OGAE 2017: Croatia, Slovakia, Armenia, the Netherlands and Spain

OGAE – A lot of fan clubs have revealed their results since I last did an update so here, a bit late are the countries we have missed. Croatia, Slovakia, Armenia, the Netherlands and Spain have provided their votes over the Easter weekend.

Croatia Top 10:
Another win for Italy from Croatia as well as high points to the other favourites Belgium, Estonia and Sweden. Iceland get their first points of the year as well.

Italy 12pts
Belgium 10pts
Estonia 8pts
Sweden 7pts
France 6pts
Finland 5pts
FYR Macedonia 4pts
Israel 3pts
Iceland 2pts
Australia 1pt

Slovakia Top 10:
Yep! Another win for Italy and Norway receive their first set of points from Slovakia.

Italy 12pts
Bulgaria 10pts
Belgium 8pts
Sweden 7pts
Finland 6pts
Norway 5pts
Armenia 4pts
Portugal 3pts
FYR Macedonia 2pts
Estonia 1pt

Armenia Top 10:
Italy lose the top place with Armenia who prefer France, Belgium and Sweden. France get their first douze points of the season. Norway get another bunch of points and Georgia get their first.

12pts France
Belgium 10pts
Sweden 8pts
Italy 7pts
Portugal 6pts
Bulgaria 5pts
Azerbaijan 4pts
Cyprus 3pts
Norway 2pts
Georgia 1pt

The Netherlands Top 10:
Nothing new or surprising from the Netherlands who give their major points to the overall Top 5

Italy 12pts
Belgium 10pts
Estonia 8pts
France 7pts
Sweden 6pts
Bulgaria 5pts
Finland 4pts
Portugal 3pts
FYR Macedonia 2pts
Austria 1pt

Spain Top 10:
Ireland get their first points from Spain and Italy win the Spanish Vote as well. Not surprisingly, Portugal get the most points they have received this year from one single country

Italy 12pts
Belgium 10pts
Sweden 8pts
Portugal 7pts
France 6pts
Estonia 5pts
FYR Macedonia 4pts
Israel 3pts
Ireland 2pts
Bulgaria 1pt

At this point Italy look unbeatable and are likely to be the winners of the 2017 OGAE Vote. Countries who are yet to get points are: Albania, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine.

1st Italy 157pts
2nd Belgium 123pts
3rd Sweden 102pts
4th France 87pts
5th Estonia 77pts
6th Portugal 33pts
7th Israel 32pts
8th F.Y.R. Macedonia 31pts
8th Bulgaria 31pts
10th Finland 21

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

27 comments on “OGAE 2017: Croatia, Slovakia, Armenia, the Netherlands and Spain

  1. I like 7 songs in the current top 10. Perhaps I should join OGAE. LOL

  2. Surprisingly Slovenia is currently in 12th place in German OGAE voting. Lithuania is last with 10 points, all from one set of votes.

  3. Public reactions to Croatia.Wow:

  4. Btw, German commentator Peter Urban told us which songs are his favourites this year: ARM, BEL, ITA and PRT. I love him. :)

  5. I believe that this year’s OGAE results are more ETfriendly :P

  6. Uhh I really hope Belgium and Sweden won’t win…
    If it’s between Italy and Belgium, please let it be Italy..

    Veliko Turnovo 2018! <3

  7. It’s snowing in many parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia! I love snow, but in this period of the year it will bring only smth bad..in surrounding of Sarajevo, there is already 30 cm of snow, till the morning it can be 50 cm…poor trees, flowers, plants, fruits.. :'(

  8. iceland’s stage performance: changed from the NF.No moving around on stage,dramatic and epic with amazing visuals and a sci-fi-inspired outfit.


    01 pt—-SWEDEN
    02 pts—PORTUGAL
    03 pts—HUNGARY
    04 pts—FINLAND
    05 pts—DENMARK
    06 pts—BELGIUM
    07 pts—BULGARIA
    08 pts—LATVIA
    10 pts—NORWAY
    12 pts—ITALY

  10. Don’t know if anyone pointed this out already, but ONUKA are gonna be the interval act for the final. I’m super excited, they’re one of my favorite Ukrainian acts of all-time, and I’d love to see them competing sometime soon.

    My two favorite songs of theirs.

    12 ITA
    10 EST
    08 SWE
    07 BEL
    06 FYR
    05 FRA
    04 DNK
    03 PRT
    02 FIN
    01 AZE
    No points for ISR and BGR

    12 ITA
    10 FRA
    08 BEL
    07 SWE
    06 GRC
    05 EST
    04 BGR
    03 PRT
    02 ARM
    01 IRL

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