Russia: Yulia Samoylova Banned from Ukraine

Russia – Russia’s participation in the 2017 contest is now in question as today the host country Ukraine have decided to ban choice for Eurovision, Yulia Samoylova from the country. As such she will be unable to compete in the contest in May.

Last week it came to light that Yulia had performed in the Russian occupied territory of Crimea in 2015. The Security Service of Ukraine have today made the decision to ban her from entering.

The BBC have reported that another 140 Russian singers had been blacklisted by the SBU as well.

The decision has already sparked controversy with Eurovision Fans demanding the EBU step in and take host rights away from Ukraine.

Yulia was going to perform her song “Flame is Burning” but will the EBU defend her and make sure she takes part? Are you disappointing about the decision?

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363 comments on “Russia: Yulia Samoylova Banned from Ukraine

  1. AAAAAAAAAAA f**k you stupid Ukraine, I HATE you! Somebody please bring back Yulia Samoylova to 2017 edition and this masterpiece “Flame is burning”!! Nooo,Im gonna die, I hate you EBU, you morons!:'((( Im crying right now..

  2. It would be cool if Russia was like ”our new artist is bliblablabla” and then the whole performance is of a woman who sings and is barely showing and then it’s all a video of Yulia performing….please do that!!

  3. I hope Ukraine will be 0 pointer as host like Austria few years ago..
    Their song really sucks this year heavily..

  4. It is very sad to see people fighting and accusing each other here. We shouldn’t allow Mr. Putin’s strategies to infect the way we interact here. Just my opinion …

    • Judging from the comments I read, I doubt mr. Putin is the only problem.

    • Not just Putin, politics in general.

    • It’s as heated a debate as I ever remember. Definitely the most heated I’ve ever been a part of. And most definitely the longest I’ve gone without jokes. That’s the worst part.
      I’m sure when things calm down, everyone will be cool with each other.

      We need an Angel to help us find our smile. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years.

      • Haven’t seen this in years. I fell in love all over again. Who am I kidding, I never fell out of love.

        If I could do one thing over regarding ESC, it would be going to this show. This and the previous years’ show would be another.

        Baku is an amazing place, I’ve had friends that visited for business and the pics they brought back are breathtaking.

        2013 was jam packed. The greatest entry ever, and Estonia, France, Moldova, sent their greatest entry ever, Serbia sent their second best entry ever (but the greatest Serb ever), Cyprus their third, and at least 10 other counties sent good stuff , maybe 15. And a few days ago Eg a lif suddenly popped into my head randomly. Lol

        Plus if I was at the show, I would have avoided all the fights. There were some classics. But I would not have wanted it any other way looking back.

        Plus it was the height of my promotional prowess. I don’t think anyone can match that run I had. People knew more about the backing vocalists than ever before thanks to me. I told you what they ate for breakfast. Lol

        The big negative of course was it had Norway’s greatest ever tragedy as well. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Lol

        • See THIS right here is what ESC is to me. Not the political/jury tampering/SIM card televoting manipulation or wanting to win at all costs, let’s use this to ban people or flex our muscle bs that unfortunately comes with it.

          Unless it’s a favorite of mine, then the above is allowed. Lol

          It’s wading through a 3 hour show in the hope of finding those 3 minutes, that one artist that puts a smile on your face or a tear in your eye. The one that makes you excited to be a music fan, the one that becomes the soundtrack to your day, the one that when you meet in person shows you more love that you show them, and ends up being an even better person than singer, and you come out a bigger fan than when you went it. It’s even better if that happens more than once.

          It’s when you become a fan of an entire country because it consistently does the above year in year out, and you start reading their news and start watching their football league as a result.

          It’s having a website where this crazy obsession is allowed to flourish, by good passionate people that may not agree sometimes, or may even fight tooth and nail over trivial stuff once in a while, but that is the danger when passion runs deep, but which families don’t fight? And the same people that fight will immediately come together if another website disparages the same people they are fighting against.

