Interview: Robin Bengtsson of Sweden

Interview – At last week’s London Eurovision Party we also managed to grab a chat with Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson who won this year’s Melodifestivalen and the right to represent his country at Eurovision.  He’ll be singing ‘I can’t go on‘ in Kyiv and is currently 3rd favourite to win the contest. 

Listen to what Robin had to say to us…

Thank you to Dimitry for asking the questions.

202 comments on “Interview: Robin Bengtsson of Sweden

  1. Thanks for sharing! I wish him luck and success in his career and life :)

  2. Robin is such a humble,shy and down to earth guy in interviews and then just shines with confidence on stage.

  3. Too much talking about looks and not enough about the song … or those abysmal lyrics. I wish that you had asked what Robin thinks of those.
    Good luck anyway!

    • Excatly what I said on another thread. There is anything else other than conveyors and clothes to talk about.

    • The swedish song’s lyrics are may not be a piece of art but they do fit this kind of song which is basically all about sexual attraction. I think there are much worse lyrics this year, especially Norway’s “I put my nerves in a coffin” which should be included among the worst ESC lyrics ever in my opinion. Croatia and Lithuania also come to mind for their bad lyrics, among many others.

  4. ESC Mike posted this predcition online (it involves Sweden 17):

  5. Dimitri and Robin talk about the obvious. Good luck to him! :)

  6. Off topic:Guess where Ukraine is….

  7. I won’t be surprised to see him winning in May.

    • Neither will I.

    • Neither will I … or anyone else. After all, it’s OMG Sweden. *screams* * faints*

      What I like about the Sweden fans on PB is that they openly admit that they are biased in favour of Sweden. Nice chaps. :)

      • Is HRH Princess Engla among them? :D

      • I have very high hopes that his smudgy make up and sleazee hand signs will aliniate enough viewers and jurors.

        • I don’t have a problem with neither him nor the Swedish entry, tbh.

          • Yeah, I remember that. I have serious issues with Robin. Song and staging are very polished Swedish fare. Have seen better, have seen worse. I think they chose wrong song, and obviously I can’t get over it. I thought I was ok with whatever outcome from Mello as I didn’t have “my heart starts bleeding and my head explodes if this song doesn’t win” type of favorite this year.
            I wasn’t 😃

            • Of course it’s polished; it’s Sweden after all. But not in an annoying way (for me at least) :)

            • I don’t have problem with polished ESC brand called Sweden, quite the opposite. It’s easily my all time favorite country in ESC if not in this century. Still Måns, Loreen and Eric have all got no holds barred support from me starting from MF semis, as would have Nanne Grönvall if she wasn’t robbed already in Stockholm.
              Like I said before, I was happy to by mediocre Heroes because of the stellar polished packing and sexy hot singer. It was perfect festival entry. With different singer I probably would be writing totally different stories about I can’t go on.


    1 pt— DENMARK
    2 pts—MONTENEGRO
    3 -pts—HUNGARY
    4 pts—ISRAEL
    5 pts—PORTUGAL
    6 pts—SWEDEN
    7 pts—BELGIUM
    8 pts—FRANCE
    10 pts—ESTONIA
    12 pts—ITALY

  9. I saw Robin being recieved as some kind of a local hero in his hometown Svenljunga after his victory. He sort of came across as the same kind of guy as here; very shy and humble and not really enjoying the spotlight when not singing.

    His entry is, yes, very slick and very cocky, which I’m not overly crazy about. But it relies on a goddamn effective and straightforward hook which I like. If they just toned down the “Dressmann commercial” thing in his performance, I think I would enjoy it the more. But hey, it’s still in my Top 15 of the year. Good luck to us! :)

  10. Another live performance of Bulgaria:

    • I think we have been assured at this point that Bulgaria won’t suffer from a weak vocal performance this year. Good news for them jury-wise for sure.

  11. I have it at the 27th place at the moment. I have nothing particular against the song, and I can understand its appeal, but it is clearly not a song to leave a lasting impression. That can be said about quite a lot of other songs too.

    There is no way it is going to win. A song like “Heroes” f.e. had more colours on its musical palette, f.e. a studio production with more musical details. There was something to analyze which is not really the case here.

  12. This is interesting: NDR’s official ESC site completely ignores the will Russia participate? issue. They’ve just started their “Who will win?” poll with the line “43 countries will participate in Kyiv in May.”

  13. Gotta love a bit of Robin every now and again, especially those piercing blue eyes. <3 I also did a small experiment of this year's songs. Rather than the typical rankings based on popularity and "usual criteria", I used the following criteria: message of the song, personality of the artist, sentimentality, originality and how I felt afterwards. The results, interesting to say the least…

    1 Portugal!
    2 Sweden
    3 Belgium
    4 France
    5 Australia
    6 Bulgaria
    7 Armenia
    8 FYR Macedonia
    9 Italy
    10 Netherlands
    11 Azerbaijan
    12 Finland
    13 Denmark
    14 Switzerland
    15 Serbia
    16 Latvia
    17 Belarus
    18 Greece
    19 Hungary
    20 Estonia
    21 Moldova
    22 Iceland
    23 Israel
    24 San Marino
    25 United Kingdom
    26 Romania
    27 Norway
    28 Austria
    29 Cyprus
    30 Spain
    31 Germany
    32 Ireland
    33 Poland
    34 Czech Republic
    35 Albania
    36 Montenegro
    37 Ukraine
    38 Russia
    39 Croatia
    40 Georgia
    41 Lithuania
    42 Slovenia
    43 Malta

    I would have liked to seen Finland and Hungary slightly higher, but I feel happy with my results. I wouldn't mind seeing Sweden win, but I feel Portugal and Italy are more deserving of a win in terms of their musical qualities. :)

    • oh wow 7 in common in top 10 and two more are your 11th and 12th! we’re very close this year!

