Results: Who You Think Will Qualify from Semi Final One

pollPoll – Last weekend I put out a poll where you could select the ten countries you thought will qualify to the Grand Final from Semi Final One. We had 104 responses to the question and we now have the results.
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Some Stats first of all…

  • All of those who responded think that Belgium is a sure bet to make on getting into the final and only three of you have your doubts about Sweden.
  • 85 of those who responded believe Salvador Sobral will qualify for Portugal for the first time since 2010.
  • Only 8 out of 104 think Georgia will qualify. Does this mean you think it is the worse song of Semi Final One?

Your Top 10 qualifiers are in the table below:

What do you think of these results? Accurate? We will be releasing another poll after the first semi finalists rehearse for the second time in Kyiv as staging can make a bad song a success very easily.

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39 comments on “Results: Who You Think Will Qualify from Semi Final One

  1. This looks extremely plausible (and it’s also my exact prediction for the qualifiers). Moldova, Cyprus, or Iceland could possibly steal spots from Poland or Finland I think, though. Also, part of me doesn’t know how Portugal will do with the general audience, as I don’t expect it to resonate with much of the teen/youth crowd, but overall I think it’ll qualify.

  2. It looks accurate if we take in count a combination of televoting and juries. It’s not pleasant to see Greece qualifying instead of Moldova. Now, personal taste, I prefer Czech Republic instead of Belgium, Armenia or Poland but knowing the fact the first is a fan favourite and the massive support to the others, the sweet and pretty Martina will stay in the semi :(
    I think we are 100% sure about the first 5.

  3. Makes sense. I can’t see any of the top 6 failing … unless Blanche falls apart live. The generic song from Greece will probably make it too … but then it becomes really tricky: It’s very close from 8th to 13th place imo. The rest are the no-hopers. I can only imagine the Czech song being a shock qualifier if it gets massive jury support.

  4. It’s a plausible scenario but there are always one or two upsets.Finland,Latvia and even Greece could fail while there’s hope for Cyprus,Georgia,Moldova and Iceland.

  5. I don’tknow if anyone posted this nice recap video of Israel Calling 2017.
    PS:Dino,Jimmie wants to dig a big hole. :-O

    • I don’t fancy him anymore. I believe he is referring to Isiah, Kristian and Brendan.

  6. Cyprus sounds like a plausible qualifier to me.

  7. The first six minus Portugal will qualify for sure. I am still not convinced that Salvador will be in the final. That said, this is a plausible scenario.

    • I’m not 100% convinced Belgium may make it either though I seriously hope I am wrong.(memories of Kate Ryan) I do hope Blanche can pull it together though as I have a feeling the staging will be another cool effort from the Belgian team.
      Latvia needs to sort out their live too, it has been all over the place compared to the studio which is so good.
      I actually think Georgia is better than Poland too, it sounds like a song at least, I can’t even remember how the Polish offering goes although Kasia has got a decent voice to be fair. AM not sure about Greece either though I hope Demy manages to do a good job. The song and staging might surprise me come May.

  8. This is exactly what I predicted. With also ISL, CYP and MDA being borderline cases as well.

  9. This is the newest reaction to ‘Amar pelos dois’ misses the whole song and goes on and on about his looks; he makes an effort though.

    • *; he misses…

    • He’s totally ludicrous. Was “1944” fun and summery? Plus, he thinks that it’s fado and that only women sing fado. ROFL
      People who don’t know at least a bit about music shouldn’t make videos imo.
      At least he thinks that it is a good song …

      • But he is a fan of Suzy what did you expect? lol
        On a more serious note : He does seem to represent a big portion of esc fans (and their ignorance if I might add). I didn’t mind his review cause he didn’t use a harsh language. He just expressed some of his thoughts. I mean it’s not like the first time you get to hear from a hardcore fan that esc contest should be about fun and energetic songs or diva ballads :P

        • Btw, I am watching Wiwi’s interviews from Amsterdam atm. Joci Pápai is such a sweet chap. Artsvik can’t conduct an interview in English. I don’t mind that in itself but if they sing in English, it’s a bit odd imo. How is she supposed to feel what she is singing?

          • Well it’s not as if there’s any deeper meaning in “Fly with me” :P
            Joci is cool. Watched his interview earlier

  10. I voted for those 10 but I always said Georgia should not be written off. What I don’t know is at the expense of whom?

  11. I am one of those 8 voters for Georgia, I believe they will be in the final.

  12. Betting odds currently agree on 9 out of 10.
    They have MDA in and FIN out

  13. It would be interesting to see Greece being left out and with this type of song in particular. I mean, “Utopian Land” missing the final was quite explainable cause it was a “difficult” listening to begin with (leaving the live performance aside), but “Is this love” is a rather popular genre in the ESC universe.
    Anyway, most probably Greece will qualify this year.

  14. I still want to see Lindita in the final

    • You want both Lindita and Tako in the final?Oh my!My nightmare entries in semi 1 along woth Slovenia,

      • LoL…Albanian song was one of my favorites from the beginning…Then they changed the language and ruined it somehow but now I see it is still alive in me😊
        As for Tako’s song….I am not crazy about it but I do not think it is bad as a whole package

  15. Sounds like a very possible scenario. Looking at this, I’d actually say that 8 of these ten finalists feel pretty safe. The countries then battling for the two last spots are – I think – Finland, Latvia, Moldova, Iceland and Cyprus. And then, perhaps Czech Republic could get the 10th place if the juries decided to bomb her with points, but I don’t think that would be enough.

  16. 3 people dont think Sweden will Q? wow

  17. From this 10, I see Latvia and Belgium out and Moldova/Iceland in with Cyprus/Georgia also in with a shot. I can also see major upsets happening in semi1 that will not be predicted not even during rehearsals. And if we want to be realistic, Portugal might also miss the final (even though I agree that it is probably too distinctive to miss – the fact that it is no OGAE material means nothing, Jamala wasn’t either)

  18. Australia is also a far from certain qualifier that may provide a major upset. There are too many eastern countries vying for a spot in the final, their buzz this year is non-existent, they are early in the running order and can only expect certain votes from the UK and perhaps Sweden/Belgium. I think this is a wide open semi.

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