          That’s Eurovision. And the beauty is that it’s different for everyone.
          No 2 stories are the same.

          • I wish I was in the mood for all those things you describe like I always am but I think I have lost my appetite for the contest right now. In fact it’s only two months away and I repeatedly caught myself trying to avoid any ESC-related news today…

            • Exactly the same to me, EXACTLY, everything is disgusting to me..I didn’t listened a single ESC song today, even Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, my top entries are somehow disgusting to me.. :(

            • it does that to me in April after the nf season, cant care less for esc, and I find shelter in my own contest, BoNF! I rarely take part in teko or the debates there

              on the other hand, when the rehearsals kick off, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to resist!

            • The problem is not the end of the NF season this year though…

            • Not only. But there’s often a bug (don’t you remember when it was in Baku? or even in SVT’s multiple and horrible changes to the contest)… it’s true it’s getting to a certain level of hatred this year, but we’ll survive

            • You are the webmaster. You should be calming spirits and thank goodness for that. But still, this seems a problem of a different order entirely.

            • You are the webmaster. You should be calming spirits and thank goodness for that. But still, this seems a problem of a different order entirely…

            • While the contest does have a dark cloud over it, don’t let a few unsavory scenes ruin the entire experience.

              Where the contest was held this year was always going to be a minefield. And that’s before the disorganization, corruption and ticket malfeasance of the organizers that has not gotten nearly as much press as it should have. Pretty much all the news coming from there has been grim.

              I’m expecting some true horror stories from the visitors going there, although I would love to be proven wrong on this point. But I have no faith when you can’t get something as simple as the ticketing right.

              On the bright side, when the party moves to Italy next year, all will be forgotten. A week in Italy will cure a lot of ills for me and the rest of the visitors.

            • And Italy better win now because my mind is getting set on traveling to Italy next year. With my luck, watch Australia win and the host will be a nation I don’t want to go to. Lol it can only end like that.

  5. Commenting on the situation, the deputy chairman of the organizing committee of the contest, Vice-Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko proposed Russia to re-enter the contest with an artist who have not violated any of the Ukrainian laws.
    Regarding Artsvik,Ukrainian officials say they have no evidence,atm indicating she illegally entered Crimea and all the speculation around her come from Russian media.

    • I don’t know whether Artsvik entered Crimea or not but I’m quite sure EBU and NTU will not allow another withdrawal…
      Really hope to see Yulia in 2018 and I believe it would be better if Russia withdrew this year. They are obviously not welcome

      • It’s really up to them.They may enter another artist or withdraw.Both Russian broadcasters confirmed that she will be representing them in esc 2018 in case this is not settled.
        As for Artsvik,i suppose she will confirm or not the rumor.

  6. Yulia Samoilova’s reaction:”It’s amusing to observe all this from the side, because I don’t really understand what kind of threat do they see in me, in such a small girl. But at large, I’m not upset. For some reason I think the situation will change”, she said commenting on the matter on Channel One.

    • This “poor girl with disabilities” soap opera starts to get more nauseating than latin american soap operas…

  7. I agree that politics should not be part of the ESC.

    But my question is; who is bringing politics into contest, Ukraine or Russia?

    After last year’s contest was won by Jamala, many people have said that politics had won.
    One can argue that maybe it was nationalistic song. But not political.
    There is nothing political in singing about war victims.

    Present day war in Ukraine is not a kind of war where we can pick side.
    One side is clearly breaking international laws, and rules of international order that have been set after the end of WW2.
    We don’t get to decide who to support.
    It is our duty to support Ukraine, because international laws and regulations support Ukraine.

    Imagine two people fighting in the street.
    And then John takes out his gun and kills Peter.
    You can’t just say “I have decided to support Peter.”
    No, because law supports Peter, and his right not to be attacked and killed.

    Of course, there are those that say that “people of Crimea had decided to be part of Ukraine”.
    But they can’t decide that, because according to Ukraine’s law, Crimea had not had a right of self-determination.

