Eurovision 2017: Semi Final Two Poll

pollPoll – Last week we asked who you thought would qualify from the first semi final and now we ask you who will qualify from semi final two?
Here we will begin to predict who we think will qualify from the second semi final from what we know about the song production and artist.

When the rehearsals start up in the first week of May we will do another poll to see if opinions change based on the Eurovision Staging and choreography. Those in the second semi final are:

To vote, please select this link and select the ten countries you think will join the big five and host country in the Grand Final. I will release the results during the week.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

55 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Semi Final Two Poll

  1. Current (shocking) betting odds (To Qualify)
    2.HUN (UP)
    3.HRV !!!
    8.SRB (DOWN)
    8.NOR (Doubtful)

    • This whole list has to be some kind of joke..

      • What are your objections? :P

        • Where do I begin ? Croatia 3rd ? Hungary 2nd ? Romania with its Q record only 7th ? Netherlands 13th ? Serbia still higher than Belarus or The Netherlands or Austria after the known performances ? Norway in ?

          If the semi was tomorrow those agents would get bankrupt :-P

    • Someone should tell them that it’s been 8 days since April fools’ day :P
      I mean… Denmark AND Croatia in?!!!

      • Denmark will definitely qualify,imo and Croatia can do it too with their split persona performance but the latter could fail big time with the juries.We shall see!

        • I hope Denmark misses the final once again and so that will make them change their approach on eurovision in general.

          • “I hope Denmark misses the final once again…”

            That sounded a bit harsh, didn’t it? :P

          • Poor Anja. :(
            I think they won’t fail this year,though plus,i doubt they’ll be changing their esc approach because of that.

          • My thoughts on Portugal. I do predict a NQ but I will be torn if they qualify. On one hand I will be happy because it is Portugal and they havent qualified since 2010 on the other hand it will send the wrong message to FdC to continue down that way…I d say an NQ this year will be better in the longterm for them and it will help them change their approach to eurovision.

            • I vastly disagree. There’s nothing wrong with either Portugal’s song this year nor their approach. We need songs in native languages. Thank God this year they’re not only adding to diversity but to quality as well. Portugal will sail through the Final and that’s my 2nd bet this year together with Italy’s top 5! :)

            • Well you know my opinion on the portuguese entry and FdC overall so it’s natural that we disagree. And its not a lingual matter, language is not my problem with Portugal 17.

              Portugal not qualifying is a bet I am willing to put right now to be honest. If it was in semi 2 I d say it stood a chance but I dont see it surviving semi 1 sorry

            • I know you are not dismissing FdC or PRT 17 for lingual matters.

            • Portugal have nth to reconsider on their esc approach.

            • Well I disagree on that. Imo Denmark is the one who has nothing to reconsider.

            • Yes, we disagree.

      • LOL
        Talk about screamadelica 😃

  2. The 4 countries that I think are pretty safe in terms of qualification are Romania, Denmark, Bulgaria and The Netherlands.
    But then the semi is wide open as I can see virtually everyone else in and out for different reasons. I d say Estonia and Israel may have an easier time and Belarus can be unpredictable so I wouldnt hold my breath, same for San Marino with Valentina and Lithuania who has pulled some surprising Qs like 2013.
    Switzerland and Hungary also stand a good chance.

    Then we have the balkans who are well represented here but I am uncertain about them all. Serbia feels more and more underwhelming and by going first it may have a tough time.
    FYR Macedonia starts to feel FFF big time.
    And Croatia ugh…One can hope it will flop but I hate to admit it is in with a chance.
    Malta may be in the toughest spot. Claudia has her passion and great vocals working in her favour but it may not be enough.
    Norway feels very borderline to NQ.
    For Ireland I hope they make it, they really deserve it but its tough to predict. Same for Austria.

  3. In my opinion :
    Definitely in : BGR, DNK, EST, ISR, NDL
    Likely in : ROU, AUT, RUS, HRV, CHE
    Will struggle : SRB, BLR, HUN, IRL, FYR, NOR
    No chance : SMR, MLT, LTU

    • In THAT exact order (which means I leave HUN, SRB and NOR behind against odds). If Russia skips this edition, Serbia is my first alternate.
      A very open semi!

