London Eurovision Party: Live from the Press Event

London Eurovision Party – The press event for tonight’s Eurovision in London is well underway with several artists mingling with the gathered press delegates. We’ll bring you some interviews soon, but in the mean time here’s some photos of the day… 

Nathan Trent from Austria has such an infectious smile.

Slavko from Montengro is, as he might say, slaying the room.

Finland’s Norma Jean had the giggles trying to record a jingle for Radio International with JP but eventually go there to a round of applause after several takes.

Alex Florea from Romania demonstrated to the room how he really cannot yodel…

Nicki French (UK 2000) has several dresses ready for tonight’s show!

9 comments on “London Eurovision Party: Live from the Press Event

  1. Thanks for the fotos hulluna!

  2. Slavko really is a character … In the first picture he looks like a slut having morning coffee in her favourite cardigan. Love oh love ♫♪♫
    Soup is boiling … :)

    • I didn’t know him before, but I recently saw some of his interviews, and he seems to be very inteligent and warm hearted person. And very down to earth.
      Go, Slavko! :-)

  3. wiwiblogs interview with Kristian Kostov:

  4. Nathan is adorable !

  5. Slavko,you will freeze in that top honey…

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