    We can, for example, compare Scotland and Catalonia.
    Independence of Scotland would have been legal, because British laws allow independence.
    Independence of Catalonia would NOT have been legal, because Spanish laws do not allow it.
    It is as simple as that.

    One can simpatize with people of Crimea, but they have to ask for their rights within Ukraine.
    And if Ukraine is not democratic enough, international comunity can maybe pressure Ukraine to give them more rights, and maybe in future, even rights of self-determination.

    Russia has brutally attacked and occupied parts of Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova.
    There is nothing “political” in saying that.
    There are norms, and everybody has to support it.

    Ukraine has every right to ban enterance to those people who have visited their occupied territories.
    For many years, Cyprus was banning people who have visited Northern Cyprus to enter Republic of Cyprus (I don’t know if they still do so).
    Every country would have done the same.

    Before Russia chose their 2017 representative, they were aware of the fact that Yulia could not enter Ukraine.
    They could have chosen somebody else, but they have decided to send her.
    But they didn’t care.

    Yulia too, when entering Criema, should have known she was breaking Ukrainian laws.

    They have made their decisions.
    And now there are consenquences.

    So, who is provoking? Who is manipulating people’s feelings, and making this thing a farce?
    Ukraine or Russia?

    • * “…had decided to be part of Russia”.

    • I totally agree that Russia is the only one to blame but I think that Ukraine insisting on enforcing the law in this special case is not a very smart move …

    • Absolutely agree with everything you’ve said.

    • What Toggie said. Not enforcing the law on this special occasion.

    • Hallelujah!I just noticed your comment.You summed it up pretty well highlighting the undisputed bigger picture.

      • And I have liked your comment on the right of Ukraine “to pursue their legitimate aspirations and their desires to adapt liberal values and integrate in a union of prosperous states”. :-)

    • Nothing you wrote here is wrong. Ukraine can in fact ban whomever they want. Not going to argue that.

      But Ukraine willingly accepted hosting duties of an international event that they knew had a country they were at war with participanting in it. And the entry is legal under ESC rules.

      Once they decided to invoke their national laws, which is their right 1 million percent and should be respected (I agree with the EBU here), the EBU should have stepped in an issued the ultimatum. Either you adapt to our rules or have your hosting rights revoked.

      This isn’t on Ukraine, this is on the EBU that was perfectly within their rights as an organization to do. But they chickened out.

      And if this story floating around is true, what justification is there for Ukraine not agreeing to have her perform via satellite? This part,if true, is 100% on Ukraine.

      Lastly I believe that any group of people should be allowed to form their own country.

      I would support a vote on California becoming a country for instance. And even a fair and honest vote by the real citizens of Crimea. Obviously not the tainted one from a few years back. I’m all for people deciding their own sovereignty.

  8. Ukraine just use Eurovision to spread Politics issues ! Last year with a totally Provocation/Political song and this year just try to find excuses to ban Russia from the Contest ! And of course EBU as another Political clown is going to accept this !

    • “1944” is about the personal story of Jamala’s family. There is not any direct attack towards Russia in any way – I am referring to the lyrics now. Besides, the song won a NF. It was not handpicked by the national broadcaster…

      • I can’t see what’s the difference between the Ukrainian jury picking a provocative song for esc (They should have sent Hardkiss in first place) and Russian broadcaster picking a girl that violates a Ukrainian law regarding Crimea.
        Both moves are bringing controversy in a music contest!

        • Both moves were welcomed by EBU btw

          • EBU can’t punish them. What are they exactly violating? Neither act is a straightforward provocation hence the silence from EBU’s part.

        • First off,the Ukrainian jury had Hardikiss as first and it was the televoters that gave Jamala the victory.Furthermore,the lyrics of the song could not be disqualified by the EBU since there wasn’t any direct political message in them.

          • They could definitely avoid 1944 as a title. Clear as the ARM 15 case

            • That’s when the personal story if Jamala’s grandmother took place.

            • Lol !

