TEKO 2017: Vote in Group 9!

teko-2017-logoTEKO 2017 – It’s time to vote in group 9 of TEKO 2017; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2017. Today, you can start voting in the group of Czech Republic, Italy, and Slovenia!

TEKO 2017 – Group 9

Please listen to the three competing entries:

 CZECH REPUBLIC Martina Bárta – My Turn

ITALY Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma

SLOVENIA Omar Naber – On My Way

To hear the song, click on the respective flag!

The voting:

After listening to the three songs, it’s time for you to vote! Please vote for your favorite out of the three.

Europe (…and Australia…and the rest of the world), start voting now!

UPDATE: The results of this group are out now!

87 comments on “TEKO 2017: Vote in Group 9!

  1. Italy’s been falling down in my rankings and wouldn’t stand a chance against some of my favorites, but they got lucky in being paired with two songs that I really don’t care for at all, one of which is my absolute last place.

  2. well I still like Itally very much. Also like Czec Rep which isnt getting the love it deserves (except Anders and Shevek). Slovenia, sigh, no comment (like Estonia though, they picked one of the absolute worst in an interesting line up for a nf)!

  3. So, two songs destined to bomb versus the one that is more likely to win it all with an artistry nigh unmatched and one of the most spread concepts ESC had in recent years?

    Oof… I predict Gabbani will win with a margin of 80% or more.

    In anotehr note: After all the drama, both ESCly and out, I honestly think we need Gabbani to win. We haven’t had a joyous winner in a while (2009-2010?), and it would mark a big statement in a world going through much controversy and tension,

    • I donr think he stands a chance in the jury vote. He wont do that well in televoting either. A Gabbani victory would probably lead to the biggest quality drop since 2008 probably.

      It needs to crush and burn to send a strong message that esc has finally distanced itself from such entries for good.

      • I mean, he did beat Fiorella Mannoia in the expert jury, so it’s not as tilted towards audience as Il Volo was in 2015. And, proven by other years, Italy can do well in the televote.

        And considering other songs Jury has helped that are on a similar vein (Romania- 2010, Serbia 2011, Moldova-Greece-Cyprus 2012, FYROM 2014, I mean even Sweden 2015 could count as an “upbeat modern”), and even some they have killed despite still having a quality vibe (Finland 2010, Estonia 2015, Austria 2016) Point is #YouNeverKnow with these damn juries, and some of them like to have fun.

        I do as well, being one of my only two perfect 10/10s (the other being Israel). Great use of satirical content paired in a fun package and an improving live. I literally can’t listen to it without smiling, it literally got philosophers smiling and praising too, and in a world currently growing tense and full of draamaa (see what I did there people? :D), sometimes what one needs is 3 minutes of joy taht just happens to also be artistic and quality. And that is a strong message to deliver to the world.

        • But the SR jury was overall not fond of him and I think this will be the case with esc juries. And in esc he will have to compete against entries far stronger than Fiorella’s.

          Il Volo had things working for them. Running order, big vocals, an overall class.

          I cant see how if for example twin twin or rambo amadeus did not set televoting on fire this one will.

          I dont see any relation between Italy 17 and the acts you mention tbh. None of them were that gimmicky and relied on other elements.

          I think the juries have to downvote it if they want yo maintain their integrity.

          To me as I said it is an embarassing pretentious joke entry by the numbers which we have seen in the contest in the past and even done better (see France 08 – the only somewhat intelligent such act imo). I am at the point where I cannot go through it without getting mad and embarassed it competes in esc as I am thinking what a field day all esc critics will have if this wins and how it will be enhance all negative stereotypes attached to the contest.

          The contest needs credible music to win to move forward and this cheap pseudo intellectual joke act is the opposite of that.

  4. Mild spoiler alert, there’s two of my top 10 in this group!

  5. CZE #22
    ITA #5
    SLO #33
    So, Italy gets my vote.

  6. I am not crazy about any of them but just because Italy is highly overrated and Czech Republic is highly underrated I am voting for…
    Çek Cumhuriyeti 🇨🇿

  7. Italy all the way. Still my fave though FYROM is catching up

  8. I really like the Czech song but Italy gets my vote here.

  9. Francesco, of course.

    But hey, Martina has been growing on me and I took her out of the bin and she is now in, somewhere between 10 and 20.

  10. Italy is my nº2 ans the Czech Republic is my nº5 (Belgium has lost its 5th place to Martina). I love both songs, but I have to vote for Italy.

  11. The FFF of the year will win of course but I will give my vote to a great artist who does not need monkeys and an embarassing stage act to cover for an embarassing joke entry to stand out – she does it with her vocals and artistic class. My vote goes to the Czech Republic.

    Good luck Martina :-) !

    • Italy is the most overrated esc country since their return anyway. In TEKO and in esc! But I do love their entries, just, overrated fanwanked on, often!

