Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Jana Burčeska (FYR Macedonia)

FYR Macedonia – FYR Macedonia have gone for another internal selection for 2017 selecting Jana Burčeska who will perform in the second semi final on May 11th. She will be singing her song “Dance Alone” and will perform 4th between Russia and Malta.

Song: “Dance Alone”
Music By: Joacim Perrson, Alex Omar, Bobi-Leon Milanov &Florence A.
Lyrics By: Joacim Perrson, Alex Omar, Bobi-Leon Milanov &Florence A.

About Jana Burčeska
Twenty-Three year old Jana was born in Skopje, Macedonia. Jana’s career started back in 2011 when she participated in the only ever series of Macedonia’s version of Pop Idol where she finished in 5th place.
A philanthropist, Jana is an ambassador against violence and promotes tolerance towards people with autism, ADHD, spinal atrophy, dyslexia, cerebral paralysis and scoliosis. In 2012 she took on the role of an ambassador for UNICEF.

The writers of the Macedonian song this year belong to an international song writing group known as Symphonix International. They have written songs for global stars such as Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Eurovision Royalty… Conchita Wurst.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Take out my hair, wash off my make up
It’s gonna be a one man show
I got a feel good infatuation
And I’m the only one who knows

I will dance alone
Wherever I am
The rhythm follows
I will dance alone
I’m lost in the sound
Of no tomorrow
I let the pavement be my catwalk
Oh bring the fire on, feel the heat
And all I need to keep on movin’
Is the sound of my heartbeat

I will dance alone
Wherever I am
The rhythm follows
I will dance alone
I’m lost in the sound
Of no tomorrow
I let it go I, I
I let it go wild
I let it go I, I
I let it go wild
I will dance alone
Wherever I am
The rhythm follows

Take me to places that I’ve never been
Show me the faces that I’ve never seen

I will dance alone
Wherever I am
The rhythm follows
I will dance alone
Im lost in the sound
Of no tomorrow
I let it go I, I
I let it go wild
I let it go I, I
I let it go wild

I be dancin’ on my own
Wishin’ you could hold me close…

Jana Burčeska on Social Media:
Facebook: janaboorche
Twitter: @JanaBurceska
Instagram: @janaburceska

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45 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Jana Burčeska (FYR Macedonia)

  1. I love this song. I think it’s really good and the best song the country has sent.
    I’d be gutted if it doesn’t qualify because I think the song is very commercial

  2. The song is not bad, per se, but its live (?) renditions have been below average. Jana and this song do not match, imo.

  3. It is a good song, it has a nice contemporary edge but I find the chorus a bit weak. Jana has puzzled everyone on whether she has been singing live or not though. Her israel performance was fine but she definately has a lot of work to do. I am afraid this may he a fan favourite flop though.

    Good luck !

  4. Jana needs some (a lot of of actually) energy…The song is great and it shouldnt be wasted with awkward stage presence.

  5. I hope she makes a good live performance in May. The song and country deserves it! Good luck Macedonia!

  6. Great song, probably their best together with “Od nas zavisi” but I am VERY doubtful when it comes to Jana’s stage charisma/ vocal ability. With what I’ve watched and listened to so far in preview shows, this will struggle!
    I can’t rank nor give a score to this song before May. I think I will wait for its semi performance!
    Good luck neighbours!

  7. I love the song but fear for the worst once Jana has to perform it live on the big stage. I hope that she has sb helping her with stage presentation issues.

  8. I love it in studio but the live has been weak so far. Also, the fact she comes from a very weak country when it comes to ESC isn’t making qualification an easy road for her. It’s still the best Macedonian entry to date though imo.

  9. Best song of the season IMO
    Best looking singer of the season IMO
    FYRM so far has sent vidually outstanding (for their age groups) ladies btw 2006, 2007, 2008,2012 and now :)

  10. #3 on my list.
    Should I start worry? :(

    Good luck!

  11. Off topic and I don’t know if it has been posted before but this is Demy during her rehearsals and she sounds quite fantastic:

  12. It well crafted, but not particularly original. It uses musical elements from quite a lot of other contemporary songs, and it doesn’t stand out as unique. Moreover the lyrics can’t help leading my thoughts to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. There’s a small resemblance of “Shake It Off” too (the “I – I – I let it go” part).

    • That being said, I believe it will receive a better result than usually for Macedonia. It ought to reach the final, but I clearly prefer something more unique.

  13. Cornald Maas confused Hovig for Omar Naber during the introduction at EiC lol :

  14. Pretty girl :P Don’t ruin it with the staging FYROM! About that, I still like Daniel Kajmakoski :)

  15. I quite like the song although,i don’t know if it’s the best option for a song contest.However,Jana has not delivered so far.Average-at best-vocals and a below average stage performance.I feel this could be a FFF.

  16. FYRoM will most likely follow Cyprus 2012 steps. Atm the songs ranks 12th in my books. I hope they get a great live. If they do, I might rank them higher.

  17. It’s a great song (written by the same team behind Bulgaria’s entry) but it’s not for Jana at all. Autotune, awful performances so far in concerts… I would worry: Fyrom (remember 2014 anyone? AND 2015 OF ALL?!) KILLS its entries live (like Albania does lately, but even worse)

  18. Offtopic: after one week of votings, we’ll get the 15 BoNF finalists soon! Of course prepare to be shocked, surprised, disappointed… ;)

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