Interview: Slavko Kalezić of Montenegro

Interview – Whilst at last week’s London Eurovision Party we caught up with Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezić.  He is a Montenegrin actor, singer and songwriter, and will represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song ‘Space

Kalezić has studied at the Academy of Performing Arts at Cetinje, Montenegro and has performed in the Montenegrin National Theatre. In 2013 he competed in series 1 of X Factor Adria and made it to judges houses.

Thanks to Dimitri for asking the questions. Here’ what Slavko had to tell us about his trips to the gym and his plans for Kyiv.

9 comments on “Interview: Slavko Kalezić of Montenegro

  1. Good luck!

  2. I really applaud what he is intending to do but alas, I do not like the song and do not understand the braid gimmick. Vocally he still has to convince too.
    Who is Dimitri?

    • Braided hair is there for whipping/spanking fetishes

    • Dimi has often worked for ESCKaz but sadly is having a year off from ESC this year in Kyiv. We know him well so he was hanging out with us for a lot of the day in London. He volunteered to ask the questions so we were happy to take a back seat!

      • Thanks!
        Btw, I’we just returned from the Pulse of Europe rally here in Stuttgart. I didn’t make friends exactly when I said that I was 100 % pro-EU but that it was easy to be all pro-EU if you lived in one of the most affluent regions of the world. I wonder if there are Pulse of Europe rallies in Greece, South Italy etc …

  3. He seems to know what he is doing; that also implies that he should know that he is a better actor than he is a singer. Good luck!

  4. He’s standing on a balcony overlooking Leicester Square from what I can make out. Seems like a really nice guy. Am sure we’ll get something quite colourful from him in his performance for sure. Good luck.

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