Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Brendan Murray (Ireland)

Ireland – Poor Ireland. Despite still being the reigning champion of Eurovision with the most wins under their belt, they have been in quite the slump these past few years. They have not qualified since Ryan Dolan in 2013 so will Brendan Murray take them back into the final?

Song: “Dying to Try”
Music By: Jörgen Elofsson & James Newman
Lyrics By: Jörgen Elofsson & James Newman

About Brendan Murray
Brendan was born in Galway, Ireland in 1996. Murray taught himself to play guitar and took to the streets to gain practice by busking around his home town.
At 16 he left school and joined the boyband Hometown managed by Louis Walsh. The group had two number one singles in Ireland with “Where I Belong” in 2014 and “Cry for Help” in 2015. Their debut self titled album released in 2015 also made #1 in Ireland.
Hometown have supported several artists in the UK such as McBusted, Olly Murs and The Vamps. In 2016 the group disbanded and Brendan was asked to represent Ireland in Eurovision 2017.

X Factor Judge and Pop Manager Louis Walsh has assisted in the internal selection of Brendan Murray and helped choose the song “Dying to Try”. It was co-written by Swedish Song Writer Jörgen Elofsson who has written songs such as “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson, “Fool Again” by Westlife well as ” Sometimes” and “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears. He’s also written for Eurovision Stars such as Charlotte Perrelli, Eric Saade and Guy Sebastian.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)<

Take a leap,
Of faith with me,
If you believe,
That I am yours,
And you are mine,
I know you’re scared,
And so am I.

Cos I know that love can be so strong
And yet so frail,
And there ain’t no guarantee that
You and me won’t fail,

But I’m dying to try.
I’m dying to try.
I’ll keep you safe in my arms
Build a bridge to your heart
I’ll give you it all,
But I’m not going to lie.

Cos no one can promise
That love will ever learn how to fly,
Will ever learn how to fly

Oh but I’m dying to try
I’m dying to try
(I’m dying to try
(No one can promise that love will ever learn how to fly)
I’m dying to try
I’m dying to try
I’ll keep you safe in my arms
Build a bridge to your heart
I’ll give you it all,
But I’m not going to lie.
O cos no one can promise
That love will ever learn how to fly
O cos no one can promise
That love will ever learn how to fly.
But I’m dying to try

Take a leap,
If you believe.

Brendan Murray on Social Media:
Facebook: BrendanMurrayMusic
Twitter: @brendan_m96
Instagram: @brendanmurray96

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

47 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Brendan Murray (Ireland)

  1. You Drive Me Crazy by Britney Spears is one of my all time fave pop songs. I cannot believe it was by the same guy that wrote this godawful song.
    I hate the Irish Song this year. I think only Finland and Malta stop it from being dead last in my list. Just awful

  2. Along with “Playing With Numbers”, my most favourite Irish entry for many years :)
    Good luck!

  3. With Bulgaria and Australia in the young boy sings average ballad pool. Midtable on my list.

  4. I quite like the song. However, after the key change it gets pretty pompous and too
    “big Eurovision ballad”. Not too fond of the singer.

  5. Let’s just say I don’t prefer the “loud” parts of this song. Prediction-wise this could rank anywhere from bottom 5 to borderline qualifier imo. Such an open semi!

  6. It’s all a bit too boy-next-door with his guitar type stuff for my taste and when song lyrics rhyme lie and fly (die, why? etc) it all gets a bit clichéd and desperate, still a whole lot better than last year’s Irish song at least…in the qualifying danger zone IMHO

  7. It starts well enough but then the turbo kicks in and not in the most smooth fashion. I hope his live rendition is good; personally it leaves me cold and I find the whole thing flat and hollow.

  8. I’ve watched the video of “Where I Belong” and now I can see why I didn’t remember him :( He is super nice and it’s not his fault if the song has that awful and predictable key change. Is he having a good impact on Ireland/UK? After all, I suppose that’s his main goal, a great start in his career. :)

    • I must admit I hadn’t actually heard of him before his ESC song but if he’s using ESC to launch a solo career then why not, something like David Bustamante in Spain *coughs*

      • I don’t know, it’s different. David wasn’t part of a boyband before OT, but now he and the rest of the Top 4 of Operación Triunfo are extremely well known in Spain but not because of the ESC song.

  9. I like Brendan mOre than his ballad and his voice. :P

  10. I think he has a very fascinating voice, which I’m also pretty fond of. The song is a pretty nice mid-table ballad. I don’t find it that bad, though not really that good either. It’s definitely an improvement of what Ireland has sent the most recent years (except for “Playing with numbers”). Also interesting to see Jörgen Elofsson doing his Eurovision debut here. It’s been a lot of talk about him to do MF for a couple of years but that never happened. Ireland got him first. Good luck!

    Do I dare say that I also like Ireland 2006? ;)

    • indeed I guess it just adds to the idea of many a ESC fan, that ESC has become a branch of MF and some kind of Swedish mafia/takeover in the end, I mean my Irish cousin Donna, an established Irish singer/songwriter, refused to do ESC due to such influences!

  11. This song and singer leaves me completely cold. Can t really stand this type of songs

  12. So,Russia confirmed that Julia Samoilova will represent them in esc 2018.

    • Honest of them

      • Well,dumping het at this point would look really bad.lol

        • Why not? Many people were quick enough to call Russia cynical when she was firstly selected

          • Hmm.Maybe because if they ditched her at this point it would just verify peoples suspicions that they used her to get what they want?Anyway,let’s wait and see if she does make it to esc 2018.I wouldn’t be surprised if Julia herself announces at some point that she “voluntarily” withdraws from competition.For now,i’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and look forward to seeing Julia in esc 2018.

            • As I understood ESC rules were that if broadcaster didn’t broadcast ESC via their own network the year before they were exempt from participating in ESC the following year?
              or not

            • It’s true there was this rule but now i read fans saying it couldbe optional.I;m sure EBU won’t be penalizing Russia on that.

            • asking you about that rule, of showing previous contests, am guessing myself we wont see Julia in 2018, but some other russian type song/singer based on a win for
              Russia in the end

  13. Svala wants you to know she’s in the US preparing for esc:

    🌸🌸🌸 @jeaneenlund #instafashion #instadaily #eurovision2017 #svala Makeup by @amystrozzi

    Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη SVALA (@svalakali) στις

  14. god luck to her

  15. Cringy lyrics, with a baby voice. I really have a problem with his vocals, which is good, but his voice just screams Justin Beiber before his balls dropped. The songs build-up is just abysmal imo and it turns very OTT in a very cliche way at the end, which I just almost hate really. 2/10 Good luck ireland you are gonna need it I think.

  16. While 2015 was sweet, it was still extremely amateurish and boring at the same time. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 being all GODAWFUL, this is the first Irish entry I genuinely like since “Lipstick”. However “Lipstick” was in my top 10 not sure this one will be. It’s still very sweet, the singer is adorable and the song is a fun schlager ballad, memorable and catchy. Not crazy about it because Bulgaria and Australia do it all better, but coming from Ireland, I’ll give it a boost.

  17. Well i’m a fan of Ireland this year, but i still want Finland to win the whole damn thing. 😎

  18. Ireland deserves to catch a break finally. They keep sending solid/great stuff, and it keeps getting rejected for no good reason,

    Last year the song grew on me, in fact it’s probably the song I listen to most from last year, and I think this year’s is even better. It really captures the mood of innocent love/crush/infatuation. It has a naivety about it.

    Maybe they need a gorilla or something to finally make the final.

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