TEKO 2017: Group 4 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in group 4 is closed! See the results of the group with Greece, Poland, and Russia!

After three days, people cast 154 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

 GREECE Demy – This Is Love

POLAND Kasia Moś – Flashlight

RUSSIA Julia Samoylova – Flame Is Burning

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

“Flashlight” was written by Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Pete Barringer, and Kasia Moś herself! After winning Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 on 18 February, it will be the Polish entry Kyiv! The percentages of the results are listed below.

1st place: Poland – 82 votes (53%)

2nd place: Greece – 57 votes (37%)

3rd place: Russia – 15 votes (10%)

This means that Poland has moved onto the duel stages and that Greece is eligible for the second chance group. Come back tomorrow for the results of group 5!

118 comments on “TEKO 2017: Group 4 Results!

  1. Congratulations, Kasia and Poland!

    So far, every song I have voted for, has won its heat :o

  2. I think that Belarus is still leading the best 2nd list. :)

  3. She’s honestly so pretty

  4. Congratulations to both Kasia and Demy !

  5. Expected. Greece going through to the next stage is not unexpected either; there will always be a ‘market’ for this type of music in ESC.

  6. No surprise here. I don’t really like any of them.

  7. I’ve just been to my local supermarket and they played AUS17 on the radio there. Pushing Australia in ESC in full swing once again?

  8. So far all of my favorites in each heat have prevailed! (Y) Really like the Polish entry this year!

    Off topic: Hope y’all have checked out the now online ET premath of 2017, where we all here on ET share our views of this years ESC to create an official ET pre-chart, check it out here: https://eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/a-small-contest-preaftermath-2017/

  9. As expected, an easy win prevented by an insane amount of “love” for Greece (the song or the flag?)

  10. I’m perfectly aligned with TEKO results so far. 4/4 :)

  11. I absolutely hate you. All of you.

  12. Guys why i have the fear of a terrorist attack the days of the Contest in Kiev ? :/

  13. on/off topic, a good friend reminded me of a famous British TV series, which i kind of remember as a child, in which a class of various nationalities/stereotypes were trying to learn English: greek/italian guy were hot for the French/Swedish girl, German version

  14. German woman kind of ended up wih braids and stereotype too

    • 1 Portugal
      Salvador Sobral
      Amar pelos dois
      2 Azerbaijan
      3 Belgium
      City Lights
      4 Bulgaria
      Kristian Kostov
      Beautiful Mess
      5 Italy
      Francesco Gabbani
      Occidentali’s Karma
      6 Australia
      Isaiah Firebrace
      Don’t Come Easy
      7 FYR Macedonia
      Jana Burčeska
      Dance Alone
      8 Sweden
      Robin Bengtsson
      I Can’t Go On
      9 Iceland
      10 Finland
      Norma John
      11 Ireland
      Brendan Murray
      Dying to Try
      12 France
      13 Czech Republic
      Martina Bárta
      My Turn
      14 Belarus
      Historyja majho žyccia
      15 Latvia
      Triana Park
      16 Hungary
      Joci Pápai
      17 Serbia
      Tijana Bogićević
      In Too Deep
      18 Austria
      Nathan Trent
      Running on Air
      19 Poland
      Kasia Moś
      20 Armenia
      Fly With Me
      21 Germany
      Perfect Life
      22 Ukraine
      23 Norway
      feat. Aleksander Walmann
      Grab the Moment
      24 Cyprus
      25 Malta
      Claudia Faniello
      26 Denmark
      Anja Nissen
      Where I Am
      27 Moldova
      SunStroke Project
      Hey, Mamma!
      28 Romania
      Ilinca feat. Alex Florea
      Yodel It!
      29 Albania
      30 Russia
      Yulia Samoilova
      Flame Is Burning
      31 Switzerland
      32 United Kingdom
      Lucie Jones
      Never Give Up on You
      33 Israel
      Imri Ziv
      I Feel Alive
      34 Spain
      Manel Navarro
      Do It for Your Lover
      35 Slovenia
      Omar Naber
      On My Way
      36 Estonia
      Koit Toome & Laura
      37 Netherlands
      Lights and Shadows
      38 Georgia
      Tamara Gachechiladze
      Keep the Faith
      39 Montenegro
      Slavko Kalezić
      40 Greece
      This Is Love
      41 San Marino
      Valentina Monetta
      & Jimmy Wilson
      Spirit of the Night
      42 Lithuania
      Rain of Revolution
      43 Croatia
      Jacques Houdek
      My Friend

    • I hadn’t realized i like Russia,the UK and Croatia that much.Oh my.

