Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Svala (Iceland)

Iceland – After a shock result last year that saw Greta Salome fail to make the grand final, Iceland return with one of their most popular artists… Pop Star Svala. Svala will be performing in the first semi final on May 9th with her song “Paper” and here we will tell you some more about her

Song: “Paper”
Music By: Svala Björgvinsdóttir, Einar Egilsson, Lester Mendez and Lily Elise
Lyrics By: Svala Björgvinsdóttir, Einar Egilsson, Lester Mendez and Lily Elise

About Svala
40 year old Svala Björgvinsdóttir was born in Reykjavík and is the daughter of Björgvin Halldórsson who represented Iceland in the contest back in 1995 with ” Núna” which came 15th. Svala started her career performing back up vocals for her fathers album at just age 7 and at aged 9 got a #1 single when performing a duet with her father on the song “Fyrir Jól” which was a Christmas Single.
In 1999, Svala signed a record deal with EMI and their Priority Records label which was eventually bought out by Capitol Records. In 2001 her debut solo album “The Real Me” was released and enjoyed national success as well as success in Germany, Spain and Japan.
As well as a solo career Svala has been a member of several groups throughout her work life. At 16 she formed Scope before leaving to joining the group the Bubbleflies.
Her most successful group however is Steed Lord who she formed with her (then boyfriend, now husband) Einar Egilsson and his brother Edvard Egilsson. Steed Lord have found success not only in Iceland but also America.
In 2015 Svala was hired as one of the Mentors on the Icelandic version of The Voice and she also has her own fashion line “Kali” (the name she goes by when performing in Steed Lord).
Svala is also a trained ballet dancer and studied at the Icelandic National Theatre Ballet.

Svala was selected to represent Iceland by beating off 6 other acts in the National Final Söngvakeppnin. With the backing of the public (they gave her double the points) she was able to beat runner up Daði Freyr Pétursson.
Lester Mendez, one of the songs composers is an American Songwriter and producer and has written songs for Santana, Anastacia and most successfully, Shakira writing hits such as “Underneath Your Clothes”, “Objection (Tango)” and “La Tortura”.

(Taken from 4Lyrics)

You’re under the water
Trying to pull me under
I reach for you
I reach for you

You can throw it all at me, I won’t give you up
I can handle all your pain, take it as it comes
I love you right, but you make me feel like

Paper, you cut right through
I’m stuck like glue to you
Paper, your darkness pulls
I lose control again

Drawing every bit of my truth
Colour me in with your blue
Paper, you cut right through
A thousand words for you

I know I wasn’t a part of you plan
I know you think that you’re being a man
Tell me to leave you alone
Tell me I would be so better off
But you don’t understand

I canʼt leave you, baby
I can’t leave you
But you make me feel like

Paper, you cut right through
I’m stuck like glue to you
Paper, your darkness pulls
I lose control again

Drawing every bit of my truth
Colour me in with your blue
Paper, you cut right through
A thousand words for you

Paper, you cut right through
I’m stuck like glue to you
Paper, your darkness pulls
I lose control again

Drawing every bit of my truth
Colour me in with your blue
Paper, you cut right through
A thousand words for you

Svala on Social Media:
Facebook: svalakali
Twitter: @svalakali
Instagram: @svalakali

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  1. Iceland on my list:

    1st 1997 12/12
    2nd 2012 10/12
    3rd 1987 9/12
    4th 2004 9/12
    5th 2008 9/12
    6th 2009 9/12
    27th 1986 4/12
    28th 1988 4/12
    29th 2001 4/12
    30th 2015 1/12

    Favourite song from the 90s:

    8th 1996 8/12

  2. Off topic -this is a plausible and accurate review of ‘Amar pelos dois’, imo:

  3. A very early prediction about contenders and the top10.

    Contenders: ITA and BEL

    Then: AZR and SWE

    I am not sure about the rest but those with potential are…

    Portugal (not popular with the public), Bulgaria, Australia, Serbia, Greece, France, Armenia. FYRoM has too a potential but I fear they will screw it live- a potential FFF.

    Within a chance; HUN, DEN and ISR.

    • We shouldn’t forget that you can’t vote down songs. Only likes count. :)
      On escstat’s pre chart f. e. Portugal has even more first places than the Italian song in 1st place (160 to 139). I am sure that Portugal will find its audience with the televote too.