            • They are different cases. “1944” is just a date, it does not include anything offensive per se nor is there is a phrase phrased in an imperative way. “Don’t Deny” as a title was forceful and suggestive and had an imperative tone. Now, I will admit “Face the shadow” was imo only slightly better and again it had an imperative tone but that’s another story.

            • It’s not about imperative tone or not. it’s all about references to historical events that only pour fuel on fire in a musical contest and weren’t treated equally imo

            • I don’t think just having a historical context was ever a reason to DQ or censor an entry in any way. It is all about the imperative tone. I can see why someone would be offended by a title as in your face as “Don’t Deny”. “1944” as a title does not in anyway shows an intention to force anyone recognize anything per se. We have two very different cases and I think it is very rational that they weren’t treated equally.

            • “N’oubliez pas”?

            • Did anyone file a compain against that ? Might as well ban “Never Forget” from Iceland in 2012 then…

          • I never asked for Jamala’s song to be banned. It’s not the first nor the last provocative song in esc history.

            • It’s not a provocative song as you paint it.It’s a song with hints in political history.

            • It’s as provocative as GRC 95 which I also love composition-wise imo

            • There wasn’t any direct reference to those events.The whole lyrics were a general reference to the plight of war and the longing of people ti return to their peaceful everyday life.They were lyrics with universal meaning that could resonate with people around the world.

            • There wasn’t any direct reference in “Don’t Deny either”. Still different EBU approach.

            • Please.Don’t deny and even Face the shadow ARE in fact political messages directed to someone.

            • We’ll have to agree to disagree Mitsos. It’s ok

            • Of course.I do hope you read Goran’s post though.

            • I did. I do sympathize with Ukrainians, that’s the only thing I want to make clear. Who doesn’t?
              I can’t fully support their esc agenda lately though

            • And of course 1944 remains a 10/10 on my lists! I judge music here

          • Ever heard of symbolism? 1944 is good text to start with. It has quite a lot obvious and not so hidden meanings.

          • I really can’t blame Russians as reading it as a song about Crimea now. It’s all there.

            • Good!Thank God you’re not the one to decide what can be performed on the esc stage and what shouldn’t.

            • You are a bit out of line here.

            • I don’t remember Russia went to EBU to complain about 1944…If they don’t find 1944 as political and are OK with it why does that bother some of you? 😂

            • You don’t remember? I remember that they complained quite a lot about it.

            • No they didn’t otherwise that would have made the news..You may have read some fans’ complaints on the subject

            • Do Russian media and politicians count as fans?

            • 15.5. 2016 Telegraph, you can read this from Guardian too.
              While her song avoids direct reference to Vladimir Putin’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, Ms Jamaladinova, whose stage name is Jamala, has left no-one in any doubt about where her sympathies lie. The lyrics begin:

              “When strangers are coming/
              They come to your house/
              They kill you all/
              And say/
              We’re not guilty/Not guilty.”

              Russian officials and some politicians in Crimea have complained that the song was intended to denigrate Russia. But the Geneva-based organisers decided the song was not in breach of the competition’s rules against political speech.

            • “Hearsay,your honor!
              The tone of the news is not neutral and it still does not prove the complaints were made “officially” at the time” says mermaid to the confused judge…

            • LOL It’s the toriest of quality UK newspapers. Very anti Russian.

            • As I got quite a lot aggro last year for liking Russia 16 and not warming up to Ukraine 16 for it being political provocation and for Jamala’s overcooked performance, could we leave this here? Knives are out already. Let me be very clear about this. I’m not pro Russia. I’m not against Ukraine. I’m against using ESC as political platform.

            • Who told you you were😏

            • This is response to your message below about using the show for political purposes.

              My comment is not about that it’s about the pro/against thing.

              I’m happy that there is starting to be some pushback on the notion that agreeing with Russia here makes you “Pro Russian.” The people using this as a strategy should be vigilantly be called out.

              It’s an attempt to link 2 unrelated things in order to make you go on the defensive. And it works on some people unfortunately.