    • This is my top 20 (some of the results are weird; I am very tired so I may have made a few mistakes along the way):
      1 Portugal
      Salvador Sobral
      Amar pelos dois
      2 Italy
      Francesco Gabbani
      Occidentali’s Karma
      3 Armenia
      Fly With Me
      4 Czech Republic
      Martina Bárta
      My Turn
      5 Belarus
      Historyja majho žyccia
      6 Azerbaijan
      7 Belgium
      City Lights
      8 Moldova
      SunStroke Project
      Hey, Mamma!
      9 Netherlands
      Lights and Shadows
      10 Austria
      Nathan Trent
      Running on Air
      11 Hungary
      Joci Pápai
      12 Finland
      Norma John
      13 France
      14 Germany
      Perfect Life
      15 Estonia
      Koit Toome & Laura
      16 Ukraine
      17 Latvia
      Triana Park
      18 Bulgaria
      Kristian Kostov
      Beautiful Mess
      19 Albania
      20 Iceland

    • I never thought Toggie is a bear! Who is the skinny guy in his gravatar? His BF?

    • This is what I got:

      1. Portugal
      2. Czech Republic
      3. Armenia
      4. Belgium
      5. France
      6. Belarus
      7. Iceland
      8. FYR Macedonia
      9. Cyprus
      10. Finland
      11. Latvia
      12. Ireland
      13. Norway
      14. Australia
      15. Serbia
      16. Estonia
      17. Malta
      18. United Kingdom
      19. Hungary
      20. Bulgaria
      21. Austria
      22. Azerbaijan
      23. Poland
      24. Italy
      25. Ukraine
      26. The Netherlands
      27. Sweden
      28. Spain
      29. Germany
      30. Moldova
      31. Denmark
      32. Switzerland
      33. Israel
      34. Romania
      35. Slovenia
      36. Georgia
      37. San Marino
      38. Greece
      39. Albania
      40. Russia
      41. Lithuania
      42. Montenegro
      43. Croatia

    • It took me 183 battles to end up with identical (as in the list in my profile) top12 and bottom 9 !!! :P
      Comparing the two lists, the highest climbers are: Norway (from 26 to 18) and… Israel! (from 34 to 28), whilst the biggest drop is for France (from 18 to 22).

  15. Random post of the day:

  16. PB readers voting after 1034 sets of votes:

    1 Italien Francesco Gabbani: Occidentali’s Karma 5421
    2 Belgien Blanche: City Lights 4362
    3 Frankreich Alma: Requiem 4054
    4 Schweden Robin Bengtsson: I Can’t Go On 3455
    5 Portugal Salvador Sobral: Amor Pelos Dois 2650
    6 Ungarn Joci P’apai: Origo 2623
    7 Ukraine O.Torvald: Time 2400
    8 Moldawien SunStroke Project: Hey Mamma! 2301
    9 Estland Koit Toome & Laura: Verona 2229
    10 Israel IMRI: I Feel Alive 2208
    11 Schweiz Timebelle: Apollo 1714
    12 Aserbaidschan Diana Hajiyeva: Skeletons 1678
    13 Montenegro Slavko Kalezic: Space 1620
    14 Mazedonien Jana Burceska: Dance Alone 1540
    15 Zypern Hovig: Gravity 1540
    16 Finnland Norma John: Blackbird 1319
    17 Weßrussland NAVI Band: Historyja Majho Zyccia 1266
    18 Australien Isaiah Firebrace: Don’t Come Easy 1230
    19 Niederlande O’G3NE: Lights and Shadows 1134
    20 Serbien Tijana Bogicevic: In Too Deep 1057
    21 Deutschland Levina: Perfect Life 1049
    22 Armenien Artsvik: Fly With Me 1029
    23 Bulgarien Kristian Kostov: Beautiful Mess 1010
    24 Rumänien Ilinca ft. Alex Florea: Yodel It! 987
    25 Georgien Tamara Gachechiladze: Keep The Faith 954
    26 Norwegen JOWST: Grab The Moment 937
    27 Österreich Nathan Trent: Running On Air 934
    28 Lettland Triana Park: Line 803
    29 Großbritannien Lucie Jones: Never Give Up On You 744
    30 Dänemark Anja: Where I Am 735
    31 Albanien Lindita Halimi: World 641
    32 Island Svala: Paper 632
    33 Tschechien Martina Bárta: My Turn 526
    34 Kroatien Jacques Houdek: My Friend 519
    35 Griechenland Demy: This Is Love 508
    36 San Marino Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson: Spirit Of The Night 491
    37 Irland Brendan Murray: Dying To Try 353
    38 Polen Kasia Mos: Flashlight 342
    39 Spanien Manel Navarro: Do It For Your Lover 297
    40 Slowenien Omar Naber: On my way 258
    41 Russland Yulija Samoylova: Flame Is Burning 205
    42 Malta Claudia Faniello: Breathlessly 167
    43 Litauen Fusedmarc: Rain In Revolution 50

  17. Find the songs:

  18. In an interview with NDR Nathan Trent said that Italy was his favourite song this year. (Sorry guitar …)

  19. Makes sense, I think my favourites have won in every group so far.

  20. Btw, that trip to Israel alone is worth trying to get to ESC … :)

  21. Meanwhile, several new versions of ‘Amar pelos dois’ keep being posted on-line; this is a rather good one:

    Lys Assia two favourite sings are the Italian and the Portuguese entries.

  22. NAVIBAND accepting Artsvik’s challenge:

  23. Lys Assia’s Eurovision favourites — 2017

    United Kingdom
    San Marino
    Czech Republic
    Macedonia (FYR)

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