TEKO 2017: Group 12 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in group 12 is closed! See the results of the group with Albania, Germany, and F.Y.R. Macedonia!

After three days, people cast 134 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 ALBANIA Lindita – World

GERMANY Levina – Perfect Life

F.Y.R. MACEDONIA Jana Burčeska – Dance Alone

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

“Dance Alone” was written by Florence A., Bobi-Leon Milanov, Alex Omar and Joacim Persson! The team of songwriters is from the same group behind the Serbian and Bulgarian entries for this year’s contest. Jana Burčeska will perform for F.Y.R. Macedonia in Kyiv after being selected in September of last year! The percentages of the results are listed below.

1st place: F.Y.R. Macedonia – 90 votes (67%)

2nd place: Germany – 24 votes (18%)

3rd place: Albania – 20 votes (15%)

This means that F.Y.R. Macedonia has moved onto the duel stages and that Germany is eligible for the second chance group. Come back tomorrow for the results of group 13!

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184 comments on “TEKO 2017: Group 12 Results!

  1. Church break here! Back in a couple of hours ;)

  2. I think Brequette would have been a much better choice for Spain.I can’t understand why she was eliminated.

    • You are not in church? Ts-ts-ts … LOL

      • I did go to church to light my candle and watch the fireworks but i couldn’t stay and attend the whole Easter mass which will end around 3 AM.

        • I hear you. :)

          • I was there for 4 hours on Thursday and 3 hours kast night,though.It’s not because i’m a religious person but Easter rituals here are so good i want to be part of this all.

            • Same here!

            • We Northerners will never understand the importance of Easter festivities further south. Here Easter is about meeting the family, eating loads of maultaschen, devouring painted eggs and hunting for presents. LOL
              I sometimes go to Xmas mass though … but only when I feel up to the task.

            • Here,Easter is a much more spiritual experience and its lived within the community and not just the family.I guess it’s also connected to the pro-christian era of celebrating Spring and the seasons cycles.

            • It’s a superficial and commercial affair here in Germany … but it is a 4 day holiday too. :)

            • Well,there’s a lot of eating and going to bars here as well.I visited 3 today.lol

            • Are you drunk? Ts-ts-ts once again. ;)

            • Yes,i drunk a hot chocolate and Ice tea.lol A friend of mine though drank wine and beer and became a bit tipsy.lol

            • I want to meet your friend. ;)

            • And then there’s us Albanian Muslims :P

  3. Happy Easter to everyone celebrating!

  4. Wiwiblogs 2017 reviews

  5. “Grande Amore” on esc radio now. Probably the most succesful esc song in Greece for many years!

    I prefer the original version in Italian though than the one in Spanish.

  6. …and now “Amar Pelos Dois” !!! <3

  7. All semifinal winners(2008-2016) :

  8. So, tomorrow is Andra Chansen for TEKO? :)

  9. Shaking it here to “Feed You My Love” before going to bed :P

    Good night/day, everyone!

  10. Tolo-Greece on Good Friday:

  11. From tonight’s Madrid esc party.The rest of the videos are being uploaded to EscKaz:

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