    • Contenders for the top-10? I’d say Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium*, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel and Russia.

      Also in with a chance: Australia, Finland, Poland and Romania.

      * If she succeeds in the semi. For me, this will either do great or not qualify at all.

      • I can’t see EST and RUS up there.

        • We will have to wait and see. Estonia will be huge with the televote – whether it will be in the levels of Poland 2016, Austria 2016 or somewhere in between remains to be seen, but it is playing in the same field of nostalgia. And I have seen grown men almost welling up when I played them the russian video. In fact I couldn’t even believe the reaction, it left me aghast.

    • I think Portugal will be top 10 in televote but not with the juries!

      • That’s my feeling too atm. The juries will think that it isn’t radio friendly. Yuck!

      • Could happen.

      • It might happen as well. All I can say is they might not manage to match both set of votes. ITA 2013 and BEL 2010 didn’t either.

      • I think it will!

      • They still went for a rather edgy and very different entry in 2011 “Madness of Love”! I mean personally I dont really fancy Portugal 2017, but I still think the juries are out of their mind if they dont have him at least in their top 10!

        Although how they have been acting these last year fightens me that a jury fanwank for Sweden is gonna happen again… Its weird, but I really want us to do bad this year as it feels we (the public) really didn’t choose Robin in the end :/

        • I hear you. I am annoyed the international juries determine the winner in MF sometime. Especially if it isn’t the public’s choice.

        • well it was Italy’s return…

          • Yeah I know, but they did vote for Latvia 2015 👌 with a generic song in first place, oh Well, but usually they have at least some quality songs in the top :P I still have some faith in the jury left, but I still agree they have fanwanked to normal and boring entries these last years..

      • I meant to write Italy 2011! :p

  4. In other news Bulgaria is currently the 3rd most popular bet for the trophy and Norway has just outpassed Austria in qualification odds

  5. With current betting odds, I believe AUS and AZE are the ones to watch in May.
    We all know that winning the televoting even by a big margin (ITA) doesn’t mean anything if juries “place” you just outside top 5.

    • Even so, I feel juries would be a bit more careful in this edition. It won’t look great to kill the same country that won the televote twice in three years.

      • The words “juries” and “careful” in one sentence…….mhmm ;)

      • Yes but at the same time they have to protect their credibility and I can’t see how they can possibly do that by voting for Italy. Might as well abolish them and let televoting run afoul again.

    • I very much doubt Australia will be any stronger in the televote than it was in their previous two efforts. Plus, since the juries voted very tactically last year (they showered them with points expecting AUS to be top-3 in the televote and thus win overall) don’t expect any similar treatment this year unless the aussies clearly have the wind on their backs. It will happen only if after the rehearsals they rise enough in the odds to make an australian victory conceivable. Otherwise, those points will not be wasted but will go to another song that is palatable to the juries (meaning probably western and probably in english) and that has a chance of actually winning and appear “credible” in the english-speaking market. That could be Belgium (it would make their lives so much easier), except I am not really sure she has what it takes as a performer.

      • or, as seen in MF, it’ll be Sweden… again…

        • Sweden is also not very likely to be third like Mans in the televote. I mean, he was third in his own country. By the way, I read that for the first time they are going to change their staging from the MF (no more treadmills) and will be doing Eurovision parties promotion as well. Does this mean they are not as confident as usual? Will they try another approach to court the televote, perhaps less “robotic” and putting less emphasis on the “beautiful people” aspect?

          • I dont think Sweden will win and indeed think televote wont be as big as with Mans, but I can see juries still having it extremely high!

            • Of course. The problem from their perspective is they want to settle on something that will also be strong with the televote. A completely fractured field can lead to any sort of unpredictable result.

          • Yes, this means that they are not too confident and they have a very good reason to think so. SVT will now pump the staging up to max. Robin is the weakest link here so there will be lots of smoking and mirroring round him. Maybe even couple of look, a squirell moments.
            So glad to see they are a bit nervous. Times, they might be a-changing!

            • But is Robin the problem? I remember him last year with a plain white shirt and a harmonica. He was amazing.

