OGAE 2017: The Czech Republic Reveal their Votes

OGAE – Today the Czech Republic have revealed their fan club votes with another country getting their first couple of points. One country has not made the Top 10 despite featuring in all Top 10’s up to this point.
Read on to see their votes.

The Czech Republic Top 10:
Finland have received their first points of the year after making it to #9 on the Czech Republican List. Austria now have their second number of points to add to the array but it is bye bye to Sweden who have not placed in the Top 10 here…

Italy 12pts
Belgium 10pts
Estonia 8pts
Romania 7pts
France 6pts
Belarus 5pts
Austria 4pts
FYR Macedonia 3pts
Finland 2pts
Hungary 1pt

Another win for Francesco Gabbani of Italy who still rides high at #1 overall. The current Top 10 is now…

1 Italy 90pts
2 Belgium 65pts
3 Sweden 59pts
4 Estonia 49pts
5 France 48pts
6 Israel 23pts
7 Switzerland 20pts
8 F.Y.R. Macedonia 17pts
9 Hungary 14pts
10 Romania 11pts

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

25 comments on “OGAE 2017: The Czech Republic Reveal their Votes

  1. Finland! :); no Sweden?! Both came as surprises. As expected, ‘Amar pelos dois’ is being ignored (there is no screaming, no dancing and no pretty boys).

  2. it would be France’s fourth top 5 results from OGAE (2nd in 2009 and 2011 and first in 2016)

    • France is currently in 4th place in the still ongoing German OGAE voting too. Estonia is 3rd. *sigh*

      • Oh wow. That totally passes by me. I get why France would be popular in OGAE this year (it’s easy listening pop with a French twist, like Spain often does well in OGAE), but Estonia?!

        • in the end France like Spain, wont ever end up winning ESC in the near future, thus here we end up having to praise eg swedish stuff year after year, for the win, it pisses me off and for my french friends too

          • That’s what people said about Germany and Austria too. Every country can win if they show up with the right song at the right moment …

    • am supposing Italy will definately win televote this year, due to all the polls etc so far, as for the jury vote not so clear but am guessing he will get enough votes, for the win, France would be in the top 10

  3. I almost never liked the votes of OGAE clubs and i find it very interesting that most of the times their top 10 is very similar to each other . But usually in actual voting countries vote very different than their Ogae clubs so i don’t take their votes seriously.

  4. EscNation Poll after almost 2000 voters

    1. ITA 426 p
    2. BEL 420 p
    3. FRA 257 p
    4. MKD (ain’t happening)
    5. SWE
    6. BGR
    7. AZE
    8. PRT
    9. SRB (Nah)
    10. EST
    11. DNK
    12. HUN
    13. CHE
    14. GBR
    15. FIN
    16. ISR
    17. CYP
    18. AUT
    19. GRC
    20. ISL
    21. LVA
    22. AUS (hmmmm….)
    23. NOR
    24. DEU (3 points)
    25. UKR (1p)
    26. ESP (nul)

    • Eliminated countries
      SEMI 2 : BLR, RUS, ROU, SMR, HRV, NLD, IRL, MLT(1p), LTU (1p)

    • We’ll be lucky if we manage to get 3 points … Spain at 0 looks likely though. Ukraine will at least get points from Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. I expect them to end up in double figures. ARM and BLR out won’t happen.

  5. Glad they like Belarus. But these OGAE polls are usually too uniform…

  6. And if you combine both polls, semi 1 among hardcore fans looks like this :
    1. BEL (1st and 1st)
    2. SWE (3rd and 2nd)
    3. PRT (2nd and 4th)
    4. AZE (5th and 3rd)
    5. FIN (4th and 5th)
    6. AUS (7th and 7th)
    7. CYP (9th and 8th)
    8. GRS (8th and 10th)
    8. LVA (12th and 6th)
    10. ARM (6th and #13)
    11. ISL (11th and 9th)
    12. POL (10th and 11th)
    13. ALB (#13 and #12)
    14. MNE (#14 and #14)
    15. MDA (#15 and #16)
    16. CZE (#17 and #15)
    17. SVN (#16 and #17)
    18. GEO (#18 and #18)

    • Semi 2 :
      1. MKD (2nd and 1st)
      2. EST (1st and 5th)
      3. BGR (#3 and #4)
      3. HUN (#4 and #3)
      5. SRB ( #9 and #2)
      6. DNK (#6 and #7)
      6. ISR (#5 and #8)
      8. CHE (#8 and #6)
      9. BLR (#7 and #11)
      10. NOR (#11 and #10)
      11. AUT (#13 and #9)
      12. IRL (#10 and #17)
      13. ROU (#15 and #13)
      13. NLD (#12 and #16)
      15. HRV (#14 and #15)
      16. SMR (#16 and #14)
      17. MLT (#17 and #19).
      17. LTU (#18 and #18)

  7. Off-Topic: Salvador covered hsi song in Spanish and a flamenco style. I’m most shocked about his voice that sounds nothing like him, it’s insane. This man has talent.

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