Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Triana Park (Latvia)

Latvia – In the third of this years Spotlight Series we go to Latvia who will be represented by the Electronic-Pop group Triana Park. 2017 is fifth time lucky for the group who will be performing in the first semi final on 9th May. They will be performing their song “Line”

Song: “Line”
Music By: Agnese Rakovska, Kristaps Ērglis, Kristians Rakovskis
Lyrics By: Agnese Rakovska

About Triana Park
Triana Park (Triānas Parks) consist of band members Agnese Rakovska (vocals), Artūrs Strautiņš (guitar), Edgars Viļums (drums) and Kristaps Ērglis (bass).
They have been active since 2008 and have released fifteen singles in their career. Their debut album EnterTainment was released in 2010 and they released a self titled EP in 2014.
The group have tried four times before to represent Latvia in Eurovision. Their first attempt was in 2008 with their song “Bye Bye” which took them to 4th place. They also tried in 2009 (“Call Me Any Time You Need A Problem”), 2010 (“Lullaby For My Dreammate”), 2011 (“Upside Down”) and in 2012 (“Stars Are My Family”).

Supernova was again used to choose the Latvia entry, a national selection that has so far been successful for the Nation since it took over Eirodziesma in 2015 when Latvia made the final with Aminata. They again reached the final with Justs whose song “Heartbeat” was written by Eirodziesma. The 2017 entry is the first since Supernova’s inception that has not been written by Aminata. Latvia are currently, at time of writing 25th favourite to win according to Oddschecker.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

I’m going round in circles
And the door’s wide open
Cause boy I still want to see you
Days go by, I’m still hoping

Where we draw the line?
Tell me babe,
Where we draw the line?

You told me to move on
Search for love and somebody else
But babe tell me how will I find it
If all I see is you, all I see is you

All I see is you, all I see,
All I see is you…

Where we draw the line?
Tell me babe,
where we draw the line?

My heart breaks to see you,
Days go by, I’m still hoping…

Triana Park on Social Media:
Website: http://trianapark.com
Facebook: Triana Park
Twitter: @trianapark
Instagram: @trianapark

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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214 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Triana Park (Latvia)

  1. I dont really mind the song that much, currently 17 on my list, but it has these long pauses and im very curious of what they are gonna do live with it.

    Btw Armenias tease for us:

    It doesn’t say much does it, just a verse. I think this is gonna hurt more then help them to release it so late tbh even if it is a decent song.

    • It won’t make any difference one way or another. It only makes a difference to us because we are waiting for the line-up to be finalised :)

      • Yeah you are probably right as both Bulgaria and Malta as late blommers got huge boosts from various sources last year. Then again I still dont see a point releasing it this late tbh.

    • By the way this snippet sounds interesting, very Jamala-like. On the other hand, the fusion of regional sounds they’re promising does not sound like a very good idea. And since it was the same team behind “Not alone” and “LoveWave”, neither of which I ever became fond of, I am definitely hoping for something less disjointed and more coherent than their previous efforts.

  2. Off-topic, the 3-minute ESC version of “Occidentali” karma” has been released. The decided to cut the second verse and add english subtitles to the video.

    • It’s great that they added the lyrics.I can’t see any other telecvoting winner this year.

      • Neither can I. On the other hand, subtracting anything from this glorious pop gem is definitely a loss.

      • indeed but I wonder if the 3 minute rule has diluted the impact of the song a little?

        • It hasn’t for me.

          • thanks for your comment, I ask you because I’m trying out ESC fave songs with my facebook family/friends to get their reactions of course (am sure they probably hate me in the long run for doing it!!) but it seems to be a good indicator on a wider scale re ESC, I’ll try the recent Italian version on them, I can tell you so far Belgium has hit the roof on so many international levels so am guessing with a good performance she will do a Lena 2010?!

            • Belgium would make a great winner if Blanche nails it live.

            • This is quite a difficult thing you are asking from her. I am not convinced she is the next Lana Del Ray. Lena had her chirpiness which was made for television. In fact, she was selected based on that quality.

            • Could be although i believe Italy will be the televoting favorite if performed really well but an overall placing between 4-9 is a more plausible result for them,imo.

        • It has but probably only for those who know it already.

      • I think no one can, but will it get enaugh jury points to win, thats the question. If Blanche nails it live with a good presentation and staging I believe we are going to Brussels, if not I think we are going to Rome.