              No, I think it’s the whole emphasis on beautiful people catwalking and striking rigid poses and how the whole treadmills concept reinforces all that. I think they are going to focus it more on him and ditching the treadmills probably means also ditching the model-dancers. There is a radio producer I listen to sometimes who regularly discusses ESC. He obviously fancies Robin and Monday after the MF final he was raving about Sweden’s choice, how they are favourites to win again etc. But the way he described Robin to his listeners was “that beautiful Narcissus”. Now you don’t have to know greek mythology to understand this description implies arrogance and self-absorption. The whole performance brought out this impression, while last year you simply marvelled at how good-looking he is without this coming out the wrong way (the “I am better than you” way).

            • And he really should get rid of that eye make up, though it was even worse last year 😃

            • Lol :-P

          • That’s exactly what makes Robin the problem. He is into himself and that’s the most off putting thing. Good looks turn against you, when you look like you are posing in front of the mirror loving yourself. My friend called them Douche Bag Gang and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not glamorous as they are thinking, it’s just shiny and sleazy. It’s a big difference.

      • It’s true that AUS hasn’t been particularly well received from fans this year. Borderline qualifier in semi 1 (esc nation), not even in top 5 in qualification betting odds for 1st semi. However, if we take last year’s statistics for real, the runaway polls’ and betting favourite (RUS) didn’t win the trophy (neither did France the runner up). They actually lost to a country (UKR) with a betting odd of 20.00, two months before the contest. Looking at current 2017 betting odds it seems like AUS, ARM and AZE are at 20.00. Could it be PRT as well at 13.00?

    • Fingers triple crossed on that one. Not that Italy is any certain to win televoting or by any margin but having the jury vote as a safety break in case it happens is the only thing that keeps me hoping for this year’s contest.

  6. This is a survey I conducted in my Indonesian ESC fan… They have given rating from 1 to 10 and after 22 responses, here is the result of average rating of each entries:

    1. ITALY 9.14
    2. Sweden 8.10
    3. Denmark 8.05
    4. France 8.00
    5. Belgium 7.86

    6. Portugal 7.81
    7. FYR Macedonia 7.81
    8. Netherlands 7.71
    9. Serbia 7.52
    10. Azerbaijan 7.38

    11. Switzerland 7.33
    12. Australia 7.10
    13. Austria 7.00
    14. Moldova 7.00
    15. Bulgaria 6.95
    16. Israel 6.95
    17. Belarus 6.71
    18. Norway 6.71
    19. Estonia 6.62
    20. UK 6.48

    21. Albania 6.48
    22. Ukraine 6.38
    23. Cyprus 6.38
    24. Finland 6.33
    25. Armenia 6.29
    26. Poland 6.24
    27. Latvia 6.24
    28. Montenegro 6.19
    29. Hungary 6.10
    30. Czech Rep 6.05

    31. Iceland 5.81
    32. Georgia 5.67
    33. Ireland 5.62
    34. Greece 5.62
    35. Romania 5.48
    36. Russia 5.43
    37. Germany 5.24
    38. San Marino 5.14
    39. Croatia 4.90
    40. Spain 4.33

    41. Malta 4.10
    42. Slovenia 4.00
    43. Lithuania 4.00

  7. OGAE Georgia 🇬🇪
    12 Italy, 10 Belgium, 8 France, 7 Latvia, 6 Estonia, 5 Albania, 4 Isreil, 3 Poland, 2 Finland, 1 Azerbaijan.

    • and a third one with france in its top 5! good for italy and belgium, nice for finland and azerbaijan, the rest not so much (though im a bit happy for france and latvia)

    • At least it makes more sense than the first set of points …

    • Everybody seems to love the Italian song. I still don’t get it. I find it pretty annoying and musically uninteresting (though I get the criticism of the lyrics, but that’s not enough for me).

      • Uptempo, happy rhythm that does not fall into the usual clichés of contemporary dance music; witty lyrics and a confident performer that obviously seems to enjoy what he is doing. In other words, a full entertainment package. What more do we need? :)

        • For me: a better and more interesting and less enervating composition. I know a lot of people find the lyrics witty, but I fail to do so, though I enjoy the civilization criticism they contain. When it comes to humorous ESC entries, I have other preferences.

          And as for uptempo, happy rhythm, I very much prefer Belarus. It’s a very charming and joyful song :-)

          • The exact same things you write about Italy I think about Belarus (especially her performance that I find too agitated) and to my ears it sounds like a let’s-sing-around-the-campfire type of song. But de gustibus and de coloribus non est disputandum :)

          • I see your point but strongly disagree about the lyrics, which are excellent from a literary point of view: metrics, rhyming, assonance, imagery etc. In fact, they are among the most coherent and convincing ever in ESC imo.

