Armenia: Artsvik Reveals “Fly With Me”

Armenia – Armenia were one of the first nations to start their search for their Eurovision representative when Depi Evratesil started in October 2016. In December, Artsvik was declared the winner beating off runner up Marta.

However, Armenia are the last country to reveal their song which has been revealed today. The music to her song “Fly With Me” has been written by Lilith & Levon Navasardyan who also composed the Armenian 2016 entry “LoveWave” by Iveta Mukuchyan and the lyrics were written by Avet Barseghyan and David Tserunyan. Avet is an Armenian TV Host who was a member of the jury throughout the  Depi Evratesil process.

You can listen to the full version of “Fly With Me” below…

What do you think of the Armenian song? Is this a song that the 2017 roster desperately needed? Let us know in the comments below.

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242 comments on “Armenia: Artsvik Reveals “Fly With Me”

  1. A really nice video with the translated English lyrics of Portugal 2017 <3 :

  2. For me in first semi their 7 clear qualifiers:

    1) Sweden
    2) Australia ( I don’t like the song but is going to make it for other reasons )
    3) Azerbaijan
    4) Portugal
    5) Armenia
    6) Greece
    7) Belgium

    This 6 countries are going to fight for the rest 3 places
    1) Finland
    2) Cyprus
    3) Iceland
    4) Poland
    5) Latvia
    6) Moldova

    No change to make it to the final
    1) Montenegro
    2) Slovenia

  3. Okay, so with all entries now revealed, I’ve decide to do a quick write-up on contenders for the win (not Top 10 or Top 5, but of actually winning). Would love to hear what any of you think!

    Italy: My #4 this year. Lots have been written about this already. Clear televoting favourite, Francesco’s vocals are great, and if stage show is the same as San Remo, it will attract casual voters. The problem here is that it needs to finish Top 3 (4 if I’m stretching it )with juries to win outright. It can smash the televoting like Il Volo did, but Il Volo finished 6th with the juries, and Francesco can’t afford that. It did better with the juries in San Remo than Il Volo did, so maybe that’s a good sign for them. Anyways, if I was putting money on the line, I would go with Italy at this point. But this is in real danger of a jury kill.

    Belgium: My #3 this year, has great appeal, especially in the West and Nordics. A great live will be key here to assure it gets at least a good portion of the Eastern vote. The favourite to win the jury vote right now, but the stage show will be key here, and I trust as the last 2 years have shown, Belgium can do it.

    Australia: People are underrating this like they did with AUS last year after its’ reveal. He stands out and the song has generally memorable lyrics. It seems more appealable to the televote than last year. Also I’ve always had the feeling that one of these years Australia will win, and in a contest filled with female ballads, this could stand out. The key will be, in a funny way, how good Bulgaria and Ireland are. If those two flop, this might be the favourite. If all 3 end up going to the Final, this may end up being cancelled out.

    Azerbaijan: Good song, great appeal to both televote and jury, which is the key. For some reason it gives off some DK 2013 vibes to me, which is a good sign. I still worry about whether or not the live will be good. I also think that if we’re basing off memorability, this song is probably below the previous 3, but obviously a stage show can change it.

    Sweden: People are kind of brushing this off, but I think in a year where there may be polarization between the televote and juries like last year, this is a guaranteed jury favourite (as seen in Melfest) that as long it picks up enough televotes, can sneak in for the win. The performance is memorable, and Robin is great live. I still can’t get over the fact that it finished 3rd in televoting in Melfest, so I think this drags it down for me in terms of winning likelihood. I think it will finish around the 5th mark. But its’ Sweden, so who knows.

    Bulgaria: The real darkhorse in my opinion. Its’ better than AUS and IRE imo, and if he nails it live, I think its’ the more televote-friendly than the other 2, which will be key in it separating the pack. I also am a sucker for countries winning it for the 1st time, so Bulgaria winning would be pretty cool. But the live will be key, and the success/failure of the other 2 as well.

    I’ll also talk briefly about France. This was in this list before the revamp, but that plus her live performances have taken it off. I LOVE the song, but she’s clearly not the greatest live, and the added English makes it awkward, unlike last year. I still think it’s in Top 10 with a good shout, but I don’t see this appealing enough to the televoters to win. But I could be wrong there.

    • Those are very plausible scenarios. Sweden 17 will win the whole thing, imo. The song is flimsy and dull, but the stage presentation is very effective and it will be second in both sets of votes. Italy will win the televote, whereas Azerbaijan will win the jury vote.

