Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Artsvik (Armenia)

Armenia – One of the first countries to select their Eurovision artists, Artsvik was selected to represent the country. Later her song “Fly with Me” was internally selected and the Armenian entry was born. Artsvik will be performing 16th in Semi Final Two on May 11th.

Song: “Fly With Me”
Music By: Lilith Navasaryan & Levon Navasardyan
Lyrics By: Avet Barseghyan & David Tserunyan

About Artsvik
32 year old Artsvik Harutyunyan was born in Armenian but at five years old, her family moved to Moscow. After school, Artsvik studied to be a speech therapist and psychologist at Moscow State Pedagogical University.
In 1992 Artsvik decided to pursue music after being influenced by Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard and in 2012 she took part in The Voice of Russia making it onto Team Pelageya but losing out at the Battle Rounds.

The Armenian Singer was decided using Depi Evratesil which was a show based on The Voice where teams headed up by coaches all of which had taken part in Eurovision previously. Artsvik was on the team led by Essaï Altounian (Armenia 2015) and won the show beating runner up Marta. “Fly with Me” was written by the wife/husband team Lilith & Levon Navasardyan who were behind the 2016 entry with Iveta Mukuchyan. Lyricist Avet Barseghyan, was behind the 2009 entry “Jan Jan” by Inga and Inush.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Wanna tell a story,
About a girl with history.
Take it from my heart it’s gonna be your beat,
Take it from my soul it’s gonna be your heat.

Many colors and shades,
So many voices to embrace,
All around.

Many stories and tales,
She took it all into her space,
Hear the sound.


Over deeps over hills,
She casts her wings and now it feels,
Love is one.

Flying high she became,
A sun who’s love and light’s the same,
For everyone.

Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
Never stop believing that love will take us high.
Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
Never gonna stop believing that love’s for you and I.

Love, love is one

Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
Never stop believing that love will take us high.
Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
Never gonna stop believing that love’s for you and I.

Artsvik on Social Media:
Facebook: artsvikofficial
Twitter: @artsvikofficial
Instagram: @artsvikofficial

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20 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Artsvik (Armenia)

  1. This is a much more interesting song, especially due to the creative “orchestration” (if that word makes sense in a mostly electronic universe).

    It has however dropped a bit, mostly because the vocals sound too clean and soft. They clearly lack some power and dynamics, some edge if you like, but I imagine it will improve live in that respect. Also, the intro promises very little in that it sounds like too many contemporary songs. Just take the very first two notes in the melody. Rather overused in the last few years.

    Fortunately the music gets much more interesting after the intro. Especially the rhythmic aspects are very intriguing, as are the instrumental ostinates (repeated figures). Some fine ooh’s in the background too.

    9-10/12 and still in my top 5.

  2. Fan n° 1 calling. Go Artsvik!

  3. Agree with Anders about the begining! Time wasted on the intro I would use to add one more chorus we have at 1:45-2:05. What I like here is that all the team standing behind it are folks. Here are the guys who created this music/video/lyrics . Unfortunatly there aren’t subetitles but there are some behind scenes if you wonder.

  4. I need more time with this. It does sound fresh in an esc context but also rather disjointed. I’m not a fan of the singer nor the lyrics though.

  5. I had faith since she was selected (that doesn’t matter but I had to say it :P).
    Voice: Yes. Song: No. Armenia knows how to perform the songs so I’ll wait optimistically. Last year I had the same feeling so it might be a good sign, who knows? It was very dissapointing at first.

  6. I like Armenian song better than last year although it sounds a bit incomplete just like “Lovewave”
    I think the language and the artist choice are the shortcomings of this year’s Armenian entry.Although Artsvik seems like a good singer who can deliver anytime/anywhere I don’t believe she is “the one”for this song when it comes to singing style and charisma…

  7. Casual viewer reviewing all the songs from this year’s contest. Also, I think it’s really interesting to see how some countries respect the contest way more than others. I feel like the end results will resemble something along the lines of her favorites/least favorites.

  8. I love the melody, the orchestration and the video and that is rare as far as I am concerned. I hope that the live rendition is just as good. 4th place on my list.

  9. I dont like it. It feels over the top, over producted, cold, synthetic and while I usually love some cold electro this sounds written for Eurovision in a bad way. It’s not hateful or anything, I just don’t really like it.

  10. Artificial stuff for ESC only, i don’t get the point of this entry…it’s among the last on my list for 2017 sadly…

  11. At this point, this is borderline perfection: the song and the video. Love it. Non ESC fan friends of mine have been totally wooed intot it’s charms as well. Same as with Portugal. Looking forward a proper and grand stage spectacle. Go Artsvik! Go Armenia!

    • OMG Hjallis very soon we are going to hear Boy Kostov live in Lonon!! OMG OMG, so excited! :/

      • He will deliver, because he is this year’s pop sensation and ESC is just his launching pad for grrat career in eastern hemisphere. I will be following that and remember where the star was born. I have deep respect for Bulgaria. They have dine marvelous job. Belgium should take notes. I’m sure they could have found moody teen, who can actually sing to do it.

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