        • A big change in SF2 odds. Also FIN enters top10 for the first time.

  9. Aftter the turmoils created by yesterday’s decision of the Security Services of Ukraine to apply travel ban to the Russian representative Julia Samoilova, in Ukraine, the EBU decided to bend the rules and give the opportunity for a remote performance through satellite.

    • EBU bending rules? I am shocked.

      • It’s up to Russia, now I guess!

        • I wouldn’t mind if they cancelled the whole thing this year. What about a level playing field for all countries. Making Russia the underdog, they could just as well hand them the victory right now.

          • It’s true they are given the spotlight. Last year though it was Ukraine given a lenient treatment. I mean EBU should have never allowed the song as 1944 the same way “Don’t Deny” was forced to change to another title NOT reminiscent of a historical event.

            • Ukrainian vice President now insists that Julia is still illegal to perform even via satellite…

            • I agree. But it is not only Russia/Ukraine. It is also the big 4 including their gaining exposure in the semis, it is how each year more Swedish ideas are introduced, it is the juries that aren’t transparent at all, it is the accepting of all sort of bullshit from the same countries, while making a big fuss about the use of the word “facebook” in a song. And yes, the treatment of the Armenian song while allowing the same from Ukraine is pure hypocrisy. (The Armenian song shouldn’t have been allowed either by the way.) I’ve had it with all of this at the moment.

            • I agree with your analysis 100% and I wouldn’t change a word!

            • That surely is not up for Ukrainian vice president to decide.
              We haven’t seen anything yet, I’m afraid.

            • They just don’t wanna Put in I’m afraid (light joke)

            • Pun intended much needed here 😃

          • I don’t agree. Cancelling ESC 2017 is probably exactly what Mr. Putin wants. After all, ESC represents the complete opposite of what Mr. Putin thinks of as a perfect world. Plus, he doesn’t approve of any collaboration of countries that does not involve subjection to Russia.

            • While the ukrainian authorities want ESC2017 to take place without hitches and problems? Nothing in their conduct so far gives the slightest indication that this is true. Domestic politics and power struggles in Ukraine have been paramount all those months, every step of the way.

            • I don’t approve of the nationalist agenda the Ukrainian government is following either. But I stand by my conviction that the choice of Yuliya was a strategic move with the aim of damaging ESC.

            • Ukraine should be stripped of the contest immediately, even if it has to take place in September or October. No country should ever accept any restrictions on the artists it chooses by the host country. To do so even once creates a precedent any future host can use to their purposes. That is my position.

              If Russia hosted and banned people it viewed as a “threat” to their sovereignity or contrary to their laws (which could really mean anything), I guess people who are so “understanding” of Ukraine’s position right now would be singing from a very different sheet wouldn’t they? In fact they would be howling in outrage. I condemn what Ukraine does just like I would condemn it if Russia did it. Russian motives whatever they are are completely irrelevant in this discussion. The only serve the usual “blame Russia and absolve Ukraine” narrative.

            • But why do you tell this to me? When Jamala had won last year, I said that the EBU should ask Ukraine to sign a document preventing any mess with Russia before allowing them to host.

            • That should have indeed happened as you suggested.

            • “If Russia hosted and banned people it viewed as a “threat” to their sovereignity or contrary to their laws (which could really mean anything), I guess people who are so “understanding” of Ukraine’s position right now would be singing from a very different sheet wouldn’t they? In fact they would be howling in outrage. I condemn what Ukraine does just like I would condemn it if Russia did it. Russian motives whatever they are are completely irrelevant in this discussion. The only serve the usual “blame Russia and absolve Ukraine” narrative.”

              This right here is literary GOLD! Captures the argument perfectly.

              That Russia is wrong on most, if not all, of the real world issues, and unpopular, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be defended when they are right. The spirit of INCLUSION the ESC was founded on applies to every member of the EBU.

