TEKO 2017: The Draw!

teko-2017-logoThe Eurovision Times KnockOut 2017 – The oldest ET institution is back for its 7th running! Our knockout competition, TEKO 2017, is starting this weekend to crown our forum’s winner of the 43 (for now)-strong field for Kyiv! You’ll be able to vote in heats and duels, which will fill in this bracket.


There will be 13 groups with three countries each, two with two countries, and one for the three best second-placed countries. From there, they’ll compete against each other in duels, quarterfinals, semifinals, and ultimately a final, which will decide the winner of TEKO 2017! The allocations for the heats have been conducted in a top-secret ET location using the most cutting edge means… notebook paper and an empty chocolates container.

Forty three (very tiny) balls later, we’re ready to begin the competition!

The Rules: Every heat will have its own poll that will be open for 3 days. You can vote for any one country in each heat, and you’re free to vote in all the heats. However, the results of the voting will not be made public until the results are announced. Voting for different heats may be open at the same time, so be sure to check back frequently to make sure you vote in each one!

Round One: Group Stage

One country will advance to the second round from each group. The draw for TEKO 2017 was conducted on 15 March 2017 by a certified ET author (that’s me!) and resulted in the following groups:

Group 1

Austria Austria v. Belarus 28 Belarus v. Finland Finland


Group 2 

Moldova Moldova v. Portugal Portugal v. san marino San Marino


Group 3 

Hungary Hungary v. Malta Malta v. Spain Spain


Group 4 

Greece Greece v. Russia Russia v. Poland Poland


Group 5 

australia Australia v. Denmark Denmark v. Lithuania Lithuania


Group 6 

Belgium Belgium v. France France v. UK United Kingdom


Group 7 

Estonia Estonia v. Ireland Ireland v. Norway Norway


Group 8 

Croatia Croatia v. Israel Israel v. Serbia Serbia


Group 9 

czech republic 28 Czech Republic v. Italy Italy v. Slovenia Slovenia


Group 10 

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan v. Georgia Georgia v. Sweden Sweden


Group 11 

Cyprus Cyprus v. Netherlands the Netherlands v. Ukraine Ukraine


Group 12 

Albania Albania v. Germany Germany v. Macedonia FYR Macedonia


Group 13 

Armenia Armenia v. Bulgaria Bulgaria v. Romania Romania


Group 14 

Montenegro Montenegro v. Switzerland Switzerland


Group 15 

Iceland Iceland v. Latvia Latvia


Group 16

Best 2nd Place #1 v. Best 2nd Place #2 v. Best 2nd Place #3

Round Two: The Duels

The duels will be made up of the winners of the 16 groups. Each winner will advance to the quarterfinals.

Duel 1: Group 1 Winner v. Group 9 Winner

Duel 2: Group 2 Winner v. Group 10 Winner

Duel 3: Group 3 Winner v. Group 11 Winner

Duel 4: Group 4 Winner v. Group 12 Winner

Duel 5: Group 5 Winner v. Group 13 Winner

Duel 6: Group 6 Winner v. Group 14 Winner

Duel 7: Group 7 Winner v. Group 15 Winner

Duel 8: Group 8 Winner v. Group 16 Winner

Round Three: The Quarter-finals

The quarter-finals will be made up of the winners of the eight duels. Each winner will advance to the semi-finals.

Quarter-final 1: Duel 1 Winner v. Duel 2 Winner

Quarter-final 2: Duel 3 Winner v. Duel 4 Winner

Quarter-final 3: Duel 5 Winner v. Duel 6 Winner

Quarter-final 4: Duel 7 Winner v. Duel 8 Winner

Round Four: The Semi-finals

The semi-finals will be made up of the winners of the eight quarter-finals. Each winner will advance to the semi-finals.

Semi-Final 1: Quarter-final 1 Winner v. Quarter-final 2 Winner

Semi-Final 2: Quarter-final 3 Winner v. Quarter-final 4 Winner

The Final Round

This is it, the round that will decide the winner of TEKO 2017! It will be made up of the winners of the two semi-finals.

Final: Semi-final 1 Winner v. Semi-final 2 Winner


The first group, containing Austria, Belarus, and Finland, will open later today (Saturday)!

70 comments on “TEKO 2017: The Draw!

  1. Yes! TEKO!!!
    Groups 1 and 11 are tough for me. Everything else will be easy. :)

  2. Group 1 Finland
    Group 2 Portugal
    Group 3 meh… Hungary
    Group 4 Poland
    Group 5 Australia
    Group 6 Belgium
    Group 7 Ireland
    Group 8 Serbia
    Group 9 Italy
    Group 10 Azerbaijan
    Group 11 Ukraine
    Group 12 FYR Macedonia
    Group 13 Bulgaria
    Group 14 nope
    Group 15 tough!

