Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Blanche (Belgium)

Belgium – Belgium have been doing very well these past years making it into the Top 10 for two years in a row. This year Belgium have internally selected the singer Blanche.
Will she be able to follow in the footsteps of Laura Tesoro and Loic Notett?

Song: “City Lights”
Music By: Pierre Dumoulin
Lyrics By: Pierre Dumoulin and Blanche

About Blanche
17 year old Blanche, real name Ellie Delvaux was born in Brussels and has been singing from a young age as her older brother was a singer also. She can play both the guitar and the piano as well as song write.
RTBF like to go to The Voice to get their Eurovision act and Blanche is no exception. Taking part in season five in 2016 she was picked coached by the French band Cats on Trees. She failed to make the final and was eliminated in week 2.
After leaving The Voice Blanche was contacted by Pierre Dumoulin of the band Roscoe who helped her write some songs as demos, one of which, “City Lights” caught the attention of RTBF who selected it for Eurovision 2017.

Blanche has had a successful run up to Eurovision so far with “City Lights” making #1 in the Wallonia charts and #16 on the Flanders chart. Currently, Belgium are joint 3rd favourite to win alongside Bulgaria.
Blanche has also signed on to perform at the London Eurovision Party.

(Taken from Karaoke Lyrics)

All alone in the danger zone
Are you ready to take my hand?
All alone in the flame of doubt
Are we going to lose it all?

I could never leave…you in the city lights
I could never beat…the storm in your eyes,
The storm in your bright eyes

All alone in the danger zone
Are you ready to take my hand?
All alone in the flame of doubt
Are we going to lose it all?

Looking in between…the space in the city lights
All we ever seen is stars in your eyes
The stars in your dark eyes

All alone in the danger zone
Are you ready to take my hand?
All alone in the flame of doubt
Are we going to lose it all?

Let’s put some light in to our lives
Light keep us down until we rise
They threw some light in to our lives

All alone in the danger zone
Are you ready to take my hand?
All alone in the flame of doubt
Are we going to lose it all?

All alone in the danger zone
Are you ready to take my hand?
All alone in the flame of doubt
Are we going to lose it all?
To lose it all?
To lose it all?

Blanche on Social Media:
Website: http://www.blanche-music.be
Facebook: blanchemusicbe
Twitter: @blanchemusicbe
Instagram: @blanchemusicbe

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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123 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Blanche (Belgium)

  1. Off topic. I have just watched ”Get Out”. Great experience in mat respects. Clever and well staged movie!

  2. A great song with the same title (almost):

  3. I like Belgium 2017, but not as majority, IMO it’s a bit overrated..it’s not that special, at the moment we hear similar songs all the time, so it’s not that interesting to me..I fear she is a bit unexperienced to pull this live, but we will see..color of voice is a bit “male”, thus interesting to me.. :)
    Belgium is my number 21 overall, and number 9 in the 1st semi in my book, thus I want it in the final..but i hope it doesn’t win..

  4. I’m sure this Azerbaijani boy taking part in Sweden’s got talent will represent Azerbaijan in esc sooner than later.Or enter MF.I don’t know why they all cry,though:

  5. This is a really great example of our taste here on ET, its second overall in my pre ESC list. I just love its simplicity yet effective sound, although im not so sure of its chances tbh. Its simplicity can translate into “boring” for the normal eurovision watcher. It will need all the help it can get from the staging and her live performance to pull this song through I think.
    Good luck Belgium!

  6. I have just come home from dinner with friends who aren’t into ESC at all. When we were in the streets smoking, I showed them wiwi’s recap video on my tablet. Just like every year they thought that there were too many ballads that passed away a decade ago and that many acts were too over the top. In fact, some went ROFL when Montenegro came on and I couldn’t even calm them down when I told them that Slavko was a lovely chap and that he had an important message for such a conservative country. Bloody cultural snobs my friends are … LOL
    These are the ones that made them stop and listen: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the Czech Rep. Some liked Ukraine too but called it “a decent rock song heard a hundred times before” …

    • Btw, hey didn’t really pay attention to Armenia which comes up after Albania. My friends were still trying to recover from having heard a perfect example of what they don’t like in ESC: tacky melodramatics and vocal acrobatics … Let’s see what happens at my parents’ review party in April. :)

    • Nice to see Norway and Czechia getting some recognition :)

      • Norway has been growing on me too and my friends made it grow even more. They said that most ESC song were trying to curry favour (known as “instant” or “catchy” in ESC language) but that the Czech song wasn’t. One called it “too sophisticated for ESC”. That friend would get along with The Anders very well. :) The only problem is that he can’t keep his hands off any guy … LOL

      • Now and then, and only when I am in the company of smokers or on holiday.

