Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Tijana Bogićević (Serbia)

Serbia – Next in our spotlight series of 2017, we meet Tijana Bogićević who will be representing Serbia.
Not exactly new to Eurovision, Tijana will be taking centre stage in the second semi final on May 11th after having been a backing singer in 2011.

Song: “In Too Deep”
Music By: Borislav Milanov, Joacim Bo Persson, Johan Alkenas and Lisa Ann-Mari Linder
Lyrics By: Borislav Milanov, Joacim Bo Persson, Johan Alkenas and Lisa Ann-Mari Linder

About Tijana
35 year old Tijana Bogićević comes from Novi Sad, Serbia. In 2009 she took part in Beovizija with her song “Watch What You’re Doing” failing to make the final which was eventually won by Marko Kon & Milan Nikolić.
In 2011 she was a backing singer for Nina who represented Serbia in Dusseldorf. Tijana now resides in the USA.

Serbia have again gone for an Internal selection choosing Tijana to represent the nation in Kyiv. Serbia are currently, at time of writing, 13th favourite to win Eurovision in May. Joacim Bo Persson, one of the songs writing team is one half of writing duo Twin (along with Niclas Molinder). Twin have written songs for acts such as Ashley Tisdale, Lady Gaga, Gloria Gaynor and Eurovision winners Charlotte Pirelli and Helena Paparizou

(Taken from 4lyrics)

Wish that I knew where I lost
Right where there was no going back
The line was crossed

But I love what you’re doing to me
How you spin me around high off the ground
I’m not coming down

Won’t somebody save me tonight?
Feels like I’ve been sentenced to life
I’m falling so deep, I’m in too deep
I’m falling so deep

No escape, in over my head
Struck by every word that you said
I’m falling so deep, I’m in too deep
I’m falling so deep

Love doesn’t seem to make sense
You just broke into my heart, got no defence
How you spin me around high off the ground
I’m not coming down

Won’t somebody save me tonight?
Feels like I’ve been sentenced to life
I’m falling so deep, I’m in too deep
I’m falling so deep

No escape, in over my head
Struck by every word that you said
I’m falling so deep, I’m in too deep
I’m falling so deep

Oh whoa… oh whoa… oh whoa…
I’m falling so deep

I’m in lightning speed and I can’t slow down
My heart is racing when you’re around

Won’t somebody save me tonight?
Feels like I’ve been sentenced to life
I’m falling so deep, I’m in too deep
I’m falling so deep

No escape, in over my head
Struck by every word that you said
I’m falling so deep, I’m in too deep
I’m falling so deep

Oh whoa… oh whoa…
I’m in too deep, yeah
I’m falling so deep

Tijana on Social Media:
Facebook: Tijana Bogićević
Twitter: @Bogicevic
Insagram: @bogicevic_t

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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192 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Tijana Bogićević (Serbia)

  1. I do hope that Salvador manages to find the time to attend these ESC parties. He has a busy schedule, atm. The media have not still had enough of him and ‘Flash’ (a scandal magazine) is claiming that he needs a new heart til the end of the year, owing to serious cardiac problems! Welcome to fame. :(

    • ………..Welcome
      Girl and boy
      Take my hand
      Let’s enjoy
      From the bottom of my heart
      I wish you the best……

    • It has just been announced that he has politely refused the invitations he received, saying that we will be concentrating on getting his health back. Well, we already know he can sing live, but I would like to see him going to at least one event. The doctors know best, of course.

      • I have looked at results of my personal winners from all yeras sincd 2000, to conclude how my winner of 2017 – Portugal will end, but I couldn’t conclude almost anything based on that lol :D

        2000 – Macedonia – XXL “110% te ljubam” – 15h place
        2001 – France – Natasha St-Pier – “Je n’ai que mon âme” – 4th place
        2002 – Israel – Sarit Hadad – “Light a candle” – 12th place
        2003 – Belgium – Urban Trad – “Sanomi” – 2nd place
        2004 – Estonia – Neiokso – “Tii” – didn’t qualify for the final, 11th place in the semifinal
        2005 – Switzerland – Vanilla Ninja – “Cool vibes” – 8th place
        2006 – Cyprus – Annet Artani – “Why do the angels cry” – didn’t qualify for the final, 15th place in the semifinal
        2007 – Georgia – Sopho – “Visionary dream” – 12th place
        2008 – Poland – Isis Gee – “For life” – 24th place
        2009 – Russia – Anastacia Prikhodko – “Mamo” – 11th place
        2010 – Sweden – Anna Bergendahel – “This is my life” – didn’t qualify for the final, 11th place in the semifinal
        2011 – Slovenia – Maja Keuc – “No one” – 13th place
        2012 – Azerbaijan – Sabina Babayeva – “When the music dies” – 4th place
        2013 – Italy – Marco Mengoni – “L’essenziale” – 7th place
        2014 – Georgia – The Shin and Mariko – “Three Minutes to Earth” – didn’t qualify for the final, 15th place in the semifinal
        2015 – Slovenia – Maraaya – “Here for you” – 14th place
        2016 – Australia – Dami Im – “Sound of silence” – 2nd place