    • We mostly agree I would exchange Estonia and Israel in the certain Q category with Romania though and I would not rule out San Marino or Lithuania.
      Also as much as it pains me Austria is not that likely to make it :-(

      • Romania will be slaughtered by juries. They will be lucky to qualify thanks to televoting support. I doubt they will bother the overall top 5 in semi

      • And of course LTU will be last in semi. SMR 16th at best mainly thanks to her popularity among fans. Her song sucks (again as in 2012)

        • Well Lithuania qualified in 2013 and I thought they would be dead last then so I am not taking my chances here. They always overperform (see last year as well).

          • Last year they went safe and pop. Objectively speaking there was nothing wrong with either their vocals or stage performance. This year they offer a disjointed song with out of tune vocals.

            • The vocals are ok. Lithuania has definite televoting advantages (those 12p from irish televote are certain for example) and it depends on juries from then on.

  4. My wish list for Semi 2:
    Hungary, Estonia, Norway, Belarus, FYR Macedonia, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria and, oh my, there are still two places left. Bulgaria and Israel I guess.

  5. That betting odds are very strange, In 1 semi Cyprus are now in 8 th place and in second semi Croatia are in 3 place ( !!!! ) and FYR Macedonia flop in 12 th place …..

  6. My Semi 1 Prediction would currently look like this

  7. I found it very difficult to find 10 worthy finalists in this semi final …
    As a result I have some really awful entries in, like Denmark f. e.

  8. This is a much harder semi to predict.

    Definite qualifiers: SRB, ROU, HUN, DNK, BGR, ISR
    Definite non-qualifiers: MLT, IRL, SMR, LTU
    Borderlines: AUT, RUS, MKD, NDL, HRV, NOR, CHE, BLR, EST

    I would’ve put Croatia as a definite non-qualifier but recently things seem to be going more in their favor which is terrifying. The borderlines who I think have the best chances of qualifying are maybe Austria, Russia, Netherlands, and Belarus. I think Macedonia could very well be a “surprise” non-qualifier, but it won’t be a surprise if her live performances continue to sound this bad. Also I think Estonia can be another surprise non-qualifier as every non-Eurovision I’ve talked to absolutely hated that song, and it seems like it’s only popular within the Eurovision fandom. Even Estonians hate it. I won’t be surprised if it does qualify though.

  9. Semi2
    Russia (Czech Republic or Switzerland if Russia is out)

  10. In my opinion only Bulgaria, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Hungary and Russia (if they participate) are sure qualifiers from SF2.
    Except Romania and Russia, all others are in my personal TOP 10 of SF2.

    Beside those 6 songs, I predicted Israel, Serbia, Norway and Austria to qualify, but I don’t think any of these entries is sure qualifier, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them (or all four) flop, and somebody else qualifies (Ireland, Denmark or Switzerland, maybe even Netherlands, Belarus or Malta).
    I think that only Croatia, San Marino and Lithuania have absolutely no chances of qualifying.

    Personally, I would like to see Norway, Israel and Switzerland joining the upper bunch of “sure qualifiers” (excluding Romania and Russia).

    I have a gut feeling that Denmark will flop, but I am still not sure if I am being objective here, or it is just my wishful thinking ::-).

  11. Done. This is my prediction:

    Serbia, Austria, Russia, Romania, The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Israel.

  12. 1. Bulgaria
    2. The Netherlands
    3. Russia
    4. Austria
    5. Denmark
    6. Belarus
    7. Israel
    8. Macedonia
    9. Estonia
    10. Norway

  13. My prediction for semi-final 2:

    The Netherlands

    There are only 7 countries that i really would like to see back in the final.

    Austria, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Belarus, and Bulgaria.
    The rest i don’t care..😇

  14. When will we know if Russia is in or out?

  15. What I believe: Serbia, Russia, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel.

  16. Norway
    The Netherlands

    Austria,Croatia or Switzerland could do it too.

  17. I like 11 songs in this semi so I’m going to feel bad for at least one of them :(

  18. My prediction :

    FYR Macedonia

    Dark Horses: Austria, Ireland, Norway, San Marino

    Last Places : Malta and Lithuania

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