              As long as Russia remains a member of the EBU, they should be treated equally. If the EBU revoked their membership as a consequence of their actions, that will get no argument out of me. If you want to sign a petition to kick them out of the EBU, go ahead. Since that hasn’t happened, the EBU, as the organizer and holder of the event, can’t change a country’s laws but they can move the event elsewhere, preferably to Tallinn or back to Kobenhaven. These are just 2 random cities I chose BTW, in no way did I pick them for selfish reasons. Lol

            • Double standards abound. In case Russia hosted and a country chose an artist that breaks Russia’s laws (Pussy Riot for example or a gay activist) nobody would say they are doing it to provoke Russia or create problems at the ESC. Everybody would support them and I would support them 100% as well.

              The EBU is an association of public TV stations, not a Court of World Arbitration. It has welcomed into the contest countries like Turkey, Israel, Armenia and Azerbaijan at times when the conduct of all of them were pretty controversial. It has no business revoking membership of any country that is part of its broadcast area. If people are interested in discussing politics in the real world I would welcome a discussion that is balanced and not inflammatory and one-sided and does not mereley reproduce the arguments of atlanticist circles promoted by the angloamerican media. We should also bear in mind that this is not a forum of historians nor international law experts and that this sort of quastions are ususally settled long after the lifetimes of those who live through them.

            • Very true.

              But if this was a political discussion, I would be taking Russia’s side a lot less, if at all. Lol

              I’m an American, and we’ve done some pretty horrible things so we aren’t best placed to talk about invasions and spying, or even gay rights.

              But what I can comment on, and feel very strongly about since it is one of my pet peeves, is hating the people of a country wholesale. It happens to Americans regularly.

              The politicians/policy and the people are 2 different things.
              I’m not a stereotype, and I have not voted in any election for almost 20 years. Politicians suck. All of them.

              I’m reading too much how all Russians are evil and puppets, just like I read a lot about the brain dead stupid militaristic invader Americans. It’s simpler to just put everyone together in a box I guess.

            • For me, both arguments have merit, both countries are being confrontational, but some of the more militant arguers are using what I consider a horrible tactic: trying to paint anyone arguing for Russia in this case as somehow supporting the current Russian regime. They made it into a zero sum game.

              And it’s not just happening in this site.

            • I’m really shocked by what you said.How could EBU tramp on a country’s sovereignty and demand them to scrap a pre-existing legitimate law?It’s universally accepted by the democratic world that the law is leginitmate and vital to Ukraine’s sovereignty.Anyone who wishes to visit Crimea should do so via Ukraine and after they have issued a visa if it’s necessary.So,you propose EBU should demand Ukraine to give Russia a carte blanche and let them do whatever they want?

            • Well, as you know I am no fan of concepts like the national state and national souvereignty. No need to be shocked. :)

    • What rule was “bended” ? I think there is a feature that if the performer is unable to perform live on the night for whatever reason a recorded performance is shown. This is something of that nature.

      I doubt Russia will accept anyway tbh, the “poor disabled girl” soap opera is too good to not milk it further. Although I am sure they will continue milking it even if they accept this offer…

    • What if she sings from Crimea :p

    • Good for them. I applaud the EBU’s proposal. At least they are trying to do something about it.

  10. While I understand EBU’s and NTU’s intentions to find a compromising solution providing Russia with an opportunity to sell their agenda even more seems like the wrong way to go.
    Russia is the one who should make a step towards a compromise if they truly want to participate since they are the ones at fault here as they chose Samoilova in first place. Thus all EBU should do is give Russia a deadline to pick another artist at best – or withdraw.

  11. “remote performance through satellite” 😂😂😂
    Are they out of their minds?why don’t they just hand in the trophy to Russia instead?
    That’s absolutely unacceptable and unfair…I think EBU likes the drama to keep the eurovision alive…That’s why they prefer causing more controversies instead of solving them

  12. Just cancel 2017 edition, this is horrific..

  13. How very interesting to see this nihilistic trend “oh russia and ukraine are similarly situated and if russia did the same I would condemn it”. People either don’t follow the news the last..3 years ? Or they pretend nothing is happening.

