OGAE Poll: France and Ukraine First to Vote

OGAE – This morning OGAE International released the first set of votes on the OGAE 2017 Poll and they come from France and Ukraine. It is of no surprise that Italy’s Francesco Gabbani is in the early lead. Read on to see the full results from each country.

France Top 10:
The French votes see Switzerland and Belgium in their top ten which may be seen as allied voting. Sweden seem to continue with their fan hype as per year after year coming 3rd in the French Poll.
Romania and Hungary may be seen as surprises though:

Italy 12pts
Belgium 10pts
Sweden 8pts
Estonia 7pts
FYR Macedonia 6pts
Israel 5pts
Romania 4pts
Hungary 3pts
Switzerland 2pts
Portugal 1pt

Ukraine Top 10:
The Ukraine almost have the same countries in their top 10 with Belarus taking out Portugal and France taking out Romania. Switzerland again get some votes and more votes than from France.

Italy 12pts
France 10pts
Belgium 8pts
Hungary 7pts
Sweden 6pts
Belarus 5pts
Switzerland 4pts
Estonia 3pts
Israel 2pts
FYR Macedonia 1pt

Overall Top 10 (so far):

Italy 24pts
Belgium 18pts
Sweden 14pts
Estonia 10pts
Hungary 10pts
France 10pts
F.Y.R. Macedonia / Israel 7pts
Switzerland 6pts
Belarus 5pts
Romania 4pts
Portugal 1pt

So yes… Sweden are again hyped to the brim within OGAE again and will likely show up in all the Top 10’s however so far Bulgaria, a high favourite to win the contest has been snubbed by the first two countries as have Australia. Will they be able to get into the overall Top 10 when more votes come in?

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35 comments on “OGAE Poll: France and Ukraine First to Vote

  1. An unexpected point to Portugal there. Well done.

    • From all countries voted till now I only like Portugal (its only one point though),I really like Hungary and Macedonia, Italy (its not in my top 10), I LOVE Belarus..thus I dont like this voting..my big faves not there…meeeh, OGAE was always quite horrific..AZE, BUL, ICE, RUS, POL, IRL, LIT, AUS, FIN nth, and POR only 1…meeeh..

      • Hungary, Belarus and Italy are in my top10. Same as Finland, Portugal and Azerbaijan.

  2. I hate Sweden and their blasted fan hype… I wonder if I, someone who cannot sing at all, represented them that they would still do well? Probably.

    Switzerland is a terrible song. I’m surprised two countries have voted them. Hungary is one I did not think I would see do well in OGAE this year too.

    Estonia is the one this year that is growing on me considerably.

    • Why not? I defo see Sweden as a (well-deserved) top5 this year, whereas things like France and the FYRoM look like fan-wanks to me atm. And of course Switzerland which is a pretty unexpected presence in both these sets of votes.

      • If lyrics count for anything with the juries, they should kill Sweden imo. The lyrics of “I Can’t Go on” make me wanna throw up.

        • That’s a big if :-P

        • “Hands down to the floor my love
          and I’m doing whatever you want”

          He obviously offers to do some push-ups?

        • My thoughts exactly on Italy.

          • Everyone is welcome to like and dislike what he wants but from an academic literary point of view Italy’s lyrics are perfectly fine (not excellent though) while Sweden’s are a load of childish drivel. We can’t compare apples and oranges …

            • Indeed we can’t. On one hand we have a pop song with a slick performance and the lyrics fit that genre and theme.
              On the other hand an act of questionable aesthetics and if anyone cares to pay attention to those lyrics a whole lot of unfortunate (and borderline discriminatory and dare I say racist ?) generalizations about western people and western culture nowadays.

              Social criticism should be left to people who can do it IMO. Gabbani cannot (and as I have said in the past I doubt he even cares anymore than Rambo Amadeus, Twin Twin or Valentina Monetta – in her 2012 effort – did care).

            • A good way there to try to devalue my opinion and ridicule it while you claim to respect other opinions just one comment ago :-)

              Again, my point is proven that’s all I am going to say.

              I hope you one day muster the courage and decency to read all those comments you wrote and be certain I will accept the numerous apologies you owe me for similar behaviour to this.

              Very dissapointing. Hardly surprising though.

              And please admins do post my two last comments just for the sake of everyone having an equal say here.

    • I Dont think so, I mean Sweden have always been hyped no matter their result or song tbh. Robin is talented their is no denying that imo and the song is very generic and bland, but however catchy and memorable.

  3. I’m guessing Italy and Belgium will have this in the bag but will they deliver on stage in Kyiv. Interesting contest this year. Looking forward to the first rehearsals!

  4. Italy is scoring high in different quarters and I thik it will win the televote. The juries and its apparent radio-friendliness penchant will probably bury it.

    Portugal scored one pt and that will most probably be it. Spain may send Salvador another pt. The OGAEs usually vote for the same songs; these guys have very similar musical preferences and diversity is not high on their agenda either.

    • *and their apparent…

    • Diversity is not high on the agenda here either so..Anyway the attacks against OGAE members are the most consistent thing every year so I am hardly surprised at this point.

      And I am saying that as the first 2 clubs gave their 12p to the most embarassing act this year mind you.

    • And of course as it has already been said juries must bury Italy if they wan to retain their credibility. Anything above 20th would be super dissapointing.

  5. All of the songs scoring in OGAE clubs so far feature in my top 15 with the exception of Israel, Switzerland and Romania. I like their votes a lot this year and they make sense to me!
    I only miss Azerbaijan and Finland here. Portugal deserves more too (but I believe it will be considered as “dated” and “boring” by many)

  6. Belgium, France and Portugal are the songs here that I genuinely like. Macedonia is OK I think, but not particularly original.

  7. The FFF gets the 12p, nobody cares really.

    Congrats to Blanche for the good start and Switzerland for a surprisingly but well deserves strong start as well :-) !

    Surprised for Hungary as well. Weird Azerbaijan and Bulgaria both miss out here but I suspect they will get some points later on.

  8. Bosnian votes are a joke but oh well:

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