        • I think Italy is amore likely televoting winner.

          • Yeah im not saying that, I wrote that I think Belgium will win it with the jury and the televote if everything checks out, As I said ”I think no one can” on the issue of Italy winning the televote.

    • Thanks for the link. The ones who know the song since Sanremo will have to get used to this version, but the song remains an excellent mix of wit and pure fun.

    • I don’t think this is a winner, but definitely top 10. It has enough credibility for the juries to rank it highly, and could have some televote appeal if he gets some momentum before the contest.

      The only confident statement I can make right now is that we will go to Western Europe next year. Azerbaijan is the only country in the East challenging for a top place at the moment.

      • “It could have televote appeal if it gets momentum”. It has already charted in the i-tunes of 15 countries, is leading every other contestant in YT views and has been the only entry this year that has gotten media attention outside the ESC “bubble” (lately joined by Russia). I don’t see it lacking momentum.

  3. In the Armenia snippet video it says that they will reveal their entry at 21:45. I hope that it is not Armenia Time :P

  4. I genuinely like it live and in audio it’s a fun 3mn ride, not sure it’ll get anyone to back it up in May though!

  5. Here you can vote on which esc song you’d like Nathan Trent to perform during his acoustic sessions:

  6. The recap of big-5 plus Ukraine:

  7. Off Topic, this is the info I got after some self deducing

    Countries with partial self writing: Albania, Latvia, Iceland, Moldova, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Spain.

    Countries with complete self writing: Finland, Georgia, Slovenia, Hungary, Belarus, (Ukraine? It’s the only one I couldn’t find any info, but I bet that as a band it’s self-penned)

    if not included they are complete foreign efforts

    Also, someone asked if this year was a new low in complete non-English songs. Actually it’s an increase. Last year it was only B&H, Austria and FYROM, this one it’s Hungary, Portugal, Belarus and Italy

  8. In Big5 and Ukraine recap video the most striking ones are France and Italy

  9. mmmm I realise top 5 official countries will never be my top songs in ESC :-(

  10. Lyrics of Armenia 2017:


    Wanna tell a story,
    About a girl with history.
    Take it from my heart it’s gonna be your beat,
    Take it from my soul it’s gonna be your heat.

    Many colors and shades,
    So many voices to embrace,
    All around.

    Many stories and tales,
    She took it all into her space,
    Hear the sound.


    Over deeps over hills,
    She casts her wings and now it feels,
    Love is one.

    Flying high she became,
    A sun who’s love and light’s the same,
    For everyone.

    Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
    Never stop believing that love will take us high.
    Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
    Never gonna stop believing that love’s for you and I.

    Love, love is one

    Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
    Never stop believing that love will take us high.
    Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high,
    Never gonna stop believing that love’s for you and I.

  11. More and more I think that the UK will be huge surprise in the scoreboard comes may, maybe even top 5 for the UK! I’d personally like to see Ireland as a huge positive surprise.. :)

  12. Slavko Kalezic says his esc costume will be very controversial and very strong.His message will be stop killing animals.Any ideas?

  13. Yulia Samoylova has much better response on YT now! YAAS! :) 491,772 views
    11,043 likes 5,095 dislikes (only on the official video on esc channel) YAAAS she will sail into the final, if stupid ESC jury doesn’t stop her, but hopefully not! :)

  14. My current top 10
    1 Italy [ besides it is my personal favorite I really don”t think there”s a song that will beat this..We know he nails it live……]
    2 Belgium [Great song, but I m afraid Blanche is missing charisma.]
    3 Hungary
    4 Portugal [I hope Portugal will reach there highest ranking ever this year. It would be a good example for other countries to see vou can score with original song in own language]
    5 France [dropped after the revamp and I fear after live performance even more]
    6 Montenegro [after seeing it live it can reach top 5 or drops out of top 10]
    7 Iceland [will surprise many i think…]
    8 Netherlands [Live they will nail it. They were very popular during Voice of Holland season while the competition was very strong. Danish comments about sounding like robots……well wait and see……]
    9 Macedonia
    10 Estonia [although live not very convincing and they don”t seem to have a click on stage…..]
    Bubbling under: Ukraine, Germany, Finland and Bulgaria

    Bottom 5:
    Russia, Georgia,Moldova, Romania and Croatia

  15. I have just listened to the 3 minute version of Italy for the first time. Perfect! :) <3
    Go for gold, Francesco!

    • They didn’t do a good job imo. They skipped part of the 1st verse and whole 2nd verse (meaning most witty lyrics are out) and kept the emphasis on the chorus (it’s more of a just chorus song now).
      Personally I would have cut down half of the 1st and last chorus.