  3. 1. Finland
    2. Portugal
    3. Hungary
    4. Poland (not really a fan of anyone)
    5. Australia
    6. Belgium (but France is closing in day by day)
    7. Norway
    8. Serbia
    9. Italy
    10. Azerbaijan
    11. Ukraine
    12. FYR Macedonia
    13. Armenia
    14. Switzerland (though it’s pretty meh*)
    15. Iceland

    * = Though I must confess that the Swiss song pops up in my head from time to time. Next to Italy it’s probably the song I’ve been humming the most!

  4. Here we go! Good luck to all songs!

  5. Group 1 opens in exactly 10 hours! At least for the groups, expect each of the first 15 to open at 10:00 every day from now until the 15th.

    • So you are actually hosting this year. Great! I didn’t pay attention to the author of this article because I naturally thought that it was Hulluna. I missed her cat doing the draw though. LOL

  6. Group 1 Finland
    Group 2 Portugal
    Group 3 Hungary
    Group 4 Poland
    Group 5 Australia
    Group 6 Belgium
    Group 7 Estonia
    Group 8 Serbia
    Group 9 Italy
    Group 10 Azerbaijan
    Group 11 Netherlands
    Group 12 FYR Macedonia
    Group 13 Bulgaria
    Group 14 Montenegro
    Group 15 Latvia

  7. I will be participating as usual :-) That being said, I have already guessed which countries it will be between in the end.

    Last year we made an ET jury vote where someone collected the top 10’s of the regulars. Should we do that again?

  8. I think it takes a bit of the suspense if people already reveal all their votes here …

  9. This is how I will be voting:
    1: Belarus (without any doubt)
    2: Portugal (ditto)
    3: This one is harder. Probably Malta
    4: Poland, but it is not because I am crazy about it
    5: Australia
    6: Belgium, but I’m going to miss France a lot
    7: Ireland. Norway is close
    8: Serbia
    9: Czech Republic (without any doubt)
    10: Azerbaijan
    11: Cyprus (no doubt)
    12: Macedonia (ditto)
    13: Armenia (of course)
    14: Switzerland (I have Montenegro 2nd to last)
    15: This is tricky. Probably Iceland, but I’m not sure

  10. It’s time to call it a day by posting this link of a Russian girl (I think) covering Portugal 17 in Portuguese:

    Her Portuguese is not that bad.

  11. “Rain of revolution” and Yulia Samoylova are doomed!! :'(

  12. Just one more:

    What are they saying, The Anders?

    • Let me try:

      They are reviewing all the songs individually as they are doing every year. On Portugal:

      The first to comment, Morten (on the right), star 9:33:

      “My God, we are entering a genre which I actually didn’t think there was still room for in Eurovision. The Portuguese have always been keen on ballads, and now they are somehow going all out with a song which could have been written in the 1940’s or the 50’s. This is like the 60’s Eurovison.

      “Amar pelois dois” – love enough for two. With a song that is completely its own this year. One could say that Portugal is struggling with itself here. I am a bit confused about this song actually, because it can go both ways – even in my mind. I am a bit split about it. I think it is quite charming. It’s a hell of a “wave breaker”… ehm… It’s very sweet. It’s written by his sister actually, which may add something to it. Fine and sweet; very old fashioned of course.

      I think his gesticulation, his mimic, and his way of singing is a bit too much. It is of course… I have watched some other clips with him, and it turns out to be the way he… He is an Artist with a big A; he is standing in a rather skewed way. It gets a bit too much for my taste, a bit smug – “Look at me!”. Three points (out of six) to Portugal from me, despite its charming flavour. I’m very doubtful, and so I end at 3 points.

      Some might call this somnolent, others might see it as a breath of fresh air, [to the other guy, Carsten]: what do you think?” (I will translate his comments in a minute).

      • Thank you very much for the detailed translation. :) I was expecting that from his body language. ‘Amar pelos dois’ is a polarising song.

    • They think it stands out among the rest of the songs. It sounds very old-fashioned, like it could have been written in the 40’s, and that it is sweet and charming in one way, but also that his whole stage persona, movements and facial expressions are a bit too much. They understand why many people seem to like it but they think the bookmakers are overrating it a bit.

      • Thank you. :) They seem to know very little about the Brazilian and American music scenes, hence the old-fashioned remark, I guess.

        • I don’t know, but they are probably not really into it. They liked “Todos as ruas do amor” a lot back in 2009, but disagreed on “Senhora do mar”.

          • Perhaps, but calling it dated is lazy to say the least.

            • I would never use that word anyway. If a song means something to you, then it doesn’t matter how modern or old fashioned it sounds.

              But I don’t think they necessarily mean it negatively. I mean, you will always found music that is somehow inspired by some old stuff, and there is nothing wrong with that. I have found myself associating the song partly to some songs from the 40’s and 50’s – especially with regards to the way the melody and the chords go. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t contain modern aspects too, and it doesn’t in any way make it less relevant for me.

            • I agree. The word is thrown around far too often and most of the time implies that some song is not radio friendly. ‘Dated’ means something that has lost musical and artistic relevance, imo; we can say that about many songs that are brand new.

