Eurovision 2017: Semi Final Two Poll Start Over

pollPoll – Last weekend we opened a poll for you to suggest who you thought would qualify from Semi Final Two. Russia were set to participate in this semi and were included into the vote however Russia dropped out Yesterday.
Let us vote again

When the rehearsals start up in the first week of May we will do another poll to see if opinions change based on the Eurovision Staging and choreography. Those in the second semi final are:

To vote, please select this link and select the ten countries you think will join the big five and host country in the Grand Final. I will release the results during the week.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

35 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Semi Final Two Poll Start Over

  1. Current betting odds in semi 2 (To Qualify)
    1. BGR
    2. HUN !!!
    3. DNK
    4. EST
    5. ROU
    6. ISR
    7. SRB
    8. NOR
    9. IRL
    10. NDL
    11. CHE
    12. MKD
    13. BLR
    14. AUT
    15. HRV
    16. MLT
    17. LTU
    18. SMR

    • I voted FYRoM and BLR in instead of NOR/IRL. Austria could do it as well, Norway is a 5-50 case. Same goes to FYRoM and BLR.

    • Not getting “accurate” vibes here.
      F.e I believe Norway doesn’t leave a lasting impression on first listening (it’s a grower) thus I doubt they will qualify this year. Ireland is not what I would consider as a definite qualifier either. They will struggle, especially coming after the big diva screamer Anja whom I’m sure juries will love. Serbia is another borderline case imo (slot#1 hinders their chances). Hungary needs to up its game both visually and vocally in order to achieve that high! Netherlands are defintely in (HUGE juries support, remember Belgium 2011?). I believe MKD are alredy out while BLR could surprise. The 10th ticket could be between AUT and CHE

  2. Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel

  3. Predicted placings:
    1. Bulgaria
    2. Romania
    3. Hungary
    4. Denmark
    5. The Netherlands
    6. Estonia
    7. Belarus
    8. F.Y.R. Macedonia
    9. Israel
    10. Serbia
    11. Norway
    12. Switzerland
    13. Croatia
    14. Austria
    15. San Marino
    16. Ireland
    17. Lithuania
    18. Malta

    I’m not a huge fan of Israel’s euro-pop song, but somehow I sense this might be the surprise-NQ of 2017 (like Same heart in 2014) and instead have Croatia or Switzerland take its place?

    I have done some experimenting, bearing in mind the upcoming 10th anniversary for the current design of FDLC. Eventually after a lot of fun on Keynote and the fact Nick/Patrick are busy with the contest as always, I thought giving the design a breath of fresh air. Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come in FDLC19…

  4. Jacques warming up for the contest on his birthday:

  5. Done: Austria, Romania, The Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia and Israel.

  6. My prediction in random order:

    The Netherlands

  7. Prediction (random-ish):


  8. Also, was just listening to ESC Tips podcast on Semi 1. They think its’ Italy vs. Portugal. I’m starting to see Portugal as Top 5, but I really wonder how the juries will think about it. Many, especially in the East, won’t really find this appealing honestly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this got higher in the televote than juries, funny enough.

    As well, interesting to see Hungary move up in the odds. I think this is the surprise Top 10 entry this year. Will garner a lot of televotes from the East.

    • My very early prediction is that Portugal will end up somewhere like 7th-8th. I think the juries will, as you say, be very divided over it, with some loving it and some not liking it at all.

      And I think Italy is the strongest winning candidate for the moment. Them or Azerbaijan (could it perhaps be a deja vu of the Eurovision 2011 Top 3?).

      • If I had to bet on it I would say Italy too, but I’m worried on its’ jury vote. At absolute minimum it has to finish 4th with the juries (and that’s if it gets a Rybak-esque romp in the televote), and I don’t know if it will do that. So hard to tell that right now.

        I think Azerbaijan could win, but the thing that detracts away from it Dihaj and her performance. If she is too aggressive and in your face, a la Serbia 2016, I think it might fail in the televote.

    • do you have some kind of inside information here?!

    • I also think that Portugal won’t do well in Eastern Europe; there some very positive comments coming from there on YT, but that may mean very little. Portugal will be very lucky if it manages to reach the final top 15, imo. It’s my personal nº1 though. :)

  9. Hope its ok to pick less than 10 songs. To chose 5 is already hard… HGR, Switzerland and Estonia are the only 3 that deserve to be in a final.

  10. I didnt vote for Russia the first time around coz I expected it not to participate. I’ll replay though…

  11. Belarus, Hungary will gain more points now that Russia is out, also I expect a increase of points for Bulgaria, making them the underdog to defeat Italy

  12. Predictation in random order:
    The Netherlands

  13. Bulgaria can win this especially when we consider Russia is out and the Bulgarian singer is half Russian, Russian diaspora can vote for him.

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