Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Norma John (Finland)

Finland – Finland have failed to qualify these past two years with Sandhja (2016) and PKN (2015) both failing at the Semi Finals. This year duo Norma John will be hoping to take Finland back into the final with “Blackbird”, a song chosen by the public

Song: “Blackbird”
Music By: Lasse Piirainen & Leena Tirronen
Lyrics By: Lasse Piirainen & Leena Tirronen

About Norma John
Norma John are Lasse Piirainen & Leena Tirronen who have been friends for many years. They were formed in 2008 in Kouvola, Finland.

The song was written by the duo who write all their own songs and the song was chosen after winning UMK. They beat off nine other contestants and won with 40 points more than runner up Zühlke.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Blackbird blackbird don’t sing to me
Don’t sing below my window
Fly somewhere else don’t bother me
Don’t sing below my window

You sang when he was in my bed
You sang when my heart sang
Now you remind me of something I’ll never have
So blackbird don’t sing
Blackbird don’t sing

Blackbird blackbird I am now alone
Somewhere else go make your home
Don’t nestle here go find lovers of your own
I am now alone

You sang when he was in my bed
You sang when my heart sang
Now you remind me of something I’ll never have
So blackbird don’t sing
Blackbird don’t sing
Blackbird don’t sing

You sang when he was in my bed
You sang when my heart sang
Now you remind me of something I’ll never have
So blackbird don’t sing
Blackbird don’t sing
Blackbird don’t sing

Norma John on Social Media:
Facebook: normajohnofficial
Twitter: @NormaJohnband
Instagram: @normajohnofficial

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39 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Norma John (Finland)

  1. There was nothing out there on these guys at all so this one is very bare. I apologise as I know this one is a site favourite (even though I hate the song myself)

    Maybe, just maybe one day…. they’ll look happy to be representing their country.

    • I understand and appreciate your reasons for hating the Finnish song, but I personally love it and it is within my top 5 for the moment, as indeed do my friends above :-), for me as a ESC fan through the ages ESC means more than just a pretty boy/girl singing a wannabee Shakira etc song

  2. It never missed my top2 since the day it was picked!
    Good luck, Suomi!!! <3

  3. Finland 17 is just a great song, imo. It manages to conjure up a melancholic amosphere in a very elegant and understated way. It’s my current nº 3. I love it very much.

  4. The only problem here is that they look like music teachers, and not too charismatic music teachers.
    I have been delighted of all the support for Blackbird round here. I love the song too. Maybe, just maybe there is a light in s tunnel called YLE and UMK.

  5. Weird news: JOWST has said in an interview that NRK is pressing EBU to let them use pre-recorded vocals.The reference group would have to make that choice but it may open a can of worms. :/

    • Another thing i find weird is the fact this interview was published almost a month ago but only now it has caught the attention of other media outlets: http://eurovisionworld.com/?esc=jowst-from-norway-were-in-it-to-win-it

    • And just when Norway started rallying up my list! :(
      Although I can understand that technically prerecorded vocals might be vital for such a song, I’m strongly opposed to this.

    • This will open a huge can of worms. I suspect Sweden has been waiting for another country to make such request, because they probably daren’t do it themselves. That said, I also think that this request must be analyzed in detail to ascertain why they need to use pre-recorded voices. I would not oppose it if such voices were a part of the orchestration, for instance, and a musical statement ‘per se’, so to speak. I would completely be against this move, if it opened the door to incompetent singers and pointless stage presentations, though.

      • If the door to pre recorded vocals opens then it will become the norm.I don’t think Sweden is involved in this.

        • It probably is not, but Sweden and Denmark already use them for all the wrong reasons in their NFs and we know that Björkman has much influence when it comes to ESC. Perhaps it’s best to avoid pre-recorded voices completely.

      • my dearest Shevek of so many years here, let’s just say am guessing the winner of Esc 2017 will somehow be associated with Sweden whether by the final winner or via a songwriter etc, somehow ESC has got to that stage, let’s be honest here

    • Ooh, it is time now, I guess… :(

      What about the pre-recorded “male choir” in Croatia 1999? Did that count as pre-recorded vocals (the Croatian delegation defended it and claimed it was not supposed to sound like singing voices but rather a special instrumental sound…)?

    • Never liked this entry which is musically empty and lyrically the worst of this edition by far. The cocky and superficial attitude in this interview makes me dismiss them even more. Do they seriously believe they are the apostles of modernity because they want to use processed, canned vocals?

  6. I do not know if Dimitri has already posted this:

    OGAE Austrália
    12pts Itália
    10 pts Estónia
    8 pts Suécia
    7 pts Bélgica
    6 pts ARJ Macedónia
    5 pts França
    4 pts Dinamarca
    3 pts Portugal
    2 pts Finlândia
    1 pt Azerbaijão

    The country names are in Portuguese, but you can easily read them. They gave pts to Portugal and Finland! That came as a surprise!!! These two songs are doing really well with the OGAEs. Does that mean something? We’ll have to wait and see.

  7. It has managed to climb into my top 10, but unfortunately it’s in what I think is a very weak year overall. It’s a fine composition, but the musical-like sound and vocals don’t really appeal to me. I still prefer the Beatles song of the same name by miles.

  8. “Blackbird” is very my alley in its style and mood, but I don’t see myself enjoying it as much as I could expect. With that said, it is still one of the better songs this year imo. The piano break is by far the best part and adds something extra to an already haunting atmosphere which Norma John and the orchestration create together. I also love the red and black colours they use on stage, so in the end, it’s quite possible that Finland can climb a bit more on my list and actually grab the bronze medal in the end.

    Good luck!

  9. a famous Finnish song here in Spain :

  10. The performance is annoying as hell, anything else is fine in this and it’s currently my 10th

  11. I really like the restrained and cold feel of FIN17. See, you can have a touching ballad without vocal acrobatics and pointlessly putting up the volume. :)
    However, I have a slight issue that won’t suprise people who know me: The line “You sang when he was in my bed” introduces a moment of hot and sweaty bodies that does not fit the atmosphere of the song. Or wait, perhaps they were reading in bed … (the literary scholars on here will get the pun: Francesca and Paolo …)

    Speaking of lyrics, I don’t know why this one did not come to my mind earlier when thinking about EST17, in particular when we did the “Lost” competition at our preview. “Appears Verona” is among my favourite lines in poetry ever. It’s such a clever, dramatic and self-referential moment in Robert Browning’s masterpiece “Sordello”. :)

  12. This is such a beautiful song I connect with on a personal level. I cant really explain why, but I just straight up loves this to bits! My only 10/10 this past two seasons! Good Luck Finland!

  13. Acoustic version of Belgium 2017:

  14. Among the best songs definitely in 2017…maybe even the most quality one together with Portugal..it’s my number 9..

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