      • Yeah, I’m not completely on board either. I don’t know why they had to cut out the 2nd verse entirely, it just sounds kinda awkward at that part now. I would’ve shortened either the bridge or instrumental part, or cut down the first or last choruses. Obviously, I still love the song a lot, but I’m just disappointed in the way they trimmed it down.

      • Personally, I prefer the SR version too, and that’s the one I will put into my playlist after ESC. However, this version is perfect for ESC imo. Less sophisticated lyrics, more fun. Italy will win. LOL

  16. I went through all the songs once again and made a revised ranking of the songs minus Armenia (text in brackets: counting of rather overused music patterns, words, themes etc.):

    1 Portugal 10/12
    2 Czech Republic 9/12 (“4Chord Minor version” in middle eight)
    3 Belgium 9/12 (if analyzed as minor: VI, I, III)
    4 Belarus 8/12
    5 France 8/12
    6 Iceland 7/12 (VI, VII, I chords in minor)
    7 Finland 7/12
    8 FYR Macedonia 7/12 (VI-I-III chords in minor)
    9 Cyprus 7/12 (VI-VII-I chords in minor) (gravity)
    10 Latvia 7/12 (club beat) (VI-I chords)
    11 Ireland 7/12 (key change) (“4Chord Major version” in chorus)
    12 Malta 6/12
    13 Australia 6/12
    14 Poland 6/12 (invincible)
    15 Estonia 6/12 (“4Chord Minor version” (with a twist (starting with No. 2), pre-chorus))
    16 Norway 6/12
    17 Azerbaijan 6/12 (video with the artist singing through an old TV set)
    18 Italy 6/12 (chords VI, VII, I in minor (chorus))
    19 Ukraine 6/12 (shine)
    20 Austria 6/12
    21 Germany 6/12 (“4Chord Minor version” (verse))
    22 Hungary 5/12 (chords VI, VII, I in minor (chorus))
    23 Moldova 5/12 (VI-VII-I chords)
    24 Spain 5/12
    25 Bulgaria 5/12 (not losing hope lyrics)
    26 Serbia 5/12
    27 United Kingdom 5/12 (I-V jump in the melody) (chords VI, VII, I, III in minor)
    28 Sweden 5/12 (chords VI, VII, I, III in minor)
    29 Switzerland 5/12 (“4Chord Minor version” (chorus))
    30 Slovenia 5/12 (key change)
    31 Georgia 5/12 (note losing hope lyrics)
    32 Albania 4/12 (video with the artist singing through an old TV set) (love unite us all lyrics)
    33 Netherlands 4/12 (key change)
    34 Israel 4/12 (club beat)
    35 Denmark 4/12 (I-II-I-V-III melody Minor (verse))
    36 Romania 4/12 (“4Chord Major version” (chorus))
    37 Greece 4/12 (“4Chord Minor version” (intro)) (club beat)
    38 Russia 4/12 (not losing hope lyrics)
    39 San Marino 4/12
    40 Lithuania 3/12
    41 Montenegro 3/12 (VI-VII-I chords Minor (verse/outro))
    42 Croatia 2/12 (“4Chord Major version” (chorus))

    Average: 5,62, and sadly I think this it is the worst year since 2006 musically.

    • Interestingly though, I don’t recall any “dark coniferous forest” videos. The closest we get is Belarus, but it is not a coniferous forest, and it is not dar.

  17. Finally 17 years old, I can officially drive a car in the state of New York finally :P

  18. On Latvia : It’s such an addictive club-esque tune. I like the overall aesthetics, the quirkyness, the psychedelic presentation. It’s a wholesome act and I think it has a place in the final.

    On the italian esc version : Same old, same old just thankfully shorter now. Embarassing how in esc after years of progress this is considered, even if just by fans since it won’t win, a “favourite”. Ugh..

  19. what more can your love do to me? when will love be through to me?

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