      • Wow that is very close indeed, great minds think alike? ;)

        Let’s hope Europe has got great taste on the night as well. I might be the only one, but I find Finland very underrated amongst the fans as well as the public. Watching the music video is just mesmerising, her vocals are very composed and the piano solo in the middle is perfect. This could easily be this year’s “Silent Storm” and be the dark horse of the night with a Top 10 placing. Pure class Finland, kudos!

        • Yeah I think it’ll be top 10 too (low top 10) with a surprise televote support; on the other hand did you see the live? It’s not as good as the music video, the problem isn’t the voals which were great, but she isnt that charismatic and makes weird faces… I believe it’ll be sorted out by Kyiv!

          • These are my predictions for the Grand Final – Top 10 for 2017
            1. Italy
            2. Belgium
            3. Sweden
            4. Portugal
            5. Bulgaria
            6. Armenia
            7. France
            8. Australia
            9. Finland
            10. Hungary/The Netherlands

            I think Azerbaijan will end up somewhere between 11th-15th on the night (if her vocals are solid), whilst the entry from Romania will be a jury-hater and loved by the tele-vote I can’t see it reaching more than a 11th-15th place in my books. This kid isn’t up for yodelling at all…

            • It’s too obvious a top 5, even top 10: no one had Poland-Lithuania-Belgium as the lower top 10 last year!

            • I see what you mean, I did have Belgium as my 9th last year. I think NL is one of the “non-predicted” Top 10 countries this year, alongside Moldova and Belarus possibly? I doubt Montenegro will achieve a Top 10 result, but Top 20 looks very realistic…

        • I’ve been supportung Finland since the very beginning, It’s my current nº 3.

    • Our top 10s have 5 songs in common: Portugal, Belgium, Armenia, Italy and the Netherlands. It’s very interesting to see Portugal and Sweden as your top 2 songs.

    • We share 6/10 (PRT, BEL, ARM, FRA, MAK, ITA) in the top 10 which is pretty amazing considering our ET/FdlC voting history. :)
      I really like the Dutch song too. :)

  14. It’s insane that Sweden can never be neutral: the pro-Sweden is as annoying as the anti-Sweden in the esc world imo. It’s a fine entry, very catchy, not better nor worse musically (as Anders put it better than I could ever do), and the lyrics while totally empty work for what they needed to do: sexualize the usual love song, and I wish they could have used the “fucking” in it! At least, they don’t try to be smart and fail miserably like Croatia or Lithuania (as usual, I prefer something that’s doing what it does on purpose than the supposedly good that’s awful: for instance, in 2010 I thought the Barbara Dex award should have gone to Ireland, not Moldova!) and Robin doesn’t deserve the hatred: he’s obviously a nice guy, a very competent singer (as seen last year, even if the song this year doesn’t try to show that side of him), and insanely charismatic, cute in a NOT “beautiful” way… An easy 8th for me this year…

  15. I think I am done with the forum for a while – I really need a break, I cannot take all this that’s happening anymore. I may be back for the contest itself I’ll see.

  16. Oh bless his shy heart. Robin is quite dull doh, but he might be very new and nervous towards all these interviews and stuff. The song is ofcourse an ok song, but if this gets close to winning or even wins Im gonna lose hope in ESC..
    Well im feeling less biased towards my own country each year (sigh) The whole formula MF is creating is tbh quite disgusting towards experimental music or different genres in general and I just am soo freaking tired of it.
    Idk like its not ok for me to want our own entry to fail or at least only get a middle table placement.

  17. The overall top-5 of the Finnish preview shows:

  18. Btw. I am working on a top 100 of my favourite Eurovision songs between 1956 and 2016. Think it will be finished in a few days.

  19. Swedish ESC songs in my pantheon:

    1967 + 1996: 12/12
    1995 + 2012: 10/12
    1963 + 1993: 9/12

    There are still severakl ESC countries that don’t have a single 12/12 on my list (highest score in brackets): Andorra (9/12), Armenia (3 times 10/12), Australia (8/12), Austria (10/12), Bulgaria (10/12), Belarus (8/12), Czech Rep. (8/12), Estonia (3 times 10/12), Georgia (twice 9/12), Greece (3 times 10/12), Croatia (10/12), Hungary (3 times 10/12), Lithuania (9/12), Moldova (10/12), Macedonia (4 times 9/12), Malta (3 times 9/12), Montenegro (9/12), Romania (twice 8/12), Russia (10/12), San Marino (9/12), Slovakia (8/12), Switzerland (twice 10/12) and Ukraine (10/12).

    I don’t think why some people still think that I have an anti-Sweden bias, and the fact that they do saddens me a lot. I judge songs, not flags.

  20. The party which Robin’s hometown Svenljunga arranged for him, which i mentioned earlier, included a provisional stage with a giant disco ball hanging from a crane. I always expected it to just fall down on poor Robin.


  21. And “Den vilda” is the best Swedish entry ever. Hands down. No contest. Everything about it is perfect; the composition, the lyrics, the arrangement, the mood, the singing, the performance… Some other Swedish entries are great in one or two of the categories but “Den vilda” is the only one to get a top score for all of them.

  22. Btw, is it… that Dimitri asking the questions?

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