TEKO 2017: Group 11 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in group 11 is closed! See the results of the group with Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Ukraine!

After three days, people cast 147 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 CYPRUS Hovig – Gravity

THE NETHERLANDS O’G3NE – Lights and Shadows

UKRAINE O.Torvald – Time

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

“Lights and Shadows” was written by Rory de Kievit and Rick Vol, the father of the sister group, O’G3NE! The entry’s a family affair, as the girls’ father co-wrote the song for their seriously ill mother with Shelley’s boyfriend. O’G3NE were one of the first entrants to be announced for this year’s contest and will represent the Netherlands in Kyiv! The percentages of the results are listed below.

1st place: the Netherlands – 63 votes (43%)

2nd place: Cyprus – 49 votes (33%)

3rd place: Ukraine – 35 votes (24%)

This means that the Netherlands have moved onto the duel stages and that Cyprus is eligible for the second chance group. Come back tomorrow for the results of group 12!

28 comments on “TEKO 2017: Group 11 Results!

  1. wow :P

  2. I was expecting this although I voted for Hovig…The girls will qualify with ease imo

    • And now with Russia out even more so …

      • Isn’t it very very sad that it has come this far.

        • If those in chagre of ESC in the EBU were just a little bit more competent, they could have seen this coming and made rules and obligations clear to everyone right after ESC 2016.

          • Sure, that too. But what I meant was that it is sad that Russia is considered a 100% sure qualifier, no matter what or whom they send.

          • Don’t those rules already exist? If applied that would have meant that 1944 wouldn’t have been allowed. And that is apart from my opinion about Russia, Ukraine, Jamala or who is right or who is wrong.

            • I think that 1944 might be interpreted in different ways. After all, Russia did not deport the Crimean Tartars. That was the stalinist USSR, and Stalin was Georgian. In hindsight I agree that the entry opened a can of worms though. On the other hand, it made clear that neither Russia’s nor Ukraine’s interest in ESC is purely musical. Ruslana, the silly thing, even said so in public the other day …

        • It is a dark moment in Eurovision’s history.

          We should never allow the political issues enter our Song Contest, it was part of the ideology behind creating this wonderful contest, to have a showcase of all different nations expressing music, dance and theatre. ,

          This year I will watch it with abit of sadness, hopefully next year we won’t see another chapter of this drama.

          Positivity and inspiration is what we need, not this drama

  3. Ukraine doing well didn’t allow Cyprus to reach the SC.

  4. Nathan most certainly isn’t a Marco Mengoni. ROFL

  5. 11/11.
    And what a great opponent for Hungary next :P
    PS : I thought (given the online support) Cyprus would have made it

  6. So it’s Netherlands, well… I still prefer Cyprus; that’s a song you can remember.

  7. Unexpected; I was convinced that Cyprus would win. I am happy with this result.

  8. Mehh but expected.

  9. I hoped for Ukraine, but this was expected.

  10. my votes were exactly the other way around :/

  11. Still I believe the Netherlands wíll surprise…

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