Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Fusedmarc (Lithuania)

Lithuania – With the help of Donny Montell, Lithuania made the Top 10 in Eurovison 2016. Their first time back in the Top 10 since 2006 when hey were represented by LT United (6th Place can you believe it?). This year duo Fusedmarc have been chosen and will perform in the 2nd Semi Final.

Song: “Rain of Revolution”
Music By: Denis Zujev, Viktoria Ivanovskaja & Michail Levin
Lyrics By: Denis Zujev & Michail Levin

About Fusedmarc
Fuesdmarc consists of singer Viktorija Ivanovskaja and Guitarist Denisas Zujevas. They formed in 2004 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Their bio on their Facebook page describes…

“Work of Fusedmarc is not an experiment but a fusion of maturity, true emotions, and inspiring energy. Every concert is a unique audiovisual experience, a no-compromise combination of different musical genres, bold arrangements, unpredictable vocal explosions and conceptual video installations”

The group have performed in various countries around Europe including Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Greece. Their staging in Kyiv is sure make interesting viewing.

As is the way in Lithuania, their national selection was eleven shows of public and jury voting with Fusedmarc emerging as eventual victors. They beat runner up Aistė Pilvelytė with six extra points after winning both public and jury vote. Their song is co-written by the duo with Michail Levin.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Life like roller coaster
Spinning me around
Breathing getting faster
When i’m upside down
Changes striking through me
With a speed of sound
There’s no need in green light
Nothing stops me now

Making a start making a start making a start
And let the light shine through me
Figuring out meaning of love
Breaking the rational views and narrow limits

Now i’m getting closer to you
Feel the rain of Revolution
Now i’m getting closer to you
There’s no time for your illusions (now)

Looking for the reasons
I’m still on the road
If i gotta stop and choose yeah yeah
Feel i’m gonna travel again

Making a start making a start
Making a start and let the light shine through me

Dance to the
Rhythm of the soul / of your soul (X 8)

Now i’m getting closer to you
Feel the rain of Revolution
Now i’m getting closer to you
There’s no time for your illusion (now)

Fusedmarc on Social Media:
Facebook: Fusedmarc
Twitter: @fusedmarc
Instagram: @fusedmarc

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25 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Fusedmarc (Lithuania)

  1. No information online about this group st all. Even their FB page is vague.

    This song doesn’t seem to be getting many comments this year but I really like it. It’s better in studio than live though

  2. Oh my, Lithuania is in last place in almost every poll I have seen. I fear that they’ll come last in their semi-final too. The song is so messy and inaccessible …

  3. This is just painful.
    #41 on my list.

    Btw, I wonder for how long will they keep this dreadful preselection format.

  4. I like some aspects of this song, parts of the orchestration and of her vocals. The ensemble is very messy though – 38th place on my list.

  5. With 3/10, this is dead last on my list.
    Only the orchestration is good.

  6. There is something about this entry. It is unusual and does seem to meander but it is very different. While it may not be a personal favourite I don’t think it should be so readily dismissed. Lithuania have had a habit lately of pulling off some reasonable results (ie at least making the final) with decent enough stagings of rather poor songs really and I think this year could be just like that once again.
    Anyone spot the ABBA song in this post? ;)

  7. I just don’t understand them, the song, the purpose of all that. I don’t. I’m sorry.

  8. They wanted to have something unique but failed miserably

  9. Although I do tend to favour inaccessible songs and despite some good funky values orchestration-wise, Rain of Revolution seems to be a lost case this year. I also prefer the studio version.
    #15/19 (cause all of RUS, ROU, SMR, HRV are really weaker imo)
    Good luck!!!

  10. Well, one could at least say that it doesn’t sound like any of the other entries this year which speaks to its advantage. I quite like the funk elements of it, but they are not put together well. As a whole it comes across as a big mess. The melody is very weak. Especially the chorus is annoying and shouty, and she is off-key at “getting closer to YOU”. Also I’d prefer real brass instruments rather than synth imitations (make me think of the infamous “Celebrate” from 2004).

  11. I can just repeat what everyone has said already. The song is just a shouty mess, but with the brass elements being the only charming thing, I’d like to add. The worst Lithuanian entry since “Nomads in the night”, and in my bottom 5 of this year.

  12. Originally I thought this was terrible, but it’s kinda a guilty pleasure now.

  13. This is such an interesting entry, cause she is very talented, but she uses her talent in the wrong way imo. Its way too ott and the ”ye ye ye” parts really annoys me. But and its a big but ;) the song is quite good imo and with some pointing direction for the artist this could be a contender to qualify. I hope they will change her appraoch as I want to be surprised, but anyhow, good luck Lithuania!

  14. “Spotlight on Fusedmarc (Lithuania)”

    Let’s… better not spotlight them, lol.

  15. This entry is BOMBASTIC! In positive way..I ADORE it actually, and I dont care for ppls reaction.. :D Her energy is PHENOMENAL, it gives me life seriously! :)))

  16. awful in every way, #42 because of Croatia but if Croatia has an “ok” live, then it could fall to last!

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