      • That’s a bold statement. I have only supported 3.5/7 italian entries since their return so far (2011,2012,2015 and 2014 studio version) and I am really worried at the direction their entries are taking the last couple of years (Francesca Micheilin had very little charisma I am afraid) but I d say they got some balanced results so far. Probably a tad overrated in 2013 and a tad underrated in 2012 but other than that they got about what they deserved. “Madness of love” remains their best 21st century entry imo.

      • I love all Italian entries since their return, and the exception are Il Volo of course.


        • I actually like them a lot too, for instance 2011 is my 5th, 2012 my 4th, 2013 my 5th lol. But then again, the insane love Italy is getting from the esc juries is often inappropriate, and televoting for Il Volo is… voilà

          • Ehmmm. If there’s one country getting THE juries love, that’s Sweden….3rd in 2013 says it all. Italy gets pretty fair judgement (see 2014 and 2016).
            And excuse me? Is Italy overrated for winning televoting BY A LANDSLIDE with a song in Italian in 2015? Italy is not winning televoting every year nor achieves steady placements. It all depends on their song. And yes, televoters thought Il Volo should win it and NOT a projection video fanwanked (suspiciously) by ALL juries (top 7 in EACH?)

            • hm. the argument of “hey this one is worse” doesnt stand: i never said sweden wasnt overrated as well (two wins in four years…) or more, and that doesnt mean italy isnt overrated as well…

            • Italy 2015 is in my bottom 10 of that year, it won televote by a landslide for a pompous popera crap, above belgium, latvia, estonia, norway and many more which imo are better, so yes im going to consider it “overrated”, and i stand by that

            • It’s not as if Italy has any televoting power and wins it or enters top 10 every year. (see 2011, 2014, 2016).
              The fact they won it BY LANDSLIDE in their native language in 2015 says it all about Il Volo’s appeal. You may call it crap, millions of people EVERYWHERE even in Northern countries thought otherwise. Besides esc is always about appeal and NOT quality.
              The fanwanked projection from Sweden that year was pretty much basic too imo. It’s another rip off with zero originality composed just to instantly appeal. The fact the focus was based on the projection cartoon says it all really

            • yeah, I’m not saying it didnt have any appeal, I respect it won televote: to me televote was once again voting for craps (Italy 2015, Russia 2016…) and that’s all there is? overrating is rating higher than deserved, the fact it got huge appeal just proves my point if I objectively consider it didnt deserve the landslide it got (again, belgium, latvia, estonia…)

            • Same applies for “Hero” too imo. It got way too many jury votes despite being a rip off. Originality should be taken into consideration from juries. But we all know EBU introduced those imbecile “chart-friendly” jury criteria…

            • yeah, last time Sweden got what it deserved was 2010! 2011-2015 are all overrated imo but it’s definitely more juries than televote (which ignored 2013 and had 2012 only 10pts above Russian granniers!)

            • I agree. Juries getting their knickers in a twist (or even wet) about the Swedish entries year after year is totally ludicrous. I fear that it won’t be any different with this year’s celebration of narcissism without any musical value either.

          • This was probaby your ONLY comment through years I couldn’t disagree more :P

          • ITA2012 has even knocked Rona off 1st place on my list.
            And I don’t mind the juries’ love for the Italian entries. They deserved all the support they got imo. :)

            • I don’t see any extravagant jury support for Italy either. When they sucked (2014) they were ignored, makes sense. However we all remember a totally wtf 3rd place for Sweden in 2013…

            • Italy always gets the result it deserves, irrespective of personal preferences. I fully understand why Il Volo were popular (even if I don’t like the song) and why Francesca failed (even though I love her song). Sweden on the other hand is simply OMG Sweden. *faints* They’ll get away with any cr*p for the time being. Otherwise they’d be back on a plane to Stockholm after the semi-final come May. SWE might be about a lot of things but most certainly not about a good song. I need to add that I really liked Loreen and Frans …

            • That’s what I believe too and that’s why the initial comment from Morgan made me roll my eyes in first place

          • I believe in order for a country to be called overrated there has to be a consistent pattern in their results which i can’t see in Italy’s case:
            2011: 1st and 11th
            2012: 4th and 17th
            2013: 8th and 10th
            2014: 21st and 19th
            2015: 6th and 1st
            2016: 13th and 18th

            Overall,i don’t think those results indicate they’re overrated.Malta f.i is overrated by the juries.

            • Get your hands off lovely Malta. LOL ;)

            • lol!However,they’re indeed overrated.

            • G’night dear Dimi and everyone else who is still around. :)

            • Good night!

            • I dont believe it’s about patterns, it’s about where you belong to where you end… Italy is among the countries people need to love (like most nordics, Russia…) The fact is Italy is the best of the overrated countries, but it still is. I don’t mind being the only one who thinks so and maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it!

