :( My opinions are:
    Bulgaria: yes. Estonia: yes, but not too high.
    Israel: yes, just because they are last, sounds like 8th or lower.
    Denmark: yes.
    Hungary: yes, but I have a bad feeling (not about the qualification but about the result).
    FYRoM: Yes, just look which song is next.
    Belarus: I don’t think so.
    Netherlands: Because of the impressive vocals, yes.
    Serbia. No. Unless she sings underwater or something extremely impressive.
    Romania: Yes, but it won’t be that high.
    Switzerland: Yes.
    Norway: Yes, 10th
    Austria: No *cries*.
    The rest: No. Keep an eye on Malta (friends of the jury :P ), Lithuania (friends of the televote) and Ireland.

  19. This preview makes a lot of sense imo. Good night.

    • Many things make sense, some don’t. I don’t think France will score that high at all f.e. I also think that both Latvia and Israel are a bit too high (I have a feeling Israel might be a flop candidate). Armenia will do better as well.

      But it would be good news for both Portugal and FYR Macedonia, even if I think both of them are a tad overestimated here as well. First top 5, let alone medal score, for Portugal and first top 10 for FYR Macedonia.

  20. OGAE Portugal
    12 ITA
    10 FRA
    08 BEL
    07 SWE
    06 FIN
    05 EST
    04 GBR
    03 HUN
    02 CHE
    01 AZE

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