London Eurovision Party: Live from the Press Event Part 2

London Eurovision Party – The press event at today’s London Eurovision Party is now over and the show has just started, but here are just a few more photos of some of this year’s representatives and former Eurovision stars from this afternoon.  

It was lovely to see Conchita back!

Alma from France was looking radiant.

Her and Kasia from Poland were pleased to meet up again.

Francesco from Italy was very much in demand with the press.

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251 comments on “London Eurovision Party: Live from the Press Event Part 2

  1. OMG Jana Burceska playbacked in London! :/

  2. FYROM’S performance is on too and all I get to listen to is the pre-recorded track…

  3. wait, some people seriously think Bulgaria’s typical esc and heard before but Estonia isnt? kss…

    • “Verona” is the most traditional Eurovision song this year according to Eurosong DK.

    • If we were talking about this 5 years ago I d say Bulgaria is far too alike a music piece achieving success outside esc but I feel like with the contest attracting more and more music that can exist the day after the final, “Beautiful Mess” is just a continuation of that trend.

      In terms of more “by the book” esc entries there are some that copied all the negative stereotypes related to the contest (Italy, Montenegro) and then there are those, like let’s say Georgia or Estonia that do assemble some very “eurovision 101” elements but are able to float IMO at least due to some e.g. lyrical meticulousness in Estonia’s case.

  4. GOOSH how this Anja from Denmark is annoying to me, I can’t describe it with words, I get desire to throw empty plastic bottles at her while I watch her performance, especially when she starts screaming like crazy somewhere towards the end.. LOL :D

  5. Oh,FYROM looks disappointing.Not just because it was playback but i didn’t like her on stage.It could be a FFF.

  6. The bookers are killing Belgium atm.

  7. I’m on the minority who likes Denmark and Anja was really good tonight!

  8. And now FYRoM tied at 10th place.

  9. Expected vocals from FIN, MLT, ROU and NOR.
    Also CZE was warm enough.
    Alma improved on her stage confidence.
    Levina was more than ok too.
    Anja still screams her lungs out, breathlessly

  10. Jana Burčeska to the crowd :
    “You know the song right? Will you sing along? Cause I’m kinda tired, I don’t know if I can sing”…


  11. Omar sings his new “polished” version. I wonder how it feels to come back in esc having to face a possible 2nd elimination once again?

  12. I think the piano solo is what may take Finland to the final after all.

  13. Only Albania and Sweden missing from the uploaded videos

  14. Biggest winner of the night is definately Nathan Trent. Bucketloads of charisma, he just shines on stage.

    Blanche and Kristian stood their ground well. Blanche served her introverted artistic style very well in a very fussy environment (betting odds can say whatever they want – they hardly decided the result last year when they had Ukraine falling rapidly after the semi for example..).
    Kristian was very good vocally as well and he has a charming, modern stage presence.

    Lucie and Anja both delivered exceptional performances. I d dare to say 2 of the best performers this year.
    Anja’s vocals are world class, she really deserves much more after esc.

  15. Robin rocks!

  16. I just watched Blanche again and it was fine.Not perfect but singing this kind of song in front of an audience in a bar i wonder what else she could do.She did look a bit out of place but with all the esc staging and with the instructions she will be given i hope it will work fine.

  17. The esckaz videos are closer to the stage.This is Blanche who starts off shaking(poor girl)but becomes more confident as the song builds up:

    • This sounds better. Let’s see how it develops on esc stage.

    • This is not her stage for sure. I am still very happy with her vocals. But this is what you get with Blanche nothing more nothing less. That’s her style of peforming, that’s what she sells on stage. Very introverted young girl that catches everyone’s attention with those unexpected vocals. And I think that’s what fits “City Lights”. I really dont know what everyone expected tbh.

      • She’s visibly stressed out at the start of the song but she becomes a bit more confident after the positive feedback she gets from the audience.I hope that she will perform the song in front of a live audience more to gain more confidence.

    • She can’t sell it at all. She’s just there saying the words. The song is somewhere outside of her.

