OGAE 2017: Switzerland Vote

OGAE – Yesterday the OGAE Club of Switzerland revealed their votes for the 2017 OGAE Poll and it is yet another win for Italy and Francesco Gabbani who extends his lead even further. Switzerland does not come up with any surprises here and vote for the songs agreed on by other clubs.

Switzerland Top 10:

Italy 12pts
Belgium 10pts
France 8pts
Sweden 7pts
Estonia 6pts
Portugal 5pts
Finland 4pts
Israel 3pts
FYR Macedonia 2pts
Hungary 1pts

Overall Top 10:

1st Italy 102pts
2nd Belgium 75pts
3rd Sweden 66pts
4th France 56pts
5th Estonia 55pts
6th Israel 26pts
7th Switzerland 20pts
8th F.Y.R. Macedonia 19pts
9th Hungary 15pts
10th Portugal 14pts

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

44 comments on “OGAE 2017: Switzerland Vote

  1. Pleasantly surprised to see Portugal in the overall top10.
    I wonder when was the last time Sweden missed the ogae top10.

  2. All about the stage:

  3. The guests will arrive soon. Yes, preview night!

    • We are expecting a full report! :D

      • LOL! :-) will your guests represent a typical ESC jury of today?!

      • Favourtites: BEL, FIN, PRT, ARM, ITA
        Other songs that got support: AZE, CZE, CYP, LAT, HUN, NOR, BLR, ISR, FRA, UKR

        Scaringly similar to my list …

      • And btw, everyone went WTF ROFL when Estonia was on. Those facial expressions made people crack up by large numbers. :)

      • Damn. I forgot BGR, which was very popular too. :)
        Other ROFL songs: MNE, ROM, HRV, SMR, LIT
        All in all, Greece was the one that got most negative comments though: “ESC by numbers”, “Generic”, “Dull as dishwater” etc.

        • I understand why Bulgaria is popular. The comments about Greece were to be expected; it’s a waste of a good singer.

          • Indeed. I closed my eyes when Bulgaria was on and it is a beautiful song. It’s Kristian who doesn’t make me hop onto the bandwagon …

            • I agree; the song loses all authenticity.

            • I was a bit surprised by the positive reaction to Israel but think that it can be explained by the composition of semi-final 2. There are so many silly, pretentious, pompous and contrived songs in this SF that you could hear people sigh with relief at hearing an unpretentious fun entry. I also realised that Norway has a fantastic draw. Coming after San Marino and Croatia it felt like a remedy. :)

            • I understand that reaction. Israel is not pretentious and ott. Norway may do better than many expect. Waiting for the rehearsals.

            • At this point, I expect my 5 votes to go to Hungary, Norway, Belarus, Israel and either Macedonia (love the song despite the lukewarm reaction it got tonight but have my doubts about Jana) or The Netherlands (love the ladies and their voices but alas there isn’t much of a song to speak about). I wish that I could vote in SF 1. Well, GOOOO Hungary and Belarus. :)

            • I have not yet reached a decision on how I will vote. The Dutch trio deserves to be in the final, that’s for sure.

            • The trio yes, the song no imo. Well, I’ll have to pick the one-eyed from the blind as we say in German. (Not a pc idiom …)

            • Life is never perfect and is rarely pc. Good night, Togravus. :)

            • Wise words. Gute Nacht, Shevek. :)

  4. The Hungarian entry with English subtitles “Tears of thousands of people are flowing on my guitar”

  5. as much as I kind of like Hungary 2017, will always prefer old Hungarian songs of ex communist contests, here kovács Kati (or Kati Kóvacs she was /is on the jury of “A dal”),

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