Eurovision 2017: Semi Final One Poll

pollPoll – So, last week the final running order of the Semi Final’s were revealed by the EBU and NTU.
Here we will begin to predict who we think will qualify from the first semi final from what we know about the song production and artist.

When the rehearsals start up in the first week of May we will do another poll to see if opinions change based on the Eurovision Staging and choreography. Those in the first semi final are:

To vote, please select this link and select the ten countries you think will join the big five and host country in the Grand Final. I will release the results during the week and the poll for Semi Final 2 will go up next weekend.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

62 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Semi Final One Poll

  1. Qualifiers of semi 1
    Greece (I prefer Cyprus)
    Poland ( I prefer Czech Republic)

  2. Slovenia’s official video:

  3. Current betting odds (To qualify) :
    1. SWE
    2. ARM
    3. AUS
    3. GRC
    3. BEL
    6. AZE
    7. PRT
    8. LVA
    9. FIN
    10. MDA
    11. POL
    11. CYP
    13. ISL
    14. GEO
    15. SVN
    16. MNE
    17. ALB
    17. CZE

  4. It’s a difficult one, but I will give it a try.

    Will most likely qualify:
    Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Cyprus, Armenia, Latvia

    Will probably not:
    Albania, Montenegro, Moldova, Slovenia

    Unsure about (two of these should be in then):
    Georgia, Australia, Greece, Poland, Iceland, Czech Republic

  5. I went for these 10 songs:

    Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Moldova, Cyprus and Armenia.

    Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Azerbaijan and Armenia will most probably all be in the final.

  6. These were the 10 I thought would qualify: Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Greece (boo), Poland, Moldova, and Armenia.

    However, I could see Moldova, Finland and (unfortunately) Portugal failing to qualify. Maybe to be replaced with Cyprus, Latvia, or Iceland.

  7. So btw as most of you know I did a kinda statistic game last year called ”The Aftermath”, where we all gave our top 10 of the season and mashed it up into an official ET ranking. I promise you this year I am bit more prepared and it will probably be held in September. I wanted to create a distinctive period of time after ESC as to give people time to process the outcome and give me a ranking that is far less influenced by the result of this years contest. Another reason is that after the contest the Fridas is right around the corner and after that the ETSC editions are held, so in conclusion there wasn’t that much space to play with.

    Now a bird came and told me that maybe it would be fun and interesting to do a ”Premath”, where we all here on ET give our official pre top 10s of this years contest. It will then be interesting to see the difference between the Pre and Aftermath to see which act failed/succeded the most according to us.
    Now we do have TEKO of course, so thats why I was a bit reluctant to the idea at first, but TEKO is a bit more luck based and some generally good acts usually fail early, because of the random draw. The pre-Math will probably give us a very different result then in TEKO and maybe even give us a different winner :O

    So if you are interested, please give me some feedback on it. Its much appreciated ^-^

  8. Bold prediction in no specific order:

    Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Moldova, Armenia and Latvia

    • Moldova and Latvia are the ones that could be replaced by other songs (Finland and Iceland first and foremost in that case methinks).

  9. Also Belgium’s qualification can be very tricky if the live doesn’t work

  10. Definite qualifiers:

    Definite non-qualifiers:


  11. For an unknown reason FYROM has fallen at #9 in qualification betting odds from semi2. Has there been a live rendition yet?

    • To be fair Macedonia doesn’t usually do that well so perhaps Serbia is being seen as cancelling it out?

      • Thing is FYROM started as #3…

        • Quite a tumble then. Once those rehearsals start I think things will become much clearer plus there’s always a couple in the bookies ratings that end up wrong. Am still hopeful Macedonia will make it.

  12. Blanche is so sweet and lovely and very shy.The live performance will be inspired by the video:

  13. I went for these songs:
    1. Sweden
    2. Azerbaijan
    3. Australia
    4. Greece
    5. Belgium
    6. Portugal
    7. Moldova
    8. Finland
    9. Georgia
    10. Armenia

  14. This is top 10 of the LEGEND, Danijela from Slovenia for 2017:

    1 point – Montenegro
    2 points – Israel
    3 points – Switzerland
    4 points – Serbia
    5 points – Greece
    6 points – Latvia
    7 points – Denmark
    8 points – Macedonia
    10 points – Estonia
    12 points – Belgium

    GOSH, this legend is the epitome of ESC! :P :D

    • Who is Danijela? :P

    • She’s really, how do I put this….. unusual! Bless, she’s enjoying herself though. Good for her.
      I prefer Natalia Anderson on Tuneful TV Reaction and Review (Thank you Togravus for introducing me to her) She’s so critically constructive and positive, I really enjoy her :)