    Let’s make it clear one last time because I have read quite a few things about hypocrisy from those supporting Ukraine’s position like me :

    Russia has ZERO arguments to ban anyone from entering. It is the aggresor in this case, it is the one threatening the sovereignity of another nation – russia has zero excuse to ban any person of any nationality because nobody has attacked it’s territorial integrity or waged a war against it. Russia is the one waging a war against a neighbouring country and assaulting its territorial integrity to this day.

    Also you give away your pro russian anti ukrainian feelings while trying to seem “objective” by sentences such as “Russian motives whatever they are are completely irrelevant in this discussion. “. They are VERY relevant.

    The country that attacks Ukraine for years and has illegally anexed its lands instead of trying to be a tad discreet and respectful to the sensitivity of the situation and the contest decided to outright PROVOKE the nation it wages a war against without a shred of respect for the contest and choose an artist from those who cannot legally enter Ukraine as they have illegally visited Crimea thus recognizing its illegal current status. And not only that but now tries to deflect the matter using her diability as PR soap opera drama to evoke emotions of pity. We are talking beyond the bottom levels of morality really.

    If one is pro-russian in all this matter good for them and they can proudly say so but do not try to hide behind supposedly “objective” argumentation as imo the bias shows big time.

    Russia must be disqualified. It has made a mockery of this contest long enough.

  14. And just one final comment: If Russia hadn’t broken international law by illegally annexing Crimea, none of this would have happened. Everything else are complications going back to this criminal act. Therefore there is no doubt about who is to be held responsible for what is happening now, despite all the issues I have with Ukraine’s actions too. My main issue with Ukraine is the lamentable fact that they haven’t been acting smartly btw, but then, as annoying as stupidity might be, it’s not a crime …

    • What do you think about Kosovo issue?

      • I will answer that one in private (when I send the Madrid recommendations …) because this isn’t a politics forum but I can tell you at this point that I am somewhat on the fence when it comes to Kosovo, which is another example why we shouldn’t have the so-called “national states” …

        • With all respect and understanding to what you say I have to mention that you can’t have the same recipt for different issues! I won’t say anything about Russia-Ukranian problem but many issues in Post-Sovietic area are born because of the same mottos of “Multiculturalism” and “Brotherhood of nations”! For example starting from Transcaucasian Confederation and then Soviet Union the Armenian popilation of Nakhijevan (translated from Armenian as “before the hostile place”) from 45% decreased to 0.6% of the total of population under the same mottos. Within the same mottos Artsakh (NKR) with it’s predominantly Armenian population was anexed by Stalin to Azerbaijanian USSR. So within the mottos against “national states” Soviet Union created fantastic tools nowdays used by Russia to keep the influance on former USSR contries in case something wrong happens with Soviet System.

          • Well, you think what you think and I think what I think. 2 World Wars are more than enough arguments against the national state imo. And I am terribly disappointed: You have known me for years and probably know that I studied literature and history. Yet you think that I don’t know or approve of the crimes committed by the USSR. They just abused “multiculturalism” to implemet terror. I won’t say another word on this issue because some people are obviously more than willing to think the worst about you whenever you post an opinion. :(

            • Toggie my English by far is not perfect (I know it) but i read my own reply once again to understand whether it could look like a lecture for someone who doesn’t know history. I’ve got to repeat the same thing that knowing me for many years you shouldn’t consider my reply as attempt to teach you or thinking worst. Just shared point of view. Well in the future I’ll try to avoid from doing it .

            • OK. Thanks. Probably both of us got sth wrong here. Friends again?

          • But he is right, i’m also against national states..
            I really am angry to the UK for stepping out of the EU..and I’m glad that Juncker said everything to Theresa May back then!

            • I don’t want to argue and discuss it! Everyone is free in his/her views!
              Bulgaria is doing quite well with bookies and Artsvik didn’t flop there though I thought she would.

