Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Demy (Greece)

Greece – After failing to qualify for the Final for the first time since the Semis were introduced in 2004. This year they have gone back to a formula that has proved well for them sending a female soloist. This year’s Greek Entry is Demy with her song “This is Love”

Song: “This is Love”
Music By: Dimitris Kontopoulos
Lyrics By: Romy Papadea & John Ballard

About Demy
Demy, real name Dimitra Papadea , is 25 years old and comes from Athens, Greece. She has been singing since the age of Five when she started to learn to play the Piano. Her career started in 2011 when she provided vocals on a song by Midenistis called “Mia Zografia” which was a huge success in Greece and got nominated for two awards at the 2012 MAD Video Music Awards. The very same ceremony that saw Demy win Best New Artist.
Her debut album “#1” came out in 2012 and reached #1 in the Greek Charts. Her second Album “Rodino Oneiro” released in 2014 did not fare as well but still charted at #7.
Demy has had several roles in the theatre including “The Sound of Music” and “Mamma Mia” which is a play she still stars in today.
When not doing music, Demy is wanting to follow in her Father and Sisters footsteps studying Law to become an attorney.

Demy was chosen internally by the Greek broadcaster ERT however the song was chosen by the Public and a Jury after Demy performed three songs in a National Final. “This is Love” won by a very large margin winning with 75% of the overall vote.
There is a lot of Eurovision History regarding the songs musical composer Dimitris Kontopoulos who has composed music for “Work Your Magic” (Belarus 2007), “Shady Lady” (Ukraine 2008), “This Is Our Night” (Greece 2009), “Hold Me” (Azerbaijan 2013) and “You’re The Only One” (Russia 2016)
John Ballard, one of the songs lyricists also contributed to “Hold Me” and “You’re The Only One” and has also written songs for Swedish Pop Group Ace of Base.

(Taken from eurovision.tv)

Holding on to what we had can be
so complicated
Could be time to move along
And face it
No more debating
Watched the river running dry
Now it’s time to say goodbye

There’s an echo in my head
There’s a story still unread
And I need you here tonight
Walk away don’t turn around
I will never let you down
I won’t let you see me cry
There’s an echo in my head
There’s a crossroad up ahead
How I want you here
forever and ever
and ever and ever
I’m not giving up

This is love
reaching out for the stars
You and me as one
This is love

Holding on to what we had can be
so self destroying
Remember how we laughed and played around
till night
met the morning
Watched the sunset in the sky
There would never be goodbye

There’s an echo in my head
There’s a story still unread
And I need you here tonight
Walk away don’t turn around
I will never let you down
How I want you here
forever and ever
and ever and ever
I’m not giving up

This is love
reaching out for the stars
You and me as one
This is love

Demy on Social Media:
Facebook: demyofficial
Twitter: @Demy_Official
Instagram: @demy_official

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146 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Demy (Greece)

  1. Live streaming of O.Torvald’s concert is still on:

  2. Norway and Czech Rep discovering Riga.Martina’s favorite song this year is Portugal and JOWST’S is Israel:

    • Kind of dissapointed with Martina over this one :P But she is so awkward and random and social aware and I so can relate to all that, really starting to like her more and more :)

      But it is such a quintissential part of esc to see the participants meeting and getting to know each other. It’s an essential part of the cultural mingling esc offers the opportunity for :)

      • I would actually predict that Martina would pick the Portuguese song as her favorite.It’s close to her actual discograpghy anyway.

  3. Οne more live performance from last night.Francesco’s talent and sexiness can’t be contained:


  5. One more live performance from Paris with not perfect quality

    • She sounds good from this video.Plus,i believe she will be taking those 2 dancers will her in Kyiv because she will need the backing vocals too.

  6. Greece 17 was the biggest let down of season. I had made all the plans for Thessaloniki 18 with island hopping and serious slutting.
    Still. Verses are really good, and they are beautifully orchestrated. Demy is luminious pop star and Fokas will deliver serious stage magic.
    There are over 20 songs that’t really can’t blame any of that.
    This will do fine. ESC trash pop always do. It’s much more better and audience friendly genre than radio friendly ESC pop.
    Sergey was very dated too last year, remember 😃

  7. Dino, where are you? Have you bought new issue of British GQ? Fuck, my head explodes.

  8. I like this lady :)

    • Her reaction when another female ballad starts is epic. Luckily, she recovers and sort of likes the Swiss entry after all …

    • This video reminded that i found weird the fact “Apollo” is a song of a band.It’s more like a female solo ballad.And then i read that it’s written by a trio of Swedish producers.It does seem like a very opportunistic approach to me.

    • She’s fab! Thanks for sharing am going to check her out more. :)

  9. I’ve been relistening to nf songs of this season and I have to say I am kind of obsessed the last few days with “Kewkba” :

    Janice needs to come back to MESC for sure.

    • I read an analysis of the Maltese final and the author was also of the opinion that she should have won and i agree this is much better than “Breathlessly”.

      • I like “Breathlessly” and I am happy Claudia gets a chance to go to esc personally after so many efforts. Not sure this would fare better but it would make a fine entry as well..!

    • This should have won. I love it!

  10. If the esc final is a sea of ballads:

  11. Hovig accepted Artsvik’s challenge and sang an Armenian folk song:

  12. Listening to the Armenian song again. The thing about it is, it starts like a 100 other songs, and my first reaction when I heard it for the first time was “oh no, not one more of those”. It promises very little in the beginning, and then it turns more interesting later on.

    It has probably dropped a bit, but it’s still a solid effort. Not quite my taste though.

    • I’m also beginning to find the vocal performance rather clean and boring. The most interesting aspects clearly lie in the orchestration. So I say: cut the intro, and let us have some more power and rock’n roll in the vocals. Then we have a really strong entry.

  13. First performance of Greece 2017 next Sunday.I hope she’ll be singing it live.

  14. A new version of Georgia 17 was presented during the Visa Free Festivities in Tbilisi.It sounds the same tome,tbh.It’s around 19 minutes before the end of the video:

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