      • I totally adore her because she is such a cheery lady. :) I even enjoy watching her reaction and review clips if I don’t agree at all, like Greece f. e. She’s the perfect embodiment of ESC spirit imo, sort of the Marianne of ESC. :)

        • 100% Agreed. I asked her if she was going to watch the rehearsals (would love to see her reactions on those for sure) but she doesn’t think she will so as not to ruin the surprise element but on reflection she said she may do after the event to see how things came together. We’ll see.
          She really is so down to earth. :)

          • And she was so relieved when Greece turned out not be another female ballad after all. LOL

            • Funny, she gave me the impetus to look at Greece from her perspective. While I still am not that enamoured, I can see where perhaps viewers may align themselves to it, providing it is delivered well of course and doesn’t go all Cascada!

            • Cascada is what Demy’s entry reminds me of too.

  15. 1. Sweden
    2. Azerbaijan
    3. Australia
    4. Greece
    5. Belgium
    6. Portugal
    7. Cyprus
    8. Finland
    9. Poland
    10. Armenia
    Dark Horses
    Sure Non Qualifiers
    Czech Republic

  16. I can’t vote, I’m confused. :(

  17. The 10 countries I think will qualify:

    This is certainly the tougher of two semi-finals this year, as I personally like 11 of these to qualify. I could see Europe replacing Moldova and Poland with Finland and Montenegro as the surprise act of this contest, similar to SMR 2014!

    If I would choose my qualifiers:

    There’s something about Iceland which baffles me. A favourite when it was selected and now hardly anyone mentions it as their qualifier. Similarly, Poland was creating some buzz in the beginning and now they’ve both turned from a lush Camembert to moulded cheddars

    *sad face*

    • well Iceland is facing tough competition in its own genre with Belgium and Azerbaijan which people think will do better (without having seen their lives) to Slava’s live (which is weak and old esc)

  18. Quite late about this but here is my evaluation:

    DEFO IN: AUS, AZR, BEL, ARM, POR, SWE – support from both sets of votes; Portugal might struggle a bit with the televote but it will still be among the top10.

    Most likely IN: GRE, FIN, LAT.

    Borderline: CYP, POL, ISL.

    Most likely OUT: GEO, CZR only the juries will support them. MDA

    Dead: ALB, MNE (it will not be bottom3 though), SLO (most likely last).

    There is only one change prior to the formation of the running order. Latvia went from borderline to most likely in.

    Strict top10 prediction is like this – no order:


    • That’s what I predict too. MDA out, POL in but it’s all borderline among LVA, MDA, POL.
      In other news : AUS is now leading semi 1 qualification odds :o
      FYROM dropped at #11 in semi 2

      • Ι Only swapped LAT with ISL only because the latter is not receiving strong support anywhere.

      • What do you think of Cyprus? Borderline as well?

        • I don’t like the song and I’m doubtful regarding his charisma. However, I won’t write Cyprus off. Genre-wise it has chances. Given the good draw and with a memorable stage show it could go through

      • I don’t understand why they are degrading FYRoM already. I knwo she doesn’t have the best vocals but this doesn’t mean she will be DEFO ugly in May. They should have waited until rehearsals commence.

  19. Having to go through a bucketload of performances and interviews at the London party left me little time for this poll till now..

    At the end of the day I think this semi will be easier to predict than the other one especially after we get to see the rehearsals.

    So in order of appearance :

    Certain Q : Sweden, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Greece, Poland

    Likely Q : Australia, Moldova, Armenia

    Borderline : Georgia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia

    Most likely out : Albania, Montenegro, Portugal, Cyprus

    Certainly out : Czech Republic, Slovenia

    So on first sight it seems to be a game of 4 countries for 2 places. I kind of have a bad feeling for Iceland unfortunately while I am quite optimistic about Finland.

  20. I didn’t vote for who I think will qualify, far too early for that and with no real indication from not having seen any rehearsals yet. Most people are thinking the same bunch of songs anyhow without much variation (and people moan about OGAE votes ROFL) So I’m voting for who I want to qualify.
    Swe, Aus, Bel, Fin, Aze, Por, Cze, Mol, Cyp, Arm,
    Sadly, Greece and Poland and Latvia (who I expect to improve live) will more than likely make it whilst Cze, Cyp and Mol may miss out. I also think Bel could be a shock non-qualifier though I hope not.

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