      • I haven’t met a single person outside the esc bubble who likes it personally.

    • Fans from Namibia have also voted and their taste seems to be closer to the Kazakhstan fans.It’s funny how people from countries outside Europe who have never participated in esc have such different taste.Maybe,though,it’s just the fact they are a very small and homogenous group.

      • 12 to Croatia again? :o

          • I might be wrong about this, but I believe that there is a significant Dutch diaspora in Namibia, due to historical reasons (Afrikaners etc). Stommie could enlight us on this :)

            • Indeed.I thought about that too but their whole voting is not in line with the general trend.

            • Btw, how do these votes, and the ones from Kazakhstan you posted yesterday, count on the general OGAE vote? As “Rest of the World”?

            • I’m not sure if they’re part of the ROW vote but it’s very likely since it includes votes from countries that haven’t an official OGAE club.

            • Ok, I see.

            • I have no idea. I don’t think Namibia was ever a Dutch colony. I think it was German. And even then, the time when Dutch settlers moved to South Africa was a few hundred years ago. There are not that many ties anymore.

            • Oh thank you for this! All these years I thought Windhoek, the Namibian capital, was a Dutch word!

  8. My prediction is that Boy Kostov of Bulgaria and Russia will juries’ flavor of the month in May, if he nails it live. My prediction is that he will. I give bonus for name that actually could be topping global charts. It’s only song that sounds like that too. Bulgaria also did great warming up last year.
    The sentiment towards Australia is changing. You can feel it. The new kid in town buzz is gone. It’s more like every other competing country this year and rightfully so. Isaiah will be lucky if juries rank it as high as Malta last year.
    Sweden is also a bit too high on betting odds just like Sweden should of course. Frans had better and more current song, he actually had only current song last year, and he struggled with juries. Can’t really see Bengtsson do any better. He has same kind of likeability issues as Frans, maybe even more. Don’t think anything that can’t win audience support back home can turn into big televote favorite in the final.
    I’m pretty sure Belgium starts to struggle after first rehearsal. She is aloof. Shame as the song is brilliant.
    Azerbaijan and Armenia, together hand in hand will fight in top of jury votes, and Armenia will come in top. Armenia will probably have stronger live. As song it’s in league of it’s own. I think and I surely wish that drum banging, fire spitting bombastic warrior princesses are done in ESC.
    Juries will fall for Portugal and Italy might surprise us all there. Nothing speaks as loud as stage charisma of exceptional measure. No need to compare Francesco to that Mother’s day’s schmaltz fest.
    And finally Israel will surprise you all, except
    Michos. It will set the house alight in an old fashioned ballad festival.

  9. Finally done with exams and ready for some esc analyses and such :)

    First of all my wishlists for both semis :

    Semi 1

    Czech Republic

    Semi 2

    FYR Macedonia

  10. Next I conducted a little poll among 5 non esc fans friends, each from a different country (Sweden, Indonesia, France, Spain, Denmark) and asked them to listen to the songs (without any input or influence from me) and give me a top 10 eurovision-style. The collective results are as follows :

    1. Belgium – 40 points
    2. Azerbaijan – 34 points
    3. Finland – 28 points
    3. Sweden – 28 points
    5. France – 26 points
    5. Bulgaria – 26 points
    7. Latvia – 18 points
    8. Ireland – 16 points
    9. Hungary – 8 points
    10. Ukraine – 7 points
    10. Austria – 7 points
    10. Belarus – 7 points
    10. Armenia – 7 points
    14. Estonia – 6 points
    14. Switzerland – 6 points
    16. FYR Macedonia – 5 points
    16. Italy – 5 points
    16. United Kingdom – 5 points
    16. Moldova – 5 points
    20. Iceland – 4 points
    21. Portugal – 2 points

    And everyone else at zero. I was very surprised by the popularity of Finland and the non popularity of Australia tbh.

    • a rather nice top 8 (don’t like 9th and 10th but do understand the appeal), with the only surprise of France… annoyed seeing Estonia getting points, but glad Italy and Portugal do get some (when I expect your friends not to like them)

      • I did not say me and my friends share the same music taste necessarily so I don’t know why you would expect them not to like Italy or Portugal… But this tells me what I had already seen pretty much tbh. Italy seems to be popular in Italy and in the esc bubble mostly. On the other hand I will admit that I am surprised by both Finland and Latvia (although for the 2nd they didn’t see the live performance admittedly).

