Israel Calling: Watch Tonight’s Show Online Now

Israel Calling – This year’s Israeli pre-party is underway in Tel Aviv and the 28 artists in attendance have been doing press today. Tonight is the live concert and you can watch it online from 20.00 (CET) on their Facebook page hereDana International (Israel (1998 & 2011) s expected to perform too. 

Let us know if you’re watching the show and what you think of the performances below…



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78 comments on “Israel Calling: Watch Tonight’s Show Online Now

  1. Serbia :

  2. Armenia : She tries I will give her that but unless the staging is REALLY effective I am quite unsure she can sell this quite hollow song even with the quite good vocals she delivered tonight. Again it felt after the first 25 seconds that there’s just..nothing there. Her stage movements were also pretty awkward.

  3. Ireland : He pulled through. I am happy with this performance.

    Serbia : I dont think she has the charisma needed to deliver this song. Her vocals were not bad exactly but felt unpleasant at parts.

    FYR Macedonia : I ll stand up for her here tbh. Yes the chorus was not there 100 % vocally but the verses were on spot and she is just so comfortable and natural on stage.

  4. I have to give it to Austria, I like the developing trend of relatable, communicative, genuine people full of enthusiasm on and off stage they send the last years. Nathan can pull a Zoe result wise imo. All this contegious energy is so refreshing !

  5. Offtopic, BoNF 2017 has finally its own ET page, and you’ll also find in the comments my personal 15 fave songs of the season: https://eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com/about-5/morgans-stuff/bonf/bonf-2017

  6. Dihaj is singing one of my favorite song…This video is from 5 years ago when she was a jazz singer…Some may find interesting

  7. Tell me how this will qualify?

  8. Good singer, lame song

  9. Where are the dancers? 😎

  10. San Marino : I liked it. The vocals were there, I like their energy and chemistry on stage. After what happened in 2014 with Valentina ruling out a Q here from semi 2 is not a wise thing imo.

    Israel : Yeah it was not good but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt due to the earpiece problems. But that’s an one time excuse.

    Lithuania : I still dont get it much. It is not bad, there is something memorable and the performance yesterday was not bad but it feels chaotic.

    Switzerland : No major observations here. Quite flawless, Miruna delivers big time yet again.

    Georgia : I feel it will steal a Q place in semi 1 over a better song tbh. She is very strong vocally.

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