Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on O’G3NE (Netherlands)

The Netherlands – In recent years the Netherlands have been successful qualifying in 2013, 2014 and 2016. This follows eight years of not qualifying so will O’G3NE fail like Trijntje Oosterhuis in 2015 or join Anouk and the Common Linnets in a Top 10 placing?

Song: “Lights and Shadows”
Music By: Rick Vol and Rory de Kievit
Lyrics By: Rick Vol

About O’G3NE
O’G3NE are a girl band consisting of Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol. Lisa is the oldest sister at 22 years of age and Amy and Shelly who are twins were born a year later. The girls have been singing since they were children.
In 2007 they represented The Netherlands in the Junior edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Adem in, adem uit” which they wrote themselves. The finished in 11th place.
In 2008 they released their first album “300%” which was later followed up with “Sweet 16” in 2011. In 2014 they took part in The Voice of Holland which they eventually won. They were the first group to win the show.
After their success on The Voice, they released their third album “We Got This” in 2016 which reached #1 in the Dutch Charts.

O’G3NE were internally selected by AVROTROS and the song that they will be singing as written and composed by their father Rik Vol and Rory de Kievit who is Shelly’s boyfriend. O’G3NE will be performing 7th in the second semi final on May 11th.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Cry no more, cry no more

Though the hallway catches light
it won’t reach the corner where you strongly fight

(Here in the shadow)

At this place they know the game
outside the world will turn and feel the same

(There in the sunlight)

But you are so much more to me
than the one who carries all the burden
I can only hope, once you fly, you’ll be free

you should never

Cry, no more, feeling all alone and insecure
you have been going through these stages
now it’s time to turn the pages

We’re gonna stand in line
and not give up but walk that road
that everybody goes
through lights and shadows

Every time the candle glows
it lightens up the space but no one knows

(Will there be a dark side?)

Every battle’s victory
is a double feeling when you cannot be

(Here in the spotlight)

Cause you are so much more to me
than the one who lifts us on your shoulders
I can only hope, once you fly, you’ll be free

you should never

Cry, no more, feeling all alone and insecure
you have been going through these stages
now it’s time to turn the pages

We’re gonna stand in line
and not give up but walk that road
that everybody goes
through lights and shadows

On a scale of one to ten
you got the biggest score you’re heaven sent
no one will doubt that you’re an angel

So what went wrong this time
hurt nobody, did no crime
what’s with the universe, why you?

Cry, no more, feeling all alone and insecure
you have been going through these stages
now it’s time to turn the pages

We’re gonna stand in line
and not give up but walk that road
that everybody goes
through lights and shadows

O’G3NE on Social Media:
Facebook: OG3NE
Twitter: @og3ne
Instagram: @og3ne

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140 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on O’G3NE (Netherlands)

  1. With their harmony capabilities, they deserved so much better song. Composition is just a mess, mind you, not a hot mess.

  2. The Dutch trio makes this average song soar on stage; they are brilliant live and what they do is not easy at all. The song is builtto make them shine and it does so without being ott. I like it very much. It’s my current nº10.

    P.S. – this is being very underrated by many, imo.

  3. Back in the days while I was watching American Idol etc..I was always into bands they created from the participants…These girls remind me of those times😊
    Although I am not crazy about their song,I really want to see them in the final…They sing in harmony and well

  4. The Dutch Song is in my Top 10. I think it’s charming and will appeal to the public at least

  5. Lovely ladies, great vocals and an average song. I wish that they had better material to excel with but I do understand the reasons why this song is so dear to them for partly non-musical reasons.

  6. It’s a very conventional ballad with corny lyrics although,i respect the fact there’s a personal story behind it.It’s their harmonies that will get them into the final,imo.
    I have notoced that the Dutch entries are usually the more americanized.

  7. What I dislike more than ESC trash are avarage songs that don’t provide any emotions and get forgotten after ESC or even to the end of the show! At the same time I believe that girls will deliver quite well what they have. Last year we had a good example of what good live performance and show can do in Eurovision! Goodlusk to Netherlands!
    My favourite dutch entry so far is Anouk’s “Birds”.
    My number 1 song provided by a female band in ESC remains Serebro’s Song number one!!

  8. Three very good and competent singers. Too bad that the song never really develops and just stays a pretty ordinary big mid-tempo ballad. The really sad thing is that I feel that if they just had changed a few things with it, I would have liked it a lot more. My fear is that The Netherlands are now slowly going downhill after their two great years of 2013 and 2014. Good luck!

  9. A video showing the preparations inside the arena:

  10. @ Shevek (off-topic): You’ll love what this lady has to say on Portugal, Armenia and Sweden:

    • Thanks for the link. I had heard it a few days ago and found her thoughts very interesting and meaningful. I also enjoyed the way she made this video.

      It never ceases to amaze me the way ‘Amar pelos dois’ seems to touch people. There are dozens of covers available on-line made by Portuguese and non-Portuguese people. This Russian guy (I think, I may be wrong) even made an unofficial video of the song:

      This alone has made this season very special for me.

    • A very good review. I agree on almost everything!!!
      F.e CYP and SVN in bottom 2, MDA overrated just for the sax guy, ALB ruining it again with sloppy English lyrics, ISL being indifferent, AUS being too safe and boring, AZE combining indie with mainstream in a very successfull way, Greece’s generic beat in chorus vs lovely verses, MNE being a guilty pleasure this year.
      And of course the love for FIN/PRT and LVA is totally justified !!!
      I only thought she overrates ARM and CZE personally

  11. I genuinely hate the song but have nothing against them. So it’s around 30th in my list

  12. Ok vocally and harmonizingwhise they are superb, however the song is nothing. I really feel the same about this song as how I felt about ”with love baby” from 2011, where the song is completely tailored around their voices, rather then the other way around. You need to have some form of structure and balance and this act doesn’t have any. It’s just 3 girls singing in harmony, thats the only thing I get from this song really. 4/10 for only their voices alone tbh.