  18. Comments on other performances :

    Levina and Martina are just so good live. Levina’s live vocals are at a level where I wonder truly if its live or playback – it does seem to sing live though. Martina has such a warm personality and stage presence..and the vocals just on point tonight.

    Alma gets the award for most improved. She seemed quite at ease and the vocals were there as well.

    Claudia Faniello invests so much emotion accompanied by great vocals and these are the biggest strenghts of Malta this year – I dont know if it will be enough to get them to the final.

    Latvia and Norway both have songs that fit the club environment of the venue for the party and really get a boost there. I want the singer of Triana Park a tad more focused personally though.

    Robin just slays the pack. On point performance and comfortable stage presence even without the slick choreography. Top 5 material.

    Norma John were very good per usual but this is another song I dont feel like it fits the club-esque environment and close contact with the audience of this party.

    Manel tries really hard to sell his song in the best way possible but I am afraid it just feels…off and underwhelming.

    Jana seems to get a lot of online criticism for apparently not singing live. I also tend to think that was the case. She needs to work on her stage presence for that kind of song for sure though.

    Kasia was good but I felt I could not hear her that clearly amidst all the noise.

    Montenegro is..montenegro. It can do little to nothing to be saved. Slavko’s not quite competent vocals do not help mucj either.

    Italy is as embarassing as ever…I would walk out in protest if I was there if I saw all this mockery of the contest essentially on stage.

  19. Here comes that time of the year (well, spring break, and with that me having BoNF time)…

    So through the season I put some songs on “keep” and then looking back at all songs in all NF/Internal selection, I kept 85 songs on keep this year, with almost every country having at least one: Albania (3), Armenia (1), Austria (1), Azerbaijan (1), Belarus (3), Belgium (1), Bulgaria (1), Czech Rep (1), Denmark (2), Estonia (9), Finland (3), France (1), Georgia (4), Germany (1), Hungary (4), Iceland (8), Ireland (1), Italy (1), Latvia (6), Macedonia (1), Malta (1), Moldova (1), Norway (2), Poland (2), Portugal (5), Romania (1), Serbia (1), Slovenia (3), Sweden (9), Ukraine (7)

    Then I needed to rank these 85 songs to keep the 30 BoNF semifinalists. Always a heart breaking decision. If I only pick my favorite love songs of the year, I only get around 20. So when I open up the last ten spots, I always can’t decide: I try to keep personal quirks out (so Ireland didn’t make it, though I do <3 it knowing its flaws… on the other hand, Armenia's got such a big response I put it in, while I personally don't like it). I also try to keep as much diversity as possible, both in terms of songs, styles than countries.