  11. Iceland keeps falling in betting odds. They are currently at #14 out of 18 in qualification odds…
    Georgia climbs 2 places (at#12) and Greece outpasses Australia at #2 (triple tie with AZE abd BEL)
    #1 SWE
    #2 AZE
    #2 BEL
    #2 GRC
    #5 AUS
    #6 ARM
    #7 POL
    #8 PRT
    #9 CYP
    #10 MDA
    #11 FIN
    #12 GEO
    #13 LVA
    #14 ISL
    #15 ALB
    #16 MNE
    #17 CZE
    #18 SVN

    • What do betting agencies know about Cyprus that we don’t I wonder..

    • So Iceland will stay out but Greece will fly to the final? Yeah right…

      By the way, reading Svala’s bio and extensive musical background in this article made me realize why she is such an experienced live singer. Compare her with Alma for example…

      • It’s quite early to predict anything, but last year betting odds during the final week provided all 20 semifinalists (minus ISL/AUT mismatch)

        • Yes, I remember the brutal disrespecting of my delightful Zoe. What a low point in ESC history :-P :-P

          However, I do recall that was not their only mistake. I remember they were also predicting the bosnian mess would qualify, lol.

          • I remember Bosnia hovering around #10 during rehearsals’ week, to land at #11 one day before semi (the exact place they ended). Betting odds were true from the beggining regarding Malta’s high semi ranking despite the very low fans’ support. They even got the Georgia over Norway duel right.
            And what about Estonia? ET and many fans loved “Play” since day 1 in Eesti Laul but booking agencies insisted on having it bottom four in semi 1

            • They got GEO-NOR only 2-3 days before the live.

            • Yeap. But Georgia was in the just missing out area for quite some time (same as this year :P)

            • After that rehearsal you didn’t to be a magician to know he wouldn’t qualify. But before that, you needed to be a clairvoyant to predict he would mess up his NF performance so badly…

            • Thing is he has been very low in betting odds since Eesti Laul :o

            • Yes. He was also flying very low in all online polling throughout the season, especially compared to the previous Stig Rasta song that was topping all online polls the year before. I admit -and I have written this here before- that this should have set alarm bells ringing.

            • YT polls on the other hand are very misleading. Watching prediction videos from 2016 (before rehearsals)
              France, Spain, Latvia, Hungary and Croatia were leading those tops.
              Russia was #3rd
              Australia 7th
              Bulgaria 10th and Ukraine 11th…(Italy 8th, Estonia 12th and Iceland 13th…)

            • true but the fans at rehearsals always had Estonia out!

      • Right now I do predict Iceland to miss out and Greece to likely Q if they pull their usual lives (which they havent last year).

    • What agency is this? Both Eurovisionworld’s aggregator and oddchecker in UK give totally different odds.

        • Ah, I was looking for grand final, of course 😃

        • Their prediction seems plausible atm.Both Finland and Iceland are definitely in the danger zone but i feel Finland could do it in the end.It’s a very effective Nordic ballad and the instrumental piano bridge SO effective.I wish they’ll have a very convincing stage performance too.I’m afraid Iceland is in a bigger trouble.Cyprus is a big question mark.We haven’t seen him performing the song live yet and we don’t know how they’ll stage it.Plus,Hovik isn’t a very strong performer as far as i remember.On the other hand,Georgia’s super conventional,pretentious and void ballad may have a chance.They have the same stage director as in 2015 and 2016.

          • This makes me a bit nervous. Blackbird is a director’s dream come true. Could see a minimalistic yet highly effective staging, stylish and elegant like the song.
            Unfortunately when it comes to style YLE is among the last places to call in Finland. If you want to do shabby, tired and cheap, then you call to right place 😃

            • Indeed.I don’t remember any really effective staging from YLE with the exception of 2014 which they kept simple.Simple is the key word again but it should be effective too.They should play with the light effects and perfectly walk on the tight rope: keeping the songs gloominess but not making it too dark.

            • Exactly. There is beautiful dramatic turn on the song in piano interlude. That should be the focal point of the staging.

