Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on O.Torvald (Ukraine)

Ukraine – After a delay in the series of Spotlights we return with the host representative O.Torvald who will be performing in the Grand Final on May 13th. After their success last year, the Ukraine decided to have the public and jury select their Eurovision Song.

Song: “Time”
Music By: Zhenia Galych & Denys Miziuk
Lyrics By: Kamenchuk Yevhen

About O.Torvold
Formed in 2005, O.Torvald formed in Poltava, Ukraine and consists of members Yevhen Halych (vocals & guitar), Denys Myzyuk (guitar & backing vocals), Oleksandr Solokha (drums), Mykyta Vasylʹyev (bass) and Mykola Rayda (piano & DJ).
O.Torvald have toured with successful rock band around the work including Linkin Park, Evanescence and The Rasmus. They have released seven albums within their 12 year career including their most recent “#ourpeopleareeverywhere” which was released in 2016. “Time” is the only song the group have sung in the English Language.

O.Torvald were selected to represent the Ukraine by beating off 5 other finalist including runner up Tayanna. At time of writing, Ukraine are 23rd favourite to win Eurovision. O.Torvald will be performing at the London Party tonight.

(Taken from 4Lyrics)

Slow down
Give me some time
Turn down
The volume of your cry
Let,s take time to find
A place without violence
Let’s listen and hear
The true meaning of silence

Time to look
Time to see
Time to find
Time to look into your eyes
Time to find truth
Time against the lies
Time will give us a sign
I can make a promise
It’s our time to shine

Just listen
Take a look around
Stop missing
The things you haven’t found
You will realize
There’s no common ground
There’s no compromise
Between the time and sound

Time to look
Time to see
Time to find
Time to look into your eyes
Time to find truth
Time against the lies
Time will give us a sign
I can make a promise
It’s our time to shine

Time to look
Time to see
Time to find
Time to look into your eyes
Time to find truth
Time against the lies
Time will give us a sign
I can make a promise
It’s our time to shine

O.Torvald on Social Media:
Website: http://o-torvald.com/
Facebook: O.Torvald
Twitter: @otorvaldband

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

21 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on O.Torvald (Ukraine)

  1. We’ve just discussed UKR17 on the other thread and here comes the official one. Rock music is always more than welcome in the pop, ballad and electro line-ups we get year after year. The song isn’t anything groundbraking but a decent effort imo. I have a slight issue with diction and live vocals here but the hot lead singer makes me forget about those soon enough. In my first ranking, “Time” was in my top 10 but the song has dropped to 11th place now.

  2. I acknowledge that this may not be top notch stuff in terms of this specific music genre, I still enjoy it though.
    #13 on my 2017 list.

    Second year in a row that I like the Ukrainian entry.

    Good luck!

  3. Tayanna would have been a better choice! I don’t like it!!!

  4. It is stylistically related to songs like Georgia 2011 (no rap though). We are in the nu metal-inspired universe once again – which is a genre I usually dislike. I don’t like either Linkin Park, The Rasmus or Evanescence, and since these are the main sources of inspiration, I cannot relate to it.

    Unfortunately this is a very uninteresting composition with an uncharacteristic melody. If anything, there is some catchiness in the chorus, plus the instrumental part after the second chorus is pretty good too. But I’m tired of Eurovision songs containing the word “shine”. Topic-wise it enters an area that has too many examples in the contest through the last few years.

  5. Ukraine’s effort this year :
    (+) : Adding to diversity, Great show
    (-) : Basic pop rock lyrics, Bad chorus and weak vocals
    I really want to enjoy this more, but I can’t. Pity cause they had better stuff in their National Preselection to choose from. (Panivalkova, Illaria, Vivienne Mort to name a few)
    Good luck Ukraine!!!

  6. when they say Rock and Ukraine the first thing I remember is Okean Elzi that I remember! Btw that watch on the t-shirts of the guys remindes me of one of my faviourites song of the band:

    Unfortunatly both the song and the performance are quite underwelming and uninspired! Anyways goodluck to Ukrane!

  7. Decent song; good known live rendition. 18th place on my list.

  8. They do love alternative slightly political entries at home, dont they? (the choice of Kyiv already, instead of Odessa…)

    It’s not a good song, but it’s not bad. Just boring and typical. The live is corny and over the top but that should give them a bit of a boost to not be ridicule at home like Austria and end around 15th.

    A big meh, as it was the better song in the final of 6, as Ukraine picked only awful craps for the final and ignored Letay, Vivienne Mort or Monochromea, all 3 being in my top 30 of the year.

  9. If we speak songs with the title “Time”, I can think of at least two songs that are much more interesting than this: Pink Floyd (1973, from The Dark Side of the Moon) and David Bowie (also 1973, from Aladdin Sane). There might be many others.

  10. I’m predictably basic and I love this song xD It’s nothing groundbreaking but I like everything they’ve done with it so far, and I’m glad that it’s in our lineup.

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