    Off Topic: Hope you havn’t forgot about checking out the new game called ”ET Premath 2017”, where we share our views of this years ESC and together create an official ET Pre-Chart! You can find more info here:


    !Disclaimer! The voting will end on the 2 of May (23:59 CET), one week before the first semifinal!

    • How many votes have you got already?

      • 26 so its an offical record hihi ^^ And still one voter can change the overall outcome of the pre-chart, maybe even the winner! ;)

        • 26 sounds good but we have 100+ votes in the TEKO heats. Perhaps the silent readers are hesitant to write an e-mail to a guy they don’t know.

          @ Silent readers: You have my word that Gregor is a lovely chap. :)

          • Hihi thanks Tog ^^ There are couple of silent readers who have voted, but im hoping for more! Btw The alias is the only thing I will use when im revealing the result. Just to make that clear to everyone!

  13. Their voices are sounding way too clean. There is no edge, no dynamics, and as a result, it seems rather impersonal. Moreover, as said it’s a weak song without a clear focus, and the melody is impossible to remember – among other things because of the three-part harmonies: there is not really a melody line to recognize and sing along to.

    I don’t think it will reach the final. People are not likely to vote for a song they have forgotten after ten seconds.

    • In fact it sounds like background music. The musical elements sound like they are meant to not be noticed by the listener.

    • But I think that juries will support it. Plus, considering the big bin semi-final 2 is, can you name 10 entries that are more likely to qualify? I wish that we could keep 12 songs from semi 1 and only 8 from semi 2. ;) LOL

      • The juries maybe, but the question is if they will support it enough to counterweight low points from televoting.

        This, I believe, will be the ten qualifiers from semi 2:

        Serbia, Russia, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel

        • Would you put them in if Russia is out, which I still hope won’t happen?
          Plus, I think that Hungary is a dead certain finalist. On the other hand, I am not sure that Macedonia (Jana is the problem here), Estonia and Denmark will make it. Although, as Hjallis would put it, there is always an audience for gay cruise ship entertainment aka Anja. ;)

    • I remember the melody quite easily.

    • I think if the recap starts at 2:27 (*clapping hands* Cry no more…), they are going to qualify. That part is epic (just that part :( ). I was thinking the same about Georgia before the revamp.

  14. Has anyone reported that the Moscow eurovision party is cancelled?It was the only pre-esc pary Demy would attend.lol

  15. Off-topic: ESC Portugal is reporting that Jacques Houdek will have a very simple stage presention (the source is an interview he gave to HRT). He will wear Hugo Boss and be joined by two musicians on stage. I guess that fancy stage presentation we heard about was discarded.

  16. Clearly many do not understand the song, or are unable to feel the emotions behind it.

    I myself know how it feels, losing a mother to cancer.

    Og3ne are the first act to give me a feeling of understanding, they really hit me in the heart with the lyrics & the energy.

    I sincerely hope that this will be awarded highly at this years Eurovision

  17. See the Dutch song has already done much more that what i expected it to do.Make people share their personal stories.

  18. I kinda like the Dutch song (minus the lyrics) and I honestly believe they are a definite finalist this year. (Remember the 2011 jury support for Belgium?)
    On an other note OGAE CZECHIA is out
    12 : ITA
    10 : BEL
    08 : EST
    07 : ROU !!!
    06 : FRA
    05 : BLR
    04 : AUT
    03 : MKD
    02 : FIN (First points)
    01 : HUN

    No points for SWE.
    ITA, FRA and EST are the only countries being voted by every club so far!

  19. My main issue with the Dutch song is the balance of lyrics to music; it sounds like they’re trying to fit way too many words into the music that’s been written, and it makes enjoying the performance (which is vocally fantastic, no getting around that) difficult for me. I’ll echo Franco’s sentiment and comment that the clapping breakdown into the final chorus is a guilty pleasure moment for me this year lol (hence why I used that part in my top 43 video ;) )

    10.HUN !!!

    • PB wrote that they wouldn’t be surprised to see Hungary challenging the top 5 after Joci’s great performance at EiC. I think that they are a bit too optimistic but I really want Belarus, Hungary, Italy and Portugal to do well this year. Those are the only songs that will be sung entirely in languages other than English, and they are all strong efforts too. In fact, I would love to see all 4 (plus France, which is mainly in French and a good song too) in the top 10.

  21. Health is the most valuable gift in one’s life. So many personal sad stories around here it made me almost cry. I really wish the best for every single one of you and your closest ones. Through hard times like these, we get to realise life is too short to be wasted on fights and bitterness.
    Let’s just put personal disagreements aside and enjoy what we all share in common :
    Our passion for music <3

  22. This is probably the most indifferent of all the 43 entries. I am more than sure that this day next year I won’t even remember the band, the song title, let alone the melody of the song itself. I neither really like it, nor dislike it.
    Good luck!

  23. I know this song will come to Life when you see it on stage.
    They have a story to tell…that’s what this song is all about and made for.
    This is a song you need to see and hear when it is finished on stage.
    This will go to the final, no doubt about that at all.

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