            • But then: Lost relevance to whom, and in what context? I mean, I listen to a lot of British and American rock music from the 60’s and 70’s. It may not sound like most of today’s international hits, but I experience it as being on a high musical and artistic level, and it means something to me. Ergo it is relevant :-)

              Same with the Portuguese entry this year :-)

            • I agree. I was writing from my perspective. Other people will think differently.

            • (*you will always find…)

            • Also, they didn’t actually call it dated. Just old fashioned, and that is something else imo.

            • True. I am just so used to and tired of reading the word applied to the Portuguese entry that I reacted accordingly.

        • But then: Neither do I, but I still like the Portuguese song a lot this year. It was me who commented on the video btw.

          • You’re not them. :) Are you alluding to the comment in Danish below the video?

            • I did write both of them, yes.

            • And what did you say, may I ask? :)

            • This is what I wrote:

              “I am much more fond of the Portuguese song which I have as a clear no. 1 this year. It’s very liberating to hear that kind of music for a change. I think there are too many songs that sound the same: pompous synth pop, and with the same chords all the time. Unfortunately it’ss a development that has worried me in the last 2-3 years.

              In this regard it is very nice with a song that goes in a completely different direction. It’s wonderfully laid back with a lot of emotion, and there are some really delicious jazzy chords (perhaps not quite “wild” enough for me – it can be a little Christmas-like, but that’s a detail). At the same time the song also seems very authentic because of the vocal performance.

              I agree that his gestures can be too much, and I think he should be careful not to overdo them in Kiev. It may well turn out to be distracting in relation to the song, but judged as a song, it is really great.”

            • Thank you. His gestures may be off-putting to several people, I agree.

    • And then the other guy, Carsten (7:38):

      “A breath of fresh air… well. Is it a song one would put on a gramophone and listen to oneself? No. I would never listen to this by myself. Except maybe if it will be thrown in our heads. Now we have to decide on it. I think we are entering an area here where it is taken to a level it can’t quite bear. A lot of fans like this song a lot, the bookmakers believe in it too, and I think it could do better than usually for Portugal. However I don’t think it will reach the 6. 7. or 8. place it is tipped to end at right now. I think maybe a lot of people sympathize with Portugal because they often score so badly in this contest, and that creates a vibe about the song.

      But I agree with some of the people who defend this song. We really miss something we can locate, where we can hear that “this is coming from THAT country”. We can do that here. Plus he is singing in the local language. In that sens it is very liberating. I will end at 4 (out of 6) points, party for the same reasons as you. But he actually seems like an amateur to me. [Morten: “He has actually participated in some talent shows…]. Carsten: Yes, and so you would usually know how to stand on a stage.”

      Morten: “And so has his sister. She was actually the one who got the invitation from Portuguese television, and she chose her little brother.”

      Carsten: “But I have some rather odd feelings about this song. There are some small charming things in it. I can’t help smiling because of the nostalgic elements and “Mummy is the best mummy in the world” with Victor Cornelius on the 78rpm record player and Giro 413 (a Danish radio program from the 50’s, red.). I think it is cool in small doses. Four stars. It’s OK”.

      • Thank you again. :) The part of his being an amateur made me laugh. He seems to have a different definition of professionalism and I’ll leave at that. I also think that Portugal 17 will end up around 15th place or lower, if (a big if) it reaches the final.

    • They disagree completely on Croatia btw. The guy on the right hates it, while the other guy loves it. It’s a very amusing clip if you can understand it.

  13. Group 1 is haaaaaard. And Group 15 is rather appropriate IMO, two similar (to me) songs.

    Predictions (not my votes):

    Group 1: Finland
    Group 2: Portugal
    Group 3: Hungary
    Group 4: Greece
    Group 5: Denmark
    Group 6: France
    Group 7: Estonia
    Group 8: Serbia
    Group 9: Italy
    Group 10: Azerbaijan
    Group 11: Netherlands
    Group 12: FYR Macedonia
    Group 13: Bulgaria
    Group 14: Switzerland
    Group 15: Iceland

  14. as I understand from my limited Danish, they indeed both like the azerbaijan song , maybe one of them more than the other? and they hope all of their songs will compete in ESC one day?



  16. Side note: I don’t know if this actually follows the rankings on my profile those are kinda outdated lol

    1. Belarus
    2. Portugal
    3. Hungary
    4. Poland
    5. Denmark
    6. Belgium
    7. Ireland
    8. Serbia
    9. Italy
    10. Azerbaijan
    11. Ukraine
    12. Macedonia
    13. Bulgaria
    14. Switzerland
    15. Latvia

    6 and 15 were easily the hardest for me. 7 was also pretty hard because I absolutely hate all of them.

  17. This post is lovely :) (The others too, don’t get me wrong :P )

  18. Yayy for TEKO! Thanks for the article Nick!
    Groups 1, 7, 10 and 15 are the toughest for me to decide.

    PS: love the hand-writing on those pieces of paper :P

  19. Happy April fools’ day :)

  20. Two truly awful draws there – 3 and 4 (none deserve to move forward imo) and a number of really tough ones from my perspective, 6, 10, 13. Will try and vote each day.

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