TEKO 2017: Duel 2!

teko-2017-logoTEKO 2017 – It’s time to vote in duel 2 of TEKO 2017; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2017. Today, you can start voting in the duel between Portugal and Azerbaijan!

TEKO 2017 – Duel 2

Please listen to the competing entries:

Portugal PORTUGAL Salvador Sobral – Amar pelos dois

 AZERBAIJAN Dihaj – Skeletons

To hear the song, click on the respective flag!

The voting:

After listening to the two songs, it’s time for you to vote! Please vote for the country you want to see in the quarterfinals.

Europe (…and Australia…and the rest of the world), start voting now!

UPDATE: The results for this duel are out now!

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100 comments on “TEKO 2017: Duel 2!

  1. My #1 and #2. Ugh !
    I’ll be voting for both :)

  2. I love both even though everyone I play AZE17 to tells me that the chorus is very Eurovisionized …

  3. I voted for Portugal of course. I really do hope we get to see him in Kiev and he will not be the second no-show for reasons beyond his control, after Russia’ singer. However (and I really, really hope I am wrong) it seems we should be prepared for the possibility his sister might take his place in the end. In retrospect, it seems that was the whole point of their duet in the National Final – to prepare the public for such an eventuality. I am really praying for him to be strong and be well for the contest and beyond…

    • I’ve clearly missed something important! What’s the situation with Salvador?

      • All we know so far is that his sister will stand for him in the initial rehearsals as he can not be away from his medical team in Portugal for too long. Their plans are for him to arrive in Kiev only two days before the semi, so that he won’t have to stay in Ukraine for more than a week. The anouncement was made during a report from Portugal’s RTP television that openly mentioned heart problems. A tabloid report from one month ago saying he is in the waiting list for a heart transplant has not been confirmed but not really denied either (his agent refused to comment when asked about it).

        • Oh dear, poor chap! I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. It would be a big shame if he is unable to perform.

          • Ι don’t want to jinx him. I am looking forward to his performances in the semi and hopefully in the final as well.

  4. Well, both of them are in my top 10, but my vote goes to Portugal without second thought of course.

  5. Azerbaijan. It’s more modern so beats Portugal on that note. Very Sia-esque

    • Yeah, Sia-esque is about right. I do like it and agree it’s more modern, but for me ‘more modern’ isn’t necessarily the clincher. What I like about Portugal is it is very reminiscent of the old chanson style songs of the 50s, but better than many of the songs that actually won back then. I like to think that Lys Assia might approve! Would have been good to have this at the 60 year celebrations as a reminder of how it all started. I hope it does well.

  6. My vote goes to my #1
    Azerbaycan 🇦🇿

  7. #1 AZR
    #4 POR

    I like them a lot for different reasons.

  8. My #2 and #5. Close, but no skeleton.

  9. Love both but Azerbaijan’s my #1. Fully expect Portugal to win however.


  11. I will of course be voting for my favourite song in this year’s Eurovision, Portugal :-)

    Not too crazy about Azerbaijan. I don’t really like that style, plus it sounds too much like a lot of other songs dominating the music scene today.

  12. Off-topic, does anybody know where we can see the video of Blanche performing “City Lights” live on The Voice Bélgique? They keep taking it off from YouTube…

      • She sounds great here, imo. This version is beautiful.

        • It seems she is much more comfortable singing like this accompanied by a piano so she has done quite a lot of it in various belgian TV channels. However reports of her actually singing on the recorded track and trying to come up with a show for the Voice are not as enthusiastic.

      • No that’s not the one unfortunately. It is the full studio version, not an acoustic one and there are two dancers along with her. I did not read anything flattering about it but I’d like to see it for myself.

        • I haven’t watched that one either.

        • I watched that one too.There were 2 backing vocalists with her on stage and they were performing a very strict dance routine.I saw the backlash but couldn’t understand the reason.It was much better than that we’ve seen of her so far.The videos are down,unfortunately.Only people living in Belgium can watch the performance.

