OGAE 2017: Finland, Hungary and Slovenia Vote

OGAE -Another day another bunch of results on the OGAE Fan poll of 2017. Finland, Slovenia and Hungary have all released their votes today with some countries receiving their first votes of the year.

The Finland Top 10
Montenegro receive their first points from Finland and Estonia get their highest number of points so far being the fan clubs second favourite song of the year.

12pts Italy
10pts Estonia
8pts France
7pts Belgium
6pts Sweden
5pts Portugal
4pts Israel
3pts Hungary
2pts Montenegro
1pt Denmark

The Slovenia Top 10
Austria, the United Kingdom and Croatia get their first points of the year from Slovenia.

12pts Italy
10pts Sweden
8pts Denmark
7pts Estonia
6pts Croatia
5pts France
4pts Cyprus
3pts Israel
2pts Austria
1pt United Kingdom

The Hungary Top 10
Australia and Azerbaijan receive their first points from the Hungarian fan club

12pts Belgium
10pts Italy
8pts France
7pts Sweden
6pts Estonia
5pts Israel
4pts Azerbaijan
3pts Bulgaria
2pts FYR Macedonia
1pt Australia

The Top 10 is now as follows and Sweden have taken over Belgium in 2nd Place.

1st Italy 78pts
2nd Sweden 59pts
3rd Belgium 55pts
4th France 42pts
5th Estonia 41pts
6th Israel 23pts
7th Switzerland 20pts
8th F.Y.R. Macedonia 14pts
9th Hungary 13pts
10th Denmark / Bulgaria 10pts

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14 comments on “OGAE 2017: Finland, Hungary and Slovenia Vote

  1. Rehearsal Schedule

    April 30: From Sweden to Portugal (10.00-17.10) 1st rehearsal
    May 1: From Greece to Latvia (10.00-17.10) 1st rehearsal
    May 2: From Serbia to Ireland (10.00-17.50) 1st rehearsal
    May 3: From San Marino to Israel (10.00-17.10) 1st rehearsal
    May 4: From Sweden to Cyprus (10.00-18.30) 2nd rehearsal
    May 5: From Armenia to Romania (10.00-14.40) 2nd rehearsal
    The Big5+ Ukraine (15.05-19.40) 1st rehearsal
    May 6: From The Netherlands to Israel (10.00-16.40) 2nd rehearsal
    May 7: The Big5+Ukraine (10.00-12.25) 2nd rehearsal
    May 8: Semifinal 1 – dress rehearsal 1 (16.00-18.25)
    Semifinal 1 – dress rehearsa 2l/jury (22.00-00.10)
    May 9: Semifinal 1 – dress rehearsal 3 (16.00-18.10)
    SEMIFINAL 1 – LIVE BROADCAST (22.00-00.10)
    Press conference (00.30-01.10)
    May 10: Semifinal 2 – dress rehearsal 1 (16.00-18.25)
    Semifinal 2 – dress rehearsal 2/jury (22.00-00-10)
    May 11: Semifinal 2 – dress rehearsal 3 (16.00-18.10)
    SEMIFINAL 2 – LIVE BROADCAST (22.00-00.10)
    Press conference (00.30-01.10)
    May 12: Grand final – dress rehearsal 1 (15.00-18.00)
    Press conferences by Big5+Ukraine+JESC (18.10-21.00)
    Grand final – dress rehearsal 2/jury (22.00-01.30)
    May 13: Grand final – dress rehearsal 3 (14.00-17.30)
    Winner’s press conference

  2. I think Bulgary will do far much better than the OGAE predict


    01 pt—-HUNGARY
    02 pts—FINLAND
    03 pts—FYROM
    04 pts—AUSTRIA
    05 pts—BELARUS
    06 pts–FRANCE
    07 pts—ROMANIA
    08 pts—ESTONIA
    10 pts—BELGIUM
    12 pts—ITALY

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