Eurovision in Concert Tonight!

Eurovision in Concert – This year’s annual concert in Amsterdam takes place tonight and will showcase a record number of 35 participants in advance of May’s Eurovision Song Contest. Before tonight’s concert at Melkweg, approximately 200 journalists will attend the afternoon press program.  

The evening concert, which was completely sold out in less than 30 minutes, will be hosted by Dutch Eurovision commentator Cornald Maas and Icelandic singer Selma, who represented her home country twice at the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year’s participants are:

  1. Albania  – Lindita – World
  2. Armenia – Artsvik – Fly With Me
  3. Austria – Nathan Trent – Running On Air
  4. Azerbaijan – Dihaj – Skeletons
  5. Belarus – Naviband – Story Of My Life
  6. Belgium – Blanche – City Lights
  7. Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess
  8. Cyprus – Hovig – Gravity
  9. Czech Republic – Martina Bárta – My Turn
  10. Denmark – Anja – Where I Am
  11. Finland – Norma John – Blackbird
  12. France – Alma – Requiem
  13. Georgia – Tamara Gachechiladze – Keep The Faith
  14. Germany – Levina – Perfect Life
  15. Hungary – Joci Pápai – Origo
  16. Ireland – Brendan Murray – Dying to Try
  17. Israel – IMRI – I Feel Alive
  18. Italy – Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma
  19. Lithuania – Fusedmarc – Rain Of Revolution
  20. Macedonia – Jana Burčeska – Dance Alone
  21. Malta – Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly
  22. Moldova – Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma
  23. Montenegro – Slavko – Space
  24. The Netherlands – OG3NE – Lights And Shadows
  25. Norway – Jowst – Grab The Moment
  26. Poland – Kasia Mós – Flashlight
  27. Romania – Ilinca & Alex – Yodel It!
  28. San Marino – Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson – Spirit Of The Night
  29. Serbia – Tijana Bogićević – In Too Deep
  30. Slovenia – Omar Naber – On My Way
  31. Spain – Manel Navarro – Do It For Your Lover
  32. Sweden – Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On
  33. Switzerland – Timebelle – Apollo
  34. Ukraine – O. Torvald – Time
  35. United Kingdom – Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You

It is the 9th consecutive year for Eurovision in Concert, an initiative by a group of Dutch Eurovision fans, and is now seen as the leading promotional event prior to the Eurovision Song Contest. Doors will be open on Saturday at 19:00 (CET) and the concert starts at 20:10 (CET).

Artists have been arriving in Amsterdam since yesterday. The two happiest representatives looked pleased to see each other again. Manel from Spain and Nathan from Austria…

There will be an official after party with the following artists performing: Nathan Trent (Austria), Manel Navarro (Spain), Timebelle (Switzerland), Kasia Mos (Poland), Robin Bengtssons (Sweden) and TamaraGachechiladze (Georgia).

The official website can be found here: www.eurovisioninconcert.nl

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208 comments on “Eurovision in Concert Tonight!

  1. If you see a panda hat in the vids… that’s me.

    I’d come up with a full report but it’s almost 3am and I’m exhausted. Needless to say I had fun. Nathan is adorable. Manel is sweet. And everyone seemed lovely.

  2. If i have to say a good word about Ireland it’s that Brendan is ny far the best looking of the 3 boys singing ballads and he seems to be a very likeable guy.

  3. Ok, I am going to comment only on the internally selected ones:

    Armenia: Such power in her singing and the Jamala influences seem now to extend to her dress sense. She is flying to the final.

    Austria: The charisma alone is taking him to the final. Well done.

    Azerbaijan: Not terrible but not a great live either. She seemed to pick up steam towards the end, but overall far from convincing and not very natural on stage.

    Cyprus: He was quite good actually! The first semi plot is getting thicker and thicker…

    Czechia: When nobody cares about the song, go out naked on stage. Nothing she does will save her.

    Israel: Along with Francesco, the only one who really got the crowd going. He is going to do very well.

    FYRoM: She seems to have improved her singing but the heavy use of the backing track is still quite iffy and suspicious. She is one of the most graceless presences on stage…

    France: The stage presence is still not there 100% yet but she has definitely mastered the singing part. Like Amir, she may not win but she will go far.

    Bulgaria: His singing is always quite adequate and does the job. But you can tell from the crowd reaction that this is far from the favourite the bookies insist it is.

    Montenegro: His singing also seems improved. I wish he stopped wagging that ponytail around.

    Serbia: Like Dihaj I think her singing lacks power and does not succeed in grabbing the audience’s attention.

    Ireland: Likewise, this got across as a little boring. Problems with the high notes.

    Holland: Slick, polished and completely souless. Jury fodde playing in front of the home crowd.

    San Marino: They do the job competently and he works out a lot. Other than that…

    Winner of the night: Francesco’s tight pants. Oh my…

    Is Demy, Yulia and Jacques the only ones we haven’t heard live yet? I think so…

  4. On 3 bought songs:

    Serbia – Tijana could be singing her weekly shopping list; she does not relate to the song at all; she does not even semm to like it. She sings it decently live.

    Macedonia – they’ve written a song, then they came across a beautiful young woman and they put them together as if it were easy. It is not. It just does not work live, I’m afraid.

    Cyprus – it’s a decent song and G:son seems to have taken the time to look for a singer who could perform it and sell it well on stage. I was positively surprised. It was money well spent after all. Well done, Hovig. Going up on my list.

    Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Finland, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Malta, Israel, Ukraine and especially the Netherlands were above average last evening.

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