  15. If any other country’s participant had done what Yulia did I highly doubt they would’ve been banned, or even investigated. It was just an anti-Russian act on Ukraine’s part. Ukraine and Russia have been going back and forth with each other for awhile now in ESC, but it’s beginning to go too far now. Armenia and Azerbaijan aren’t even this bad. I feel so bad for Yulia. This was her childhood dream, and now that it was just about to happen, everything got destroyed.

    Part of me really hopes that Yulia can perform this year out of the goodness of my heart, but also for selfish reasons because I really don’t want her back at Eurovision 2018 :/

    • ”If any other country’s participant had done what Yulia did I highly doubt they would’ve been banned, or even investigated”.

      They would have given them an exception. They don’t want to offer such a concession to Russia obviously.

  16. Hated her Eurovision song but this is very nice

  17. If the people who are called pro-russian have a problem with being called pro-russian they should stop using such blatant pro-russian argumentation to support their position maybe. What unbelievable double standards and lack of objectivity…Shocking.

    Everyone is free to use whatever sophistry they believe it will help their position but totally ignoring russia’s huge responsibilities in picking said singer with a clear agenda in mind gives away the views of those who make otherwise bold statements about how objective they are and they should be called out.

    I don’t believe I had read a scariest and more authoritarian thing than that the EBU should threaten another country to overhaul it’s laws to adapt to what some consider “EBU rules” in order to be able to host. Ukraine, a country that is under attack currently, should roll over and accept any provocation from the country attacking them in order to be part and host the biggest european music festival. Shocking, truly shocking…

    Instead of bullying Ukraine every european institution, including the EBU should actively SUPPORT the ukrainian laws in this case and create an inclusive environment for a country still damaged by the consequences of a war waged against them.

    I have nothing more to say, everything has been said. I would advise the pro-russian users (yes I am sorry this is the truth of the situation) to stop provoking and attacking any user who realizes the facts of the situation and sticks to them.

    • I agree nobody should worry about being called pro-russian, since there are people who have no problem appearing blatantly pro-NATO or write stuff that look like communiqués from ukrainian government ministries. When balance and moderation are completely lost, they need to be urgently restored any way that is possible.

      The ukrainian prime minister yesterday said that even broadcasting Yulia’s performance via satellite would be illegal in his country. If folks don’t understand how orwellian that is, how contrary to the european values we all hold dear and that supposedly these people are trying to adopt (!) then what can I say? In 21st century Europe, in the age of internet and information technology, a head of government talked about blocking a broadcast.

      One last thing: People who worry about Russia and its (autocratic, cleptocratic and often murderous) regime should really act a little cooler and not hand her propaganda victories on the platter.

      • Balance and moderation are most certainly lost that’s for sure.

        Guess what ? It does not matter what the ukrainian prime minister said because Russia refused the offer already apparently ! Which shows exactly this has nothing to do with the contest itself but it has everything to do with exercizing power over ukrainian sovereignity yet again and mocking ukrainian laws yet again (after the total mockery of the ukrainian constitution they made by illegally anexing Crimea).

        Russia picked that singer on purpose and refused EBU’s offer on purpose. I hoped this would be evident but I am afraid to some people who clearly have taken russia’s side it is not.

        If people don’t understand that russia has been woking in opposition to european values for YEARS now and proves yet again that they do not have a shred of moral values by trying to downplay the fact that Ukraine has very legitimate reasons to ban any russian citizen who has illegally visited Crimea without going through proper ukrainian custom controls (as Samoylova did) under the propagandistic guise of pity they created for the “poor disabled girl”. Not only they are mocking ukraine and common sense they also try to convince the world they somehow care about minorities suddenly.

        This amoralistic propaganda and provocation makes my blood boil literally. The fact that people defend all this truly criminal behaviour is even more enraging though.

        I am done. I am too disgusted with what I read here to bother anymore. As you said it is the age of the internet and anyone can find the facts if they are interested in them. I know I am.

  18. Jon Ola Sand says the EBU will appeal to the Ukrainian prime-minister so that Yulia’s travel ban will come into force after eurovision.

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