            • It’s a totally different thing if you don’t talk about results.The fact that Italy and SR are highly regarded by the fans is true but with the exception of 2014(which was not liked by the way)it makes sense,imo.Anyway,of course you’re entitled to have your own opinion.

            • I actually really like Italy 2014 and never got why it wouldnt get the same love! it’s the only time it got underrated by both juries and televote :/

            • Hmm.I think the song was ok but the live performance awkward.

            • yeah but it made me realise maybe Italy isnt “overrated” as such, but “over the top” in both direction: it’s like we either love it too much or hate it too much…

          • Speaking of the performance of the “La mia citta” in 2014, I actually think it was OK. Well, she was dressed like Julius Caesar or something like that, and one could ask what it had to do with the song, but it was very rock’n roll :-)

            Vocally I have nothing to put on it, and I like the song quite a lot.

          • In any case I prefer it to big overdone dresses and “suffering” face expressions. It had more balls, if you like :-)

      • I really love their entries in 2011 and 2012, and I really liked 2014 and 2016 too. Then there is “L’essenziale” from 2013 which was OK. I have mixed feelings about “Grande amore”, and the song this year annoys me quite a lot.

  12. #3 Italy (but I hate the revamp)
    #33 Czechia
    #43 Slovenia
    Viva los tres :)

  13. My vote shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it won’t have any impact on the result I’m afraid. I can only hope that my second place of the entire year gets the result it deserves despite the low expectations.

  14. As for Italy: I agree that there are some interesting aspects in the lyrics (which is why it is midfield), but I find the music really annoying.

    So is the gorilla he has to have with him on the stage. I guess it is meant to be a humorous part of the staging, but gorillas really aren’t funny. It would be a different story if he had been dressed up as an anteater.

  15. In other (betting) news :
    It seems like Hovig’s performance in London payed off. He is included among the 10 qualifiers right now leaving MDA behind. Poland is the 10th qualifier. Latvia 9th.
    In second semi there’s a big turmoil. Croatia enters the qualifying zone (actually at#3!!!). Switzerland is for the first time in (10th)
    BLR, FYR are out!

  16. Wow, surprising entry from Italy this year! Fresh! Easy vote here as well, didn’t like the other 2 too much.

    • BIG favourite ! Leads OGAE vote and betting odds BY MILES this year

      • Yeah, I heard, now I can see why. :P

      • So did Russia last year…And thankfully we all remember how that went :-)

        • Russia didn’t win OGAE vote last year. France did.

          • But people were already booking hotels in Moscow due to how high he was in betting odds – and let’s not go to the odds debacle after semi 2 last year..

            • I don’t say ITA will definitely win this year but it’s not like it’s going to rank #14 either (your senario)

            • We ll see I guess. I said 12th-14th btw :-P

            • Still 12-14 overall is too low given the huge appeal through web, esc fans and betting agencies. Unless he sucks live (see FRA 11) which I doubt given we’ve already watched him live on several occasions, a top 5 overall is the most plausible senario imo.

            • We are still in the bubble where everything can still be far from reality. And after all this hype may at best represent televoting (and thats not even certain) and 50 % of the vote is jury vote.
              I have no reason to believe juries will rank him high, quite the opposite, so I dont think it will be mathematically possible to get a top 5.
              Bulgaria seems the most plausible winner right now since imo it can win the jury vote easily and get a top 3 televoting result.

            • We only have to wait and see. Unless you wanna bet. I’m willing to stand my ground regarding Italy’s top 5 (overall) this year :)

            • We will see about that after I see some rehearsals on the actual esc stage :-)

            • True. But last year you only dismissed Switzerland’s chances very late despite the signs for another last place in semi throughout the season

            • Does not mean Switzerland deserved it neither did Estonia for that matter. I never dismissed Switzerland’s chances, I just made the mistake imo to bow to online trends and polls – something I will resist this year and that will be reflected in my Q predictions as well :-)

            • Switzerland totally deserved last place last year imo. They didn’t deserve it in 2015 though

            • Well you probably know we disagree on that. Rykka is the artist I am probably following the closest from last year’s esc and I am glad I discovered her :-)

            • Well I do like Hungary too this year (A LOT) but I still realise it doesn’t stand a single chance given the A Dal performance. Sometimes we need to be objective.

            • I dont like Hungary this year but I think you are harsh here. I think Hungary will qualify.

  17. Italy!No competition here.

  18. All three songs offered in this heat are very high in my list.

    01. Italy — 8/10
    10. Slovenia — 7/10
    11. Czechia — 7/10

    I am probably the only one here, that has Slovenia in TOP 10 :-)

    My vote goes to Italy, which is still my number 1.
    I don’t think they will win, though.
    Most likely will finish between fth and 10th place in the final.

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