TEKO 2017: Group 14 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in group 14 is closed! See the results of the group with Montenegro and Switzerland!

After three days, people cast 122 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 MONTENEGRO Slavko Kalezić – Space

SWITZERLAND Timebelle – Apollo

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

“Apollo” was written by Alessandra and Nicolas Günthardt and Elias Näslin. After winning ESC 2017 – Die Entschidungsshow on 5 February, it will be performed by Timebelle in Kyiv! The percentages of the results are listed below.

1st place: Switzerland – 73 votes (60%)

2nd place: Montenegro – 49 votes (40%)

This means that Switzerland has moved onto the duel stages and that Montenegro is eliminated. Come back tomorrow for the results of group 15!

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133 comments on “TEKO 2017: Group 14 Results!


    01 pt—-AUSTRIA
    02 pts—FYROM
    03 pts—PORTUGAL
    04 pts—FINLAND
    05 pts—BULGARIA
    06 pts—SWEDEN
    07 pts—FRANCE
    08 pts—ESTONIA
    10 pts—BELGIUM
    12 pts—ITALY

    12 ITA
    10 BEL
    08 EST
    07 FRA
    06 SWE
    05 BGR (currently 6th over ISR and MKD)
    04 FIN :)
    03 PRT :)
    02 MKD
    01 AUT

    Switzerland drops at #11

    • We are at 1/3 of OGAE voting and Italy is already winning it by 32 points :)

    • Bulgaria’s recovery was to be expected. The OGAEs usually support this type of songs and they have every right to do so.

      • It just seems to me that if the Bulgarian song had been released a month earlier, it would have gotten an even more welcoming support by esc fans

        • That’s plausible, but what really counts is how people will react in May.

        • For me it had the opposite effect.It’s drip dropping in my list.

          • It never registered on my radar; I actually prefer the Australian entry (if I manage to ignore those ludicrous facial expressions he makes during the video).

            • I prefer AUS too!

            • It increasingly sounds like a nice production whose core is pretentious and maybe fake(?).I also watched Kristian saying that he was trying to learn how he should be singing the song with the help of a vocal coach for 3 months.

          • I was talking about how Bulgaria’s been supported by recently voting OGAEs while it got totally ignored in the beginning. Personally I don’t mind the song but I can see it winning this edition!

          • Drip dropping? like this? :

  3. German OGAE votes (April 17th … still ongoing)

    ITA 911
    BEL 639
    EST 489 LOL
    FRA 427
    SWE 396 *yuck*
    PRT 384
    FIN 257
    HUN 236
    ISR 188
    BGR 187

    Full ranking here:


    • Italy wins it by a landslide :)
      The current top 5 is very predictable but I’m very happy PRT, FIN and HUN will get to score more points!

  4. He’s great:

    • LMAO@
      1. “So you think you can… France”
      2. ..and let’s smoke into each other’s faces.
      3. …fooked oop!


    • I’m too nervous to joke about it!

      • I fear Macron won’t make it to the second round.I hope i’m wrong.

        • I wont talk about it. But yeah a few weeks back Fillon had no chance, but the polarizing campaign against Macron is awful and totally uncalled for (except that he was indeed a banker and you could hate that, but at least he earned his own money, when Fillon was elected 40 years ago and did nothing but get our money for very poor work)… not to mention the very christian base Fillon has, who are all insane fanatics (they marched against gay marriage back then), and Fillon said they COULD BE in our government! Scary as shit.

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