TEKO 2017: Duel 1 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in duel 1 is closed! See the results of the duel between Finland and Italy!

After two days, people cast 172 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 FINLAND Norma John – Blackbird

ITALY Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma

Without further ado, the winner is:


“Occidentali’s Karma” was written by Luca Chiaravalli, Fabio Ilacqua, and Francesco Gabbani himself! After winning San Remo 2017 on 15 February, Gabbani accepted RAI’s offer to become the Italian entrant in Kyiv! The percentages of the results are listed below.

112 votes (65%) Italy – Finland 60 votes (35%)

This means that Italy has moved onto the quarterfinals and that Finland is eliminated. Come back tomorrow for the results of duel 2!

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98 comments on “TEKO 2017: Duel 1 Results!

  1. Disappointing but not surprising

  2. Hmmm… yes, disappointing but not surprising.

  3. Expected and well deserved. :)

  4. My #5 beat my #2.
    Congratulations, Francesco!

  5. not surprise!let s go Francesco!

  6. We need some fun!
    Well deserved although Finland offers a very artistic entry this year!

  7. Great and very fair result!


    01 pt—-IRELAND
    02 pts—ISRAEL
    03 pts—DENMARK
    04 pts—FRANCE
    05 pts—BELGIUM
    06 pts—AZERBAIJAN
    07 pts—SWITZERLAND
    08 pts—SWEDEN
    10 pts—BULGARIA
    12 pts—ITALY

    • Big heart to Romania :)

    • I was a bit disappointed with Switzerland Denmark and Israel ending so high, the rest are quite ok.
      I voted there too, btw. I can show you the full scoreboard if you want. :)

      • Sure. :) I didn’t like it really but i was expecting this kind of voting from Latvia,Romania and Malta.

        • 1. Italy – 856
          2. Bulgaria – 844
          3. Sweden – 671
          4. Switzerland – 666
          5. Azerbaijan – 578
          6. Belgium – 562
          7. France – 561
          8. Denmark – 396
          9. Israel – 361
          10. Ireland – 320
          11. Norway – 290
          12. Finland – 274
          13. Australia – 260
          14. FYR Macedonia – 249
          15. Poland – 236
          16. Armenia – 233
          17. Latvia – 222
          18. UK – 203
          19. Hungary – 185
          20. Island – 184
          21. Moldova – 181
          22. Estonia – 176
          23. Cyprus – 168
          24. Serbia – 118
          25. Portugal – 115
          26. Netherlands – 100
          27. Belarus – 89
          28. Ukraine – 87
          29. Georgia – 83
          30. Austria – 78
          31. Albania – 74
          32. Greece – 57
          33. San Marino – 51
          34. Czech Republic – 34
          35. Montenegro – 30
          36. Croatia – 27
          37. Lithuania – 27
          38. Spain – 27
          39. Germany – 20
          40. Malta – 15
          41. Slovenia – 13

  9. Acoustic version of Albania:

    • Poland struggles! With a last place in juries and lukewarm televoting support (7-10th) they are out!!!

      • Well, last year I thought Poland was doomed…

        • It would have been but it got a huge televoting support. However, I doubt they will repeat last year’s success with a more “sophisticated” song this year

          • I agree that they won’t repeat last year’s result.That one was a very mainstream,dated and corny ballad.”Flashlight” is low-key and dark.It’s in the danger zone,atm.

      • Notso sure about it.Remember how bad Greece 2015 faired in those preview shows?Yet,it achieved a 3rd place with the juries in its semi.Of course,this one was a very standars Bondish ballad.Let’s see.

        • Ι wouldn’t compare POL 17 to GRC 15.
          On the other hand, Georgia this year is the one to watch (I wouldn’t be surprised with a juries top 3 in semi).
          Your nightmare will come true! :P

          • My point was that a low ranking in those preview shows doesn’t necessarily mean a low jury score in esc.I know about Georgia. :( I want that trashy ballad out of the final.I do hope it won’t be top-3 with the juries though because that would be a disgrace.

          • Georgia qualifying would be quite a big surprise.

            • I wouldn’t rule it out completely. They already start with at least 40 points imo from AZE and ARM

            • Hmm, let’s hope you’re wrong. :P I didn’t check the voting history, they usually get high pts from ARM and AZE ?

            • Absolutely! However Cyprus this year could flirt with Armenia’s 24p thanks to Hovig being Armenian

            • Hmm, Indeed. Cyprus is 9th favourite to qualify atm.

  10. Clearly not what I had hoped for. At least it was not a runaway win, so I don’t think Italy will win TEKO in the end.