  12. In semi 2, not much has changed (qualification odds)
    Romania goes one place down, while DNK one place up.
    FYR is also up (at #4 currently) same as SWI (at #14).
    Russia and Netherlands are going down.
    There’s a triple tie at #11
    #1 BGR
    #2 SRB
    #3 DNK
    #4 FYR
    #4 ROU
    #6 HUN
    #7 EST
    #8 RUS
    #9 NOR
    #10 BLR
    #11 ISR
    #11 IRL
    #11 AUT
    #14 SWI
    #15 HRV
    #16 NLD
    #17 MLT
    #18 LTU
    #19 SMR

  13. Since the Riga Esc party is not really interesting this year,here’s the line-up for Moscow’s esc party:

  14. Artsvik launches a folk songs challenge.First one she challenged was Levina.lol

  15. When you’re kinda forced to join a bandwagon:

    • im more like the second cat watching weird verona bangwagons and going WTF are they on?

    • Some people tried it with me and the Verona bandwagon but I managed to cut that chain.

      • I was thinking about you actually.lol I think you’re secretly chained to it humming how you’re lost in Verona(With Laura’s diction). :P

        • ROFL I am NOT furry. I once got lost in Verona though. We were there on Schullandheim vacation (educational trips with your school class) for a week when I was 14 years old. I spent too much time in the Cathedral and when I came out again, the bus had left. They later returned to pick me up (took them some minutes to realise that I was missing. Bastards!) but by then I had already wandered off. :)

          • lol!Spending too much time in the cathedral sounds very much like you.So,you should relate more to Koit’s and Laura’s drama.

    • I can not really recall having been forced into a bandwagon tbh.

  16. All 43 songs sorted by tempo from the slowest to the fastest:

  17. It’s not very often that ESC sells great mechandise, but this package is really cool. I may shell out the €150 it’s going to cost when shipping is added.


    • Have you checked the coffee mugs,the umbrellas etc?They’re great.

      • If I buy this box, I won’t have any money left for anything else. Lol

        The mugs I would buy. Unfortunately their clothing needs work.
        They need a new designer.

        • Well,if you’re a vinyl lover you have to pay for it nowdays.lol

          • I don’t own a record player. These will be for display.

            Unless I purchase one which adds another 100 dollars or more to the list. Forget “celebrate diversity,” their new slogan should be “how do you like your second job that’s needed to buy our merchandise?”

    • Nah. I do have a record player, but I wouldn’t bother buying such a thing. Especially not in a year like this…

      • Since you have no use for it, you want to send it to me?

        Also, aren’t you supposed to be endorsing my impulse buy?
        I’m sure the EBU is none to pleased that your lack of endorsement might lead me to reconsider. Lol

        • Lol, it won’t be of much use if I do. It is sensible equipment, so the transport will most likely destroy the thing.

          And then I can’t play the 200 vinyls that I already have…

          • Yeah it won’t work.

            I think I’m going to purchase one for me, purchase the overpriced package they are selling, receive it in June, then end up crying in July when I see the negative bank statement. Lol

            Or maybe I’m talked out of it, and end up saving the money and putting it to better use.

            • Thinking about it once again, it may be that the state the record player is in, when you receive it, will make some of the songs sound a bit more interesting…

            • So now you want me to buy the overpriced vinyl set?
              If you can’t decide, how do you expect me to?

            • I have decided to send it to you, and then you send it back to me again. That should make the songs sound twice as interesting if I buy it myself…

            • Before you make that offer, I have one question: What evidence have I given in the four years I have been here that I’m the type of person that’s going to keep my word and to return it? Exactly. Lol

            • Well, one can only hope :p

              But it’s late for me now, I will have to go to sleep.

            • It’s almost too late for me and I’m a few hours behind. Goodnight.

  18. Had my dad listen to all the songs, here are his favorites: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, and United Kingdom. He absolutely hated Sweden, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, San Marino, and (most surprisingly) Italy.

  19. A new live performance of Portugal:

  20. Julia Samoilova is banned from entering Ukraine.

    • The Security Service of Ukraine has banned for three years entry of Russian singer Yulia Samoylova to the territory of Ukraine, reported press-secretary of SSU Olena Hitlyanska on her Facebook page.
      So,i suppose we’re down to 42 countries.

      • Georgia’s song was disqualified by the EBU for political lyrics and Armenia was not banned, but withdrew on its own, citing security concerns due to its enmity with the azeris.

        In no other case in the past were competing artists investigated or banned by the host country. This is Ukraine’s brand new gift to the contest.