  13. Both songs are in my top 10 (Portugal – 1st and Azerbaijan – 9th). I voted for the best song here, imo. I think it’s the first time I am able to say that my country’s entry is the best entry of the season (melody, orchestration and vocals). :)

  14. Latest betting odds


    1. ARM and SWE 0.08
    3. GRE 0.13
    4. POR 0.14
    5. AUS 0.16
    6. AZR 0.18
    7. BEL 0.33
    8. MDA 0.5
    9. CYP and LAT 0.57
    11. FIN 0.8
    12. POL 0.9
    13. ISL 1.6
    14. GEO 1.9
    15. ALB 2.3
    16. MNE 2.8
    17. CZR 4.6
    18. SLO 5.8


    1. BUL 0.02
    2. ISR, HUN and DEN 0.25
    5. ROM 0.3
    6. EST 0.33
    7. SWI 0.5
    8. SRB 0.53
    9. NOR, AUT and NED 0.57
    12. IRL 0.72
    13 .BLR 0.83
    14. FYRoM 0.9
    15. CRO 1.5
    16. MLT 2.8
    17. LIT 6.6
    18. SNM 8

  15. On Salvador Sobral: he gave a 45 minute interview yesterday to RTP3 (news channel). He spoke about his life and career. He was very candid and polite. He said he knows little about ESC, because his parents did not follow the show and because he became interested in jazz and never really got round to listening to ESC stuff. He wants to go Kiev and know all the people who will be there; he confirmed his support for Gabbani (he knows his name) and said that in general all the other songs sound alike; he’s open to learn new stuff and that includes getting to know more stuff about pop music and the ESC music scene. He also stated that he will be singing in a smaller stage, the one used by the hosts, right in the middle of the arena. At the very end of the interview he was asked bout his health problems; he confirmed that he has them, but added that they’re his and his family’s business and no one else’s. The journalist accepted his answer and the interview ended.

    P.S. – Carla Bugalho, the head of the Portuguese delegation, declared that the EBU were very open to accomodate Salvador’s health problems; they were the ones who suggested that Luísa could take his place in the first two rehearsals and in the press conferences.

    • Salvador really comes from a totally different world. LOL But saying that all songs but Italy sound alike is rather harsh … and a tad arrogant and silly too. In which way do f. e. Finland, Greece, The Netherlands and Ukraine sound alike? Did he elaborate? I hope that he will be more respectful in the future. I really love “Amor pelos dois” but I am not so sure that I like Salvador Sobral. Anyway, I hope that his health issues will be solved soon and that he’ll have a great time (and a huge success!) in Kyiv.

      • I agree and he akcnowledges that; he knows he can say things without thinking them through first. It’s time he learns to be more careful. He expressed curiosity to meet the other singers and I think it will do him good to leave his jazz world for a while and allow his creativity to see and hear different approaches to music.

      • He was in Spain last weekend and worked with Manel. They will be appearing together on Spanish TV. Manel will come to Portugal in the near future as well.

        • That’s a strange couple. LOL

          • Now imagine if Mirela had won…

            P.S. – I am starting to think that all the hate regarding Manel is a bit too much. I am not refering to ET, but to all the comments one reads on-line about the Spanish entry.

            • I don’t hold a grudge against Manel but simply think that is song is extremely lame and lazy. And I totally detest the video clip which is sexist.

            • I agree with what you say about the song and the video. Moldova’s manages to navigate the same dangerous waters with a splash of irony and not taking itself too seriously.

    • It seems like they are going for an Anouk-like staging then.

      • Yep. We do not know any details yet, but I can image him singing on that stage with all the lights out except for a single white beam of light on him, making us believe he is alone in that huge venue. I do not really know what I am saying lol, I’ve never been to that arena.

        • Isn’t that a little too predictable as staging? Plus it is hard to look alone in the satellite stage, in the middle of all this crowd.

          I am hoping for some warm, tropical colours, something that brings to mind Brazil. I don’t see this song and performance as bare and minimalist, but very warm and embracing.

          • Probably; it’s very difficult to be accurate without knowing the venue, the stage and what it can do. We’ll have to wait for the rehearsals.

  16. Here is what so many fans wanted to hear, an English version of ‘Amar pelos dois’:

    I think these guys are German; I may be wrong.

  17. Both are in my top 5, but I have to go with my #1 here, Azerbaijan.

  18. Portugal, my no.1, gets my vote though Azerbaijan are in my Top 10. A very tough duel. My best wishes to Salvador, it is all rather sad and quite worrying, I do hope everything goes well for him with his health irrespective of the contest.

  19. This guy, he has been mentioned here before, has a positive attitude in his reviews (I agree with whim often, but we have some major disgareements as well):

  20. It’s a strong duel but my vote goes to Portugal without a doubt.

  21. It’s official remixes time.

  22. And CYPRUS:

  23. Jamala will be performing her new song “I Believe In U” during the esc final alongside the contestants of Team Jamala from The Voice of Ukraine.During the first semi,she will perform her song “Zamanyly” as well as a symphonic version of the 2016 esc winner “1944”.

  24. Votes from Mexico,the largest pool of voters outside OGAE clubs,are in:

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