          • Indeed, a social and holiday smoker. Plus, I sometimes smoke for a socio-political reason too: I totally detest the health obsession and hysteria that has colonised western societies in the past 20 years. As soon as I see one of those wired people running in the park, I feel like having a cig. LOL

            • LOL I am pleased that they are obsessed…I have been a passive smoker for years thanks to friends…Now I am enjoying every inch of smoke free areas

            • I have never smoked inside, not even when it was still allowed and I totally approve of the no smoking inside legislation.

  7. O.Torvald’s Yevhen looks really good in this interview:

  8. Funny thing about this song.

    When I listen to it, I get some of it’s flaws and feel it can be worked a bit more. It gets somewhat repetitive (all alone, all alone, all alone, all alone) and voice, albeit beautiful, drags a bit. That being said, when I turn it off… I want to go on and hear City Lights again and again and again, it’s really addictive, straddling between vintage electro and 2017 dark pop.

    She’s my #3 to win and should repeat Belgium’s renaissance and score in the top 10 again.

  9. OffTopic:I can’t wait to see this in May🖤
    Guessed the singer? 😉

  10. Meanwhile we reached 1 million in the official ESC yt page! YAAS! Many possitive comments. And they already play it on the radio..it didnt happen before esc since 2012 and Zeljko Joksimovic!

  11. SF1 review

    Albania: FiK, offers normally decent performers and unequivocally Lindita is one of them. Strong vocals and passion are two elements I enjoy in Albania 2017, however the song itself and perhaps the over-emphasis on lamentation (?) doesn’t go down well with me. On top of this, I do not find the English part flattering at all and therefore overall Albania is a NO entry.

    Australia: As every year we do not get to see or hear the Australian entry live but from the studio version Isiah appear to possess strong vocals and his ballad is atmospheric and contemporary in a very pleasant way. I have checked some love videos of Isiah and indde her appears to be a very confident live performer who knows how to control his voice unlike the screaming princess from last year. The song itself isn’t exactly what I love but I still enjoy several elements of it. An OK+ entry overall.

    Azerbaijan: What can I say here. I loved DeHaj since ETSC5 and still enjoy her the same way. Azerbaijan puts forward a credible and confident artist with substantial ‘’music pedigree’’. The song is contemporary, dynamic and unique within ESC context. Rock solid YES.

    Belgium: Belgium has taken the contest really seriously the last years and 2017 is no exception. ‘’City Lights’’ bares several elements I really like, it is electro, atmospheric and dark. However, it is repetitive and therefore I do not feel connected to it as much as I would like to. Subject to effective presentation and strong performance from Blanche’s side I might upgrade it. A YES- atm.

    Finland: I have completely revised my views on Finland since I first heard it. An elegant dark ballad performed by a confident and musically credible singer. It is an OK+ atm song; a strong effort but not exactly up my alley.

    Georgia: I am really annoyed this one made it to ESC. A standard sterile ballad with an opportunistic theme. Add to this the predictable bridge and soul choir and you get all the pompous paraphernalia aiming desperately to grab your attention. The only positive element of Georgia 2017 is Tako’s strong vocals and dynamic performance. It is a NO entry.

    Montenegro: Despite this being a typical dance/disco piece the more I listen to it the more I enjoy it. It is catchy with a positive vibe. What I do not buy though is the staging which given from the video and what Slavko reported is bound to be over the top. At the moment I can’t give it anything but a firmed NO.

    Portugal: Portugal is yet again Portugal but this time it is miles ahead than anything they have send recently. The last time I enjoyed a Portuguese entry was in 2009 while their 1996 effort remains the last occasion in which Portugal stormed my top5. The song is really up my alley, classy, nostalgic, and Salvador delivers big time. However, he must tone down those unnecessary mannerisms. A rock solid YES.

    Sweden: As it happens usually with Sweden I struggle to embrace their entries in full. I find this flat and calculated and overproduced, yet I still enjoy it somehow. Sweden puts forward again a slick performance and a good-looking guy. It is like re-inventing their 2015 entry replacing the casual outfit with business suit. Nothing innovative about it. An OK effort.

    Armenia: I love pretty much everything about this one. Had it was sang in Armenian it would have been a pure perfection. Mix of electro with exotic African acoustic sounds. It can’t more eerie! Such a unique entry. It is a solid YES at the moment. Eagerly waiting for the live now.