    85 Georgia Tornike Kipiani & Giorgi Bolotashvili You are my sunshine
    84 Iceland Erna Mist Pétursdóttir Skuggamynd
    83 Belarus Nuteki Take my heart
    82 Moldova Sunstroke Project Hey mama
    81 Germany Axel Feige Perfect life
    80 Estonia Carl-Philip Madis Everything but you
    79 Malta Crosswalk So simple
    78 Romania Maxim feat. Nicolae Voiculet Adu-ti aminte
    77 Portugal Pedro Gonçalves Dont walk away
    76 Ukraine Melovin Wonder
    75 Estonia Karl-Kristjan Kingi & Whogaux feat. Maian Have you now
    74 Albania Dilan Reka Mos harro
    73 Austria Nathan Trent Running on air
    72 Georgia The Mins Crime
    71 Belarus Vladislav Kurasov Follow the play
    70 Finland My First Band Paradise
    69 Ukraine Aghiazma Synthetic sun
    68 Finland Lauri Yrjölä Helppo elämä
    67 Albania Franc Koruni Macka
    66 Sweden Ace Wilder Wild child
    65 Slovenia Zala Đurić Ribič Lalalatino
    64 Portugal Inês Sousa Se o tempo não falasse
    63 Serbia Tijana Bogićević In too deep
    62 Estonia Angeelia Maasik We ride with our flow
    61 Albania Genc Salihu Ketu
    60 Iceland Aron Brink Þú hefur dáleitt mig
    59 Ukraine Roma Veremeychik & Lumiere Make it real
    58 Latvia Up One by one
    57 Iceland Arnar Jónsson & Rakel Pálsdóttir Til mín
    56 France Alma Requiem
    55 Estonia Almost Natural Electric
    54 Portugal Beea Ao teu olhar
    53 Slovenia BQL Heart of gold
    52 Sweden Mariette A million years
    51 Iceland Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir Bammbaramm
    50 Latvia Franco Franco Up
    49 Hungary Zävodi + Olivér Berkes #háttérzaj
    48 Sweden Nano Hold on
    47 Latvia The HiQ Taju ot lyubvi
    46 Iceland Aron Hannes Emilsson Nótt
    45 Hungary The Couple Vége van
    44 Estonia Lenna Kuurmaa Slingshot
    43 Latvia Triana Park Line
    42 Belarus Navi Historyja majho žyccia
    41 Sweden Boris René Her kiss
    40 Iceland Júlí Heiðar Halldórsson & Þórdís Birna Borgarsdóttir Heim til þín
    39 Georgia Asea Sool Nature
    38 Poland Kasia Moś Flashlight
    37 Portugal Fernando Daniel Poema a dois
    36 Denmark Mercury calling Big little lies
    35 Estonia Elina Born In or out
    34 Sweden Les Gordons Bound to fall
    33 Ireland Brendan Murray Dying to try
    32 Norway Jenny Augusta I go where you go
    31 Latvia Crime Sea Escape

  20. Manel just had to go and ruin one of my favourite songs this time period didnt he ?

    Watching some interviews before sleeping. I am developing a serious crush on Nathan I have to say :-)

  21. Only ballads work live on stages like London…If I were Blanche would have lip-synched just like Jana did…
    I think we should all wait for the rehearsals

  22. What’s the point in taking part in an event like this if you are not planning to sing live?!

    Anyway, judging from the comments I’m now kinda worried for my third most favourite song this year.

    • It’s a question of perspective imo. We fans wait for live performances but for the artists itself it’s more about getting into the mood, meeting other participants and marketing, I guess. At the end of the day, having performed in those club venues won’t help you once you set foot onto the huge ESC stage with all its technology.

      • I guess you are right.

      • It won’t help you, but contestants who can sing live definitely miss no chance in showing it to fans, as Kristian, Nathan, Francesco and Robin all did.

        • You forgot all the ladies who had fine live vocals. ;) :)

          • I don’t think the ladies had as much of an impact last night, even though some of them like Kasia Mos and Levina are fine singers and Alma put up quite an effort and has visibly improved.

  23. This is Demy actually singing live in “Rising star” last night, even though it’s not her ESC entry but an older Kontopoulos hit of hers that she duets with one of the contestants. She looks like a million dollars in that pink dress:

  24. even Spanish can laugh at themselves when it comes to such talent shows and Eurovision (despite Spanish fan “aggression” notoriety!! :-() the performer , Sílvia Abril, is a famous comedienne here in Spain, ooohoh way..oh :-(

  25. One cannot extrapolate much from last night performances, because the context is completely different from the one of the actual show. That said, the fact that Jana did not sing live is not a good sign at all.

    • you are right. as always, as we know from experience such shows don’t really represent what happens in ESC and are mainly for the hardcore fans, to be honest I feel sorry for Manel Navarro as viewing his performance I realise most of the audience were either not interested/talking among themselves and to let you ,as he is from Catalonia (Sabadell) a friend of a friend of his family is worried about his participation in ESC, (and from journalistic sources), and all the bullshit around his participation in ESC, I think worse for him, as I understand, is that he was led to believe he’d win both Spanish NF and ESC, with a fantastic song etc and now reality bites and he’s bottom of every poll , and obviously seeing that on a daily basis it must hurt , when you have good intentions about your future, I blame TVE /and TOP 40 journalists for everything above and have told them so of course!! :-)

    • Maybe she was feeling under the water…
      She will eventually have to sing it live…waiting for the rehearsals pasionately

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