  11. Off-topic: Here is the corrected version of the first part of my Eurovision top 100:


    01 pt—-FYROM
    02 pts—AUSTRIA
    03 pts—BELGIUM
    04 pts—ROMANIA
    05 pts—ESTONIA
    06 pts—FRANCE
    07 pts—DENMARK
    08 pts—ISRAEL
    10 pts—SWEDEN
    12 pts—ITALY

  13. Expected. Finland got 35% which is not bad, given the fact its opponent was Italy.

    ‘Blackbird’ has some very interesting covers on-line; here’s one of them:

  14. Finland just got a very high 7.33 from wiwiblogs review!!!

    • So far out of 28 reviewed entries :
      1. Sweden 7.58
      2. Finland 7.33
      3. Bulgaria 7.25
      4. Israel: 7.17
      5. Serbia: 6.93
      6. Belarus: 6.90
      7. Armenia : 6.83
      8. Latvia: 6.72
      9. Moldova 6.67
      10. Iceland: 6.63
      11. Denmark: 6.60
      12. UK: 6.58
      13. Cyprus 6.50
      14. Norway: 6.26
      15. Greece: 6.11
      16. Montenegro: 6.03
      17. Albania 5.92
      18. Poland: 5.74
      19. Romania 5.69
      20. Netherlands: 5.38
      21. Russia 5.14
      22. Czech Republic 5.06
      23. San Marino 5.01
      24. Spain: 5.01
      25. Germany: 4.99
      26. Georgia 4.31
      27. Malta: 4.20
      28. Slovenia: 3.44

  15. Expected result. My #6 beat my #4, I can’t really complain here.

  16. The official album is out now:

  17. Good karma! I feel sorry for Finland here though. It got probably the toughest duel of them all and would have done at least quite better if it had been in another.

  18. Demy’s Madwalk performance.NOT live vocals:

  19. BIG hit here, Milan Stankovic (Serbia 2010) feat Jala Brat (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016) – “Ego”

  20. Expected and sorta glad Finland didnt crash and burn! They deserve the love!

  21. I have just checked the available NDR song checks and I have never seen our commentator Peter Urban as outraged as he was when discussing Sweden 2017 (and normally he likes the Swedish entries … which might help understanding why he was so passionate). He called the song dopey, trite, arrogant and awful among other things and said that it was among the worst songs Sweden has ever sent. He did not have anything positive to say on Georgia either. Once again I know why I like him so much. :)

    • I agree with most of what he said and I find it amazing how Sweden 17 manages to get all this praise from many quarters with such a pathetic excuse for a song. The only thing salvageable is the orchestration. The stage presentation is too slick for its own good and the whole thing ends up looking like a commercial. Too little substance (none actually) and too much style.

      P.S. – Portugal did not fare very well on the show, did they?

      • On Portugal: Everyone loved it but nobody dared predict the outcome. Both Peter Urban and Jan Fedderson said that it deserved to to very well though.
        I think that you can expect top scores from Germany this year … if Salvador makes it to the final.
        And finally, the scores of NDR’s songchecks don’t tell you much because some people award points based on their personal taste, some based on how they expect a song to fare (that’s the reason Peter Urban gave 6 to Sweden … he gave 10 to Portugal btw) and some based on a combination of both. It’s a beautiful mess ♫♪♫

        • Well, that is messy. :) I agree that it is quite hard to predict how well or bad Portugal 17 will fare. Imo, things will be much less rosy than most seem to think

          P.S. – for instance, the result of Duel 2 will be a sign of what will happen in May.

          • The lady hosting the NDR songchecks tonight said that Portugal was her favourite. You’ll do very well, don’t worry. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lucia Moniz having to make place on the Portuguese ESC throne … not at all …

          • Hmm doesn’t need to be..AZE in previous few years is not that popular in ESC like it used to be earlier, neither with jury nor with public..if she will be sterile live and nth special like in Amsterdam, she can flop IMO..Dilara Kazimova was REALLY BAD live that year with good song and she kinds flopped..

            • Dihaj had sound problems; I’m sure her vocals are going to sound much better in May. She went for a peculiar look that does not bother me personally, but others may find it off-putting.

    • People when talking about Sweden in esc lol:

    • Since you use every single opportunity to bash Sweden 2017 and report about other ppl bashing it…if you don’t vote for or Tijana in the duel against Sweden, I’M GONNA KILL YA!! :P :D

  22. Yep knew it, Italy will probably win as I said before! :p

  23. Wtf is this draw btw, all the favorites are in the first two duels o.O

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