    • I saw it at the Guardian. Well, my opinion is that if you want to host a contest you have to accept any contestant from the competing countries. This is only politics and this is getting worse every year. It happens between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russia and Georgia and now Russia and Ukraine. It has never happened in the past.

      • I 100% agree. Where’s EBU on this?

        • EBU? Don’t let me laugh. When was the last time they took a stand against anything.

          • 2009 with Georgia I guess…
            2017 with San Marino?

            • Georgia 2009 had lyrics that were obviously political. But Russia did not ban a Georgian delegation

            • EBU did ban Georgia though…

            • They told Georgia to change the lyrics. Which they refused.

            • They should have also asked from Ukraine then to accept every single contestant before giving them the host status. Unless they realised it to late and they don’t want to put 2017 edition in jeopardy

            • That is so beyond naturally that I don’t understand why it has to be stipulated.

          • Weicheier …

          • Russia did complain to EBU about the lyrics of the Georgian entry back then.

            • Which isn’t the same as banning an artist.

            • Why would Russia ban a Georgian artist?Did Georgia annex parts of Russia?Oh,i forgot.It’s Russia that interfered in Abkhazia and South Ossetia that are now self declared independent states with the help of Russia.

            • I have also opinions about political conflicts. I am not taking Russia’s side in any of those conflicts. But EBU made a choice about allowing politics in eurovision. And every year it still happens. And every time with the same countries. It is time to stop that.

            • That’s the ideal scenario but since countries from very troubled areas geopolitically take part in esc these things are bound to happen.There’s not much that EBU can do.They do have to walk on a tight rope here.

            • It happens because countries get away with it.

            • So what? Wasn’t that a provocation? EBU saw that as well, not just Russia.

        • EBU has said that it’s up to the Ukrainian authorities to decide on the matter.

          • Really? What if there was a Ukrainian law banning half of the countries? They should have investigated things more thoroughly before handing Ukraine the host rights…

            • EBU obviously knows that Ukraine wouldn’t be banning any other artists.It’s the artist that was banned from entering and not the country.There’s a list of many Russian artists who are banned from entering Ukrainian territory because they have performed in Crimea since it was annexed.Many of them have supported the annexation so they’re in a black list,i suppose.That list exists since 2014.

            • Lol. How can EBU know beforehand how many artists could be banned? The esc season started months after host rights were given to Ukraine. The so called list could feature many possible esc artists (either internally selected or winning one country’s N.F)

            • The list was known to Russia.I don’t think Julia was in it but it was also clear that any artist who have entered Crimea via Russia after its’ annexation could potentially be subject to a ban from the contest.

            • Will they ban Artsvik now too?
              What if Dihaj has also performed in Crimea?

            • Have they?I don’t think so.

            • Was Ukraine’s 1944 a personal story about Jamala’s grand mother?
              I don’t think so either…

            • I am biting my fingers out of stress!!!

      • About Georgia. It as their fault, Russia didn’t force them out. EBU advised them to change a word but they refused to do so. Clearly Georgia was up to politics that year.

    • That’s both not acceptable and a very silly thing to do. Putin wants to be the victim once again and Ukraine gives him exactly what he wants …

      • It is a complex matter.On one hand,it looks really bad from a PR point of view but on the other,the secrete service must have had in mind that allowing Yulia to participate could potentially be seen as accepting the annexation of Crimea.

  21. Breaking news: Ukrainian authorities just anounced they are banning russian contestant Julia Samoiliva for entering the country for three years and they are on the course of investigating armenian artist Artsvik, also for performing in Crimea…

    I can’ t believe the ukrainians are handing Russia a huge PR coup in a platter witb an eye in domestic political considerations. Or that the EBU is passively watching this charade. Let me remind everyone that Turkey let Cyprus participate in 2004 even though it doesn’t recognise its government, or that Serbia never investigated whether Albania’s representatives in 2008 had ever performed in Kosovo (whose secession Serbia regards as illegal). And that despite the outcry caused in Greece over Sakis Rouvas’ performance in northern Cyprus, he was chosen twice as Greece’s representative…

    • I was about to post smth similar. Ppl will not listen to you…they are taking sides with Ukraine I am afraid…

  22. Liecthenstein’s votes:

  23. NEW POST ON THE RUSSIA BAN… Please discuss on there. Thanks

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