TEKO 2017: Group 7 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in group 7 is closed! See the results of the group with Estonia, Ireland, and Norway!

After three days, people cast 160 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 ESTONIA Koit Toome & Laura – Verona

IRELAND Brendan Murray – Dying to Try

NORWAY JOWST ft. Aleksander Walmann – Grab the Moment

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

“Verona” was written by veteran Estonian composer Sven Lõhmus. After winning Eesti Paul 2017 on 4 March, it will be performed by Koit Toome and Laura in Kyiv! The percentages of the results are listed below.

1st place: Estonia – 76 votes (48%)

2nd place: Norway – 50 votes (31%)

3rd place: Ireland – 34 votes (21%)

This means that Estonia has moved onto the duel stages and that Norway is eligible for the second chance group. Come back tomorrow for the results of group 8!

53 comments on “TEKO 2017: Group 7 Results!

  1. #Proud

  2. I dont even remember voting in this heat..Sad to see Ireland last. TEKO this year is quite dissapointing for me, only Belgium made it of the ones I voted for.

  3. In this heat Estonia was the best among equals. With a 31% Norway will not make it to the SC…

  4. The first surprising results I would say. Estonia was my least favourite out of these three.

  5. Estonia is among my very favourites this year. Total earworm of a tune! The rhythm guitar is very Nile Rodgers, which is always a winner with me.

  6. The first winner I do not agree with.

  7. I hope Koit’s mic hand reaches new epic heights come May!

  8. My vote went to Ireland, so I found this disappointing. But I do like Estonia!

  9. Off-topic, this is Isaiah singing “Don’t come easy” live:

    I think his voice is better than the other two boys. However it does get a bit boring and there is also a certain whininess that the UK song also has, though not on the same degree. Like somebody is complaining (or moaning) about something for three minutes.

  10. well I join Toggie and a few others on my first disagreement. I simply have the three countries ranked the other way around (Ireland > Norway > Estonia).

    12 ITA
    10 SWE
    08 DNK
    07 EST
    06 HRV
    05 FRA
    04 CYP
    03 ISR
    02 AUT (First points)
    01 GBR (First point)

    NO points to BEL, CHE and BGR

  12. Still 24 countries to score.
    Out of 5 clubs, Italy collects four 12s and one 8p

    Current standings :
    ITA 56
    SWE 46
    BEL 36
    FRA 26
    EST 25
    CHE 20
    ISR 14
    MKD 12
    HUN 10
    DNK 9
    BGR 7
    CYP 6
    HRV 6
    BLR 5
    PRT 4
    ROU 4
    AUT 2
    ARM 1
    GBR 1

    AZE and AUS still missing some points

    • Greece is also missing points here as well as in online polling, which can’t be good for this kind of supposedly OGAE-friendly Kontopoulos song (but I believe it has a lot to do with disappointed expectations).

      Is this the first club that doesn’t give points to Switzerland? Lol :)

    • Only ITA, SWE and EST have been voted by ALL 5 clubs so far!
      France as well (not by themselves obviously)
      BGR is not getting the OGAE love we would expect based on betting odds a fact that I find rather interesting…

      • There’s probably a lot of betting manipulation when it comes to Bulgaria. When MadTV is playing their video 10 times a day, you know money has been exchanging hands.

        Bulgaria’s choice of artist is also risky. It will probably turn some people off. Young girls are more precocious, young guys tend to come off as childish.

        • And here’s last year OGAE’s top 10 :
          France – 425 points
          Russia – 392 points
          Australia – 280 points
          Bulgaria – 175 points
          Italy – 170 points
          Spain – 155 points
          Austria – 128 points
          Latvia – 110 points
          Ukraine – 88 points
          Hungary – 80 points

          They only got 5/10 but the actual winner was inside their top 10 (even lower)
          Biggest flops : ESP (#22), ITA (#16) and HUN (#19)
          Spot on : RUS, AUS, BGR
          Underrated : UKR
          Slightly Overrated : FRA, LVA and AUT
          Interesting is the fact Frans missed all the OGAE love still ranked 5th in the actual edition

          • Also, NO ARM(13p), POL(28p), LTU(6p) or BEL(2p) in OGAEs overall top 10 and we all know how it went with these countries in the Final.
            NDL got 0 OGAE points and still ranked #11th in Stockholm.

          • so OGAE overrated italy more than sweden? (joke :p)

          • OAGE members are a bit out of touch aren’t they. They are too ESC to reflect general taste of TV viewers who hear the songs mostly for the first time in the final.
            Quite rightfully betting agenicies don’t pay too much attention to these super fans.

        • ‘Young girls are more precocious, young guys tend to come off as childish.’ Good point. Jüri Poostmann tried desperatly to look older and it all came crashing down to the point of being off-putting. Kostov’s problem stems from the same area, I guess. He and the song are an awkward if not off-putting match. The same happens with the Australian singer but to a lesser extent, imo.

      • so he can do a Frans like result?

  13. I didn’t like any of these songs so I don’t really care, even though this was my least favorite of the three

  14. I voted for Estonia just because I had to vote for someone. These 3 songs are not among the best on offer.

  15. I really like both Norway and Estonia so i’m happy with the result.

  16. CHILE’S votes:


  18. One of the songs that are off the OGAE radar is Armenia that will most likely be top-10 in May.

  19. Something tells me this was the first group decided by the silent majority, given how Estonia was very hit/miss with regular ET members but is a big hit with the fandom at large. Norway got close but didn’t have the same kind of support that Estonia did. Surprised that Ireland didn’t get some kind of boost, though; both countries in the British Isles finished third in their groups after getting the most hype they’ve gotten in a while!

  20. People in Kiev say preparations are less forward than at the same point in recent years

  21. Ruslana will sing “It’s magical” in the opening of the final

  22. OGAE RUSSIA (Shevek will approve :p)
    12 EST
    10 PRT
    08 ITA
    07 MNE
    06 MKD
    05 NOR
    04 AZE
    03 GEO
    02 FIN
    01 CZE (First point)

    No Sweden, Belgium, France and Israel in sight. Not even Bulgaria with Kristian being half Russian!!!
    Portugal (7th) is only 2 points behind Bulgaria (6th)

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