TEKO 2017: Vote in Group 4!

teko-2017-logoTEKO 2017 – It’s time to vote in group 4 of TEKO 2017; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2017. Today, you can start voting in the group of Greece, Poland, and Russia!

TEKO 2017 – Group 4

Please listen to the three competing entries:

 GREECE Demy – This Is Love

POLAND Kasia Moś – Flashlight

RUSSIA Julia Samoylova – Flame Is Burning

To hear the song, click on the respective flag!

The voting:

After listening to the three songs, it’s time for you to vote! Please vote for your favorite out of the three.

Europe (…and Australia…and the rest of the world), start voting now!

UPDATE: The results for this group are out now!

42 comments on “TEKO 2017: Vote in Group 4!

  1. Just an organizational note about the Russian entry, given the fact that its status in the contest is still in limbo:
    – If nothing happens, then we’re good (obviously).
    – If the entry is pulled in or after the duel stage, then it’ll just be an automatic win for whatever country it’s against.
    – If the entry is pulled in the group stage (during voting or if it wins), then the runner-up will take the spot for group 4 in the duel stage.

  2. Not a huge fan of any of these three (one in particular, which I won’t be Russian to listen to again any time soon 😜). Poland gets my vote though!

  3. Nothing spectacular here. Even if I don’t have Greece in last place on my list it sort of feels like a last place. Well, Romania’s yodelling and Tako’s scary hair saved Demy from last place on my list. Russia is rather syrupy but I can’t help being drawn towards the positive, optimistic and slightly anthemic fragility the song has. Nevertheless, Poland has the only song I would not feel embarrassed about if I had to show it to my non-ESC friends and thus Kasia gets my vote.

  4. Its tough between Poland and Greece, I really like both songs but Kasia has a slight edge so that’s where my vote goes.

  5. #17 Poland
    #27 Greece
    #30 Russia

  6. Poland, even though it’s my 34th :/

  7. I don’t really like any of them, but the Polish song has a bit more nerve, so it gets my vote.

    But I have something much more interesting in store if I get Poland in FdlC 19…

  8. #11 Poland
    #14 Greece
    #39 Russia

    Powodzenia Polska !!!

  9. #37, 19, 39.
    Polska gets my vote.

  10. Don’t like any of them really, guess I’ll go for Poland.

  11. Noone votes for Greece except me…you will get a landslide haters LOL

  12. Although I always prefer ballads to cliche dance songs ,Russian and Polish songs bore me to death😖

  13. Լեհաստան-Lehastan :)

  14. Not a very strong group.My vote goes to Poland.

  15. Poland for me too, not a strong group though

  16. I am not exactly a fan of these songs. Greece has the most tiresome chorus of the season, Russia is very non-descript, whereas Poland sounds like something I could listen to once in very long while. Poland got my vote.

  17. Greece is far from stellar, but I think it gets bashed a bit too much and unfairly round here.
    Yeah, chorus sucks, but it’s still highly professional take on ESC unlike so many hopefuls.
    It will be in top 10.

  18. Btw, I think that Poland’s entry is the only song I haven’t hummed or sung this season. It’s probably not a very memorable song.

  19. My vote went to Poland. Greece is ok too. On Russia I almost fell asleep, it’s like a sleeping pill especially at these hours, lol.

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