    Cyprus: I do not mind the song despite lucking an element I am always in search of in a song – melody. It is very contemporary, different, dynamic and risky within the context of ESC. However I still stand by my initial view that Hovig’s vocals, diction and personality do no fit this song. Cyprus may hide this if it pulls out a strong staging May come – the official video is an indication. An OK- entry at the moment but things can go either way depending on the live.

    Czech Republic: A jazz-blues ballad is something I am accustomed to and listen to often. However, ”My Turn” lucks uniqueness and therefore it comes across as rather weak entry. Definitely not the most memorable song in a long and relatively competitive line-up. An OK- effort which might be upgraded in case Marta offer a strong live.

    Greece: Greece has completely lost me the last years…It sounds promising at the beginning but then it becomes annoying, pompous and predictable. The chorus bares a sound we have heard zillion times before… I expect Demy and Fokas to nail it live thus saving the whole Greek effort from utter embarrassment. It is a NO+ at the moment because I am sure they are up to a good show.

    Iceland: After some break Iceland is back on track. I really enjoy this mix of electro and 80s sounds plus the effective staging. I loved it since day one and I am sure Svala will do a good job May come. It is a strong YES from me.

    Latvia: Kudos to Latvia for sending a contemporary electro song for the third time. The colourful and unique style of ”Line” travels me to Summer festivals in parks and the English countryside; really effective! However, the vocals are an issue and they should work on them asap. An OK+ plus entry a the moment with the potential to be ranked higher.

    Moldova: Normally I don’t support returning artists let alone the silly tasteless presentation we saw in the NF and in the official video. The strong vocals and straightforward fun prevent this from slipping further down in my list. It is a NO entry at the moment with little intention to give it anything better than this.

    Poland: A contemporary ballad but not strong enough. When I am listening to the studio version I am bored to death however Kasia’s strong live brings this to life and therefore ”Flashlight” manages to grab my attention. An OK overall entry.

    Slovenia: Apparently, Slovenia’s sole purpose in ESC 2017 was to commit suicide thus making life easier for the other Tuesday semi finalists. ”On My Way” is so bad, banal and old-fashioned I do not bother writing a review about it. That’s it a straightforward NO- and No1 candidate for toilet break.


    1st AZR
    2nd ARM
    3rd POR
    4th ISL
    5th BEL
    6th LAT
    7th FIN
    8th AUS
    9th SWE
    10th POL
    11th CYP
    12th CZR
    13rd GRE
    14th MNE
    15th MLD
    16th ALB
    17th GEO
    18th SLO


    DEFO IN: AUS, AZR, BEL, FIN, POR, SWE – support from both sets of votes; Portugal may struggle a bit with the televote but it will still be among the top10.

    Most likely IN: GRE, ISL.

    Borderline: CYP, LAT, POL, MLD.

    Most likely OUT: GEO, CZR – only the juries will support them.

    Dead: ALB, MNE (it will not be bottom3 though), SLO (most likely last).

    • Good work! I’m having a day off work and enjoying a Eurovision YouTube binge. Your notes are proving interesting and helpful!

    • Overall your predictions make sense (Where’s ARM btw?) but with not even the slightest idea about how AZE and BEL will sound or look like, I wouldn’t yet count them as definite qualifiers.
      I believe Poland is a definite qualifier already while Finland and Iceland might struggle as betting odds suggest currently

    • Y=In the in or out section, you forgot Armenia.

  12. Finalists:

    France: Though I really don’t like the English part France 2017 is a fresh and positive uptempo/ethno entry without any equivalnt song in the lineup. It really stands out. It is all up to Alma’s live rendition though. OK+ at the moment with the prospect to go higher.

    Germany: They have a bad singer to begin with and the song is kinda anonymous. Not the best combination to begin with…add to this Levina’s reckless live performance and you get a lethal blend. A firm NO-.

    Italy: Fun with character, style and a credible singer/liver performer. The only minus is the gorilla act which I find over the top. YES.

    Spain: Spain this year has reached amateurish level. Brand new low…:s I absolutely detest everything in this entry. NO-.

    Ukraine: Kudos for being different but I am not fun of the music style nor their live. OK-.

    UK: For what I know I can’t support such an act. It is a brand new low for the UK, pity. Moreover, Lucie isn’t the strongest singer/vocalist. NO.


    2nd ITA
    13th FRA
    24th UKR
    34th UK
    38th GER
    41th ESP


    Top 3-5-10: ITA.

    Middle or just miss out: FRA.

    Lower right hand-side of the scoreboard: UKR, UK.

    Dead bottom duo/three: GER, ESP.

  13. I’ve had this song in my head all day.

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