Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Jacques Houdek (Croatia)

Croatia – Croatia made a very successful return to Eurovision last year after a two year break when Nina Kraljić qualified for the final. This was Croatia’s first time back into the final since 2009 but will Jacques Houdek be able to make the final in 2017?

Song: “My Friend”
Music By: Jacques Houdek, Ines Prajo, Arjana Kunštek & Fabrizio Laucella
Lyrics By: Jacques Houdek, Siniša Reljić & Tony Malm

About Jacques Houdek
Jacques Houdek was born in 1981 in Velika Gorica, Croatia (formerly SFR Yugloslavia). He is a big name in Croatia and is one of their biggest stars starting his career around 2001.
In 2002, he took part in the Croatian Selection show Dora with his song “Čarolija” which came 13th out of 20 finalists. Shortly after he was signed by Croatia Records.
Houdek also took part in the X Factor UK in 2011 but had to pull out due to not being able to retrieve a working visa in time to proceed but made it into the final 100.
He has released eight albums throughout his career.

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Jacques Houdek was chosen internally by HRT and the song “My Friend” was co-written by Houdek with Ines Prajo, Arjana Kunštek and Fabrizio Laucella with composing by Siniša Reljić and Tony Malm. Croatia will be 11th to perform in the second semi final.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

There’s a miracle my friend
And it happens every day.
Hold out your hand,
Don’t let it slip away!

Io so che esiste,
Guarda meglio su,
Ritorna ogni giorno,
Promettendo sempre più.

After the rain,
Nasce il sole!

I pray you’ll see the light and find your way.
La forza del destino che è in te.

Do your best, take a chance!
Dare to dream and make it real!
Segui la verità
Via della libertà!

My friend,
My friend.

Don’t let go,
Let it flow!
Credi nel miracolo!

For the miracle
That I’m talking of
Is the life that we’re given.

La vita vincerà!

Jacques Houdek on Social Media:
Website: http://www.jacqueshoudek.com/
Facebook: jacques.houdek
Twitter: @jacqueshoudek
Instagram: @jacques_houdek

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70 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Jacques Houdek (Croatia)

  1. Jacques hasn’t set himself an easy task when it comes to performing “My Friend” live and I really respect this because I like people who love a good challenge. When it comes to the song, I’ll just say that Anders has criticized some songs for sounding very cold. This one sounds too warm to me. :)

  2. Btw. People who can understand Danish should check Eurosong.dk’s review of the song. One of the guys hates it, while the other one loves it. It’s hillarious :-)


    01 pt—-ICELAND
    02 pts—FINLAND
    03 pts—PORTUGAL
    04 pts—BULGARIA
    05 pts—AUSTRALIA
    06 pts—FRANCE
    07 pts—ESTONIA
    08 pts—SWEDEN
    10 pts—BELGIUM
    12 pts—ITALY

  4. He looks like John Snow’s bestfriend in the Game of Thrones 😊
    His song is not that bad imo…

  5. I’m not hating this like other people here do.It could be very effective live provided a strong performance.It’s not a song i’d buy or listen outside of esc but the live can work in this context.

  6. I actually prefer this to Nina last year. It’s easier to listen to.

  7. Pretentiousl and calculated in a borderline gross manner. Only Spain can beat this for the dead last place on my list.
    Good luck.
    1996, 1998, 1999 were Croatia’s high lights in the ESC, imho.
    2000, 05, 06, 08, 09 were nice too. 2016 grew on me :)

  8. Horrible, every bit of it. I normally like Croatia’s songs (2016, 2012, 2010, 1999, and 1998 stick out to me), but this is absolutely hate-able, probably my least favorite song they’ve ever sent.

  9. Spanish esc fans mourn Mirela won’t be flying their flag in Kyiv:

    • I could live with the tune while washing the dishes f.i. :D
      …but the video is… stomach neurosis-enducing… ugh! :D

      • voy a vomitar…contigo! and to think it was down to the wire between her and beach boy…what a shambles!!

        • And that’s what makes the Spanish preselection this year a total disaster, imho… *sigh*

          • the worst of the year for sure, even Spanish parliament debated it :-( ! hope you are having a nice day, I just got back from the beach “taking the vermouth” as we say..! :-)
            Croatia also remains firmly in my bottom 5, I can’t warm to him or it at all

            • Thanks Paul! Enjoy your vermouth. I could use a sip of that myself :)

              Btw, it’s windy and cold here these last 48 hrs :(

            • it’s typical to have a vermouth (or whatever you want) at the weekend in the morning with family/friends, usually on a Sunday , this morning by the sea with some friends to catch up with them, as tomorrow is St Jordi (St George’s Day), Catalan saint it means the city is crowded with roses and books to celebrate so we decided today was better!! :-)

    • I didn’t want to post it because it came from “trashy europop with Spanish flavour”, love or hate song but enjoyable at some parts, with a bad production and an ok singer to… that. Without the intention of putting another log on the fire (I don’t know if this expression is used in English)… if she would have been the winner, would have been this “revamped” version the Spanish entry this year? :/

      • I think the revamped version is even worse than the original but i don’t think it would be the one they’d bring to Kyiv since it’s too long.

        • Yes, it’s much worse. This version sounds like nothing, it’s a wrong step spending money in a video for this new version of a song that had some kind of success. I won’t even consider her team for taking care of a pet, or a paper…

  10. the lyrics are terribly basic and cringy. The song is everywhere and nowhere at once and its just a plain hot mess overall. 1/10 I wouldn’t be surprised if it qualifies doh, but it doesn’t deserve to. People might in their naivety vote for this as surprisingly enaugh it brings emotion for people, that doesn’t understand what good music or lyrics are. I know it’s harsh to express myself like that, but I mean cmon this is a shitty song.

  11. Never liked him back in Dora days, and this is hateful. My last.

  12. He can sing, that is evident. Now, the song is just messy, pretentious and desperately seeking for attention, a big no, as far as I am concerned.

  13. Pompous and one of my least favourites this year together with Slovenia.
    However, this could qualify!!!

  14. I really don’t like this crazy shit, but I love the fact that they so totally miscalculated their over the top calculation. That behind the scene tragedy makes this storywise absolute quality comedy entertainment this year. Can’t wait Croatian delegation hit Kiev. What the hell were they thinking about?

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