      • Although they are gonna take away the treadmills in eurovision, so the staging might look very different in May, but I still think they will keep the beginning of him walking out from the backstage.
        So this will actually be the first swedish entry that has had a major change from melfest to eurovision in like forever. I hope that he will not win. It’s such a boring and bland song to begin with, although effective as it has an instant appeal.

    • Italy does not have to be top-3 with the jury to win. Remember that under the new system Il Volo would have finished second and what if Mans had ended 4th rather than third in the televote like Australia last year? If jury and televote differs across the board that might produce some very unexpected results.

      About Australia, nobody underestimated them last year. In fact one month before the contest they were 4th in the odds and third with OGAE voting. This year the entry gets some distinctly bad online rap, including from australians themselves. In fact, if It wasn’t Australia, even qualification in the very difficult semi they’re in would look problematic to me.

      • I agree and Italy had two major competitors that year before and during the competition. This time it seems all of the other entries are pretty far behind. Of course the staging and performance of such entries can really make a huge difference in the end, so we will which country/ies emerges as a contender in May.

  4. Finally done my list. 90% of them were 5s and 6s. I’m not impressed with the line-up this year at all, so much is just soooo generic. No stand outs. No obvious winner though so it could be interesting.

    1. Italy
    2. FYR Macedonia
    3. France
    4. Montenegro
    5. Switzerland
    6. Ukraine
    7. Estonia
    8. Belgium
    9. UK
    10. Ireland
    11. Croatia
    12. Cyprus
    13. Moldova
    14. Latvia
    15. San Marino
    16. Israel
    17. Germany
    18. Sweden
    19. Iceland
    20. Belarus
    21. Poland
    22. Malta
    23. Azerbaijan
    24. Bulgaria
    25. Slovenia
    26. Czech Republic
    27. Netherlands
    28. Armenia
    29. Australia
    30. Serbia
    31. Albania
    32. Portugal
    33. Spain
    34. Austria
    35. Greece
    36. Norway
    37. Romania
    38. Russia
    39. Hungary
    40. Denmark
    41. Lithuania
    42. Georgia
    43. Finland

    • It’s not great year for me either. Blandness reigns supreme, unfortunately. Personally, it’s all about 7 songs, atm. Waiting for the remaining lives and the rehearsals.

      • I have 9 songs I love. Of course there are many bland and generic songs but 9 songs is really outstanding. Even though 2017 might not have a particularly high average score but it feels like the best line-up since 2009 to me.

        • It’s not a great year, but it’s not a terrible one either. It’s just sad that so many countries, in a desperate attempt to sound current, end up sounding alike. ESC 17 is not celebrating diversity, after all. And we still do not know which songs will reach the final.

  5. Drinking coffee by the promenade. On the speakers France 91!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Enjoy!

      P.S. – I am in my very sunlit kitchen, starting lunch. It’s always a very soothing and creative part of the week. :)

  6. Some funny posts in FB about Fly with me:
    -Relax guys, we are just boycoting this year’s ESC with Artsvik and with this song.
    -Interpol is looking for the chorus of the song

  7. After a second listening of the Armenian song without watching the video made me realise how imo bad the video was lol. I actually like this a lot, but I still think that the song would appreciate a more interesting vocal performance and voice.

    My official pre top 10 of all the studio versions:

    1. Finland
    2. Belgium
    3. Azerbaijan
    4. Armenia
    5. Australia
    6. Belarus
    7. Poland
    8. Macedonia
    9. Serbia
    10. Italy

    So Armenia took my 4 place in the end :) However to me this year feels very boring doh. Qualitywise its ok, but it feels that we here in Sweden and Australia have influenced a lot of entries to send bland and too mainstream entries. I thaught that Ukraines win would change that a bit at least, but alas it didn’t..

  8. I like this one! I haven’t been much a fan of Armenia in Eurovision; in fact there are only three songs I’ve cared especially about. 2009 is in a league of its own, of course, and 2007 and 2014 are really good too imo. Last year’s song had many fine ingredients but I don’t think the result came off as good as it could have been.

    This one follows the steps of last year’s Armenian entry (not strange since it has the same songwriters), but it knows how to handle the various parts better. I like the arrangement, I like the unexpeced twists and turns this song has, I like her as a singer… All in all, Armenia will most probably end up in my Top 5 when all is said and done. Good luck!

  9. Out of topic. 2 former Ukranian ESC entrants fighting for an Armenian Contestant in the Ukranian Voice! Jamala wins Tina ! I think sounds were more familar to Jamala who maybe knew the lyrics of the song since she cryed :)

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