        The only thing I concluded is that if he stays in semis, he will be either 11th or 15th, all 4 times when my winners stayed in semis they were either 11th or 15th.. :D

        • 2000 – Latvia – Brainstorm – My Star – 3rd
          2001 – Russia – Mumij Troll – Lady Alpine Blue – 12th
          2002 – Macedonia – Karolina Gočeva – Od nas zavisi – 19th
          2003 – France – Louisa Baïleche – Monts et merveilles – 18th
          2004 – Serbia and Montenegro – Željko Joksimović – Lane moje – 2nd
          2005 – Denmark – Jakob Sveistrup – Talking to You – 9th
          2006 – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Hari Mata Hari – Lejla – 3rd
          2007 – Serbia – Marija Šerifović – Molitva – 1st
          2008 – Serbia – Jelena Tomašević – Oro – 6th
          2009 – France – Patricia Kaas – Et s’il fallait le faire – 8th
          2010 – Turkey – manGa – We Could Be the Same – 2nd
          2011 – Germany – Lena – Taken by a Stranger – 10th
          2012 – Italy – Nina Zilli – L’amore è femmina (Out of Love) – 9th
          2013 – Netherlands – Anouk – Birds – 9th
          2014 – Netherlands – The Common Linnets – Calm After the Storm – 2nd
          2015 – Latvia – Aminata – Love Injected – 6th
          2016 – Ukraine – Jamala – 1944 – 1st

          • My personal favourites have won twice since 2000 :)
          • My favourites tend to do well. Except for 3 songs (2001-2003) all ended up in the top 10.

          • Meeh, in previous years you are down the flow with ESC fans :P :D i’m almost always against them, I like more alternative, thata why in previosus few years my winners are lower.. :D

            • If you look at my 2nd to 5th places things get pretty gloomy too. Monaco 2005, which I have a close second, is one example …

            • Yes, and also I like many of the songs which finished high but are not my ultimate faves, MaNga is in my top 5 definitely, Jamala as well, etc etc.. :)
              Just my fave was Shin & Mariko from Georgia and they were very unpopular with ESC fans :P :D

            • I have Shin & Mariko in a respectable 15th place. Loved the parachute guy too. :)

            • :DD They finished 15th in the semifinal! :( All my winners who didn’t qualify for the final were either 11th or 15th :D Anna Bergendahl 11th, Shin & Mariko 15th, Neiokoso 11th, Annet Artani 15th..

            • Cabbalistic numerology. :)

        • 2000: Latvia – 3rd
          2001: Denmark (?) – 2nd
          2002: France (?) – 5th
          2003: Norway – 4th
          2004: Serbia and Montenegro – 2nd
          2005: Denmark – 9th or 10th
          2006: Bosnia and Herzegovina – 3rd
          2007: Serbia – won (most accomplished song); Hungary – 8th? (favourite according to personal taste)
          2008: Portugal – 13th?
          2009: France – 8th (alternatively: Estonia)
          2010: Germany – won
          2011: Germany – 10th
          2012: Azerbaijan – 4th
          2013: Netherlands – 9th
          2014: Netherlands – 2nd
          2015: Belgium (?) – 4th
          2016: Ukraine – won

  2. Oh and Monaco FTW!

  3. Below is my Personal sure qualifiers and sure non qualifiers from each semifinal

    Semifinal 1
    Armenia ( ? )
    Sure non qualifiers
    Czech Republic

    Semifinal 2
    Russia ( Because of many factors Russia is going to struggle to make it ( very mediocre song, Political situation with host country, from ex soviet countries only Belarus are in 2 semi etc ). But i thing that final Russia is going to be 8 or 9 or 10 in semifinal .
    Sure non qualifiers

    • I agree but I would say there are more certain qualifiers in SF2. Russia isn’t certain but most probably they are in.

  4. It feels so unfair to everyone else that Armenia is taking its good time at this point I have to say..

    Anyway on Serbia : I am with the majority here. I dont mind it. I am pretty neutrual towards it. It has nothing particularly wrong particulary right going on about it. I have it on the “good” category simply because it’s ok in every way and that produces a decent, catchy result. I think it is in with a good chance to Q from semi 2. Good luck !

    • Your right about Armenia. But i didn’t predict to the song but in other realistic factors ( just like Russia ). But i put ( ? ) because i am wait for the song. But General Eurovision is an unfair game. Many times we saw many unfair “games” in this contest :) Its going to be perfect if every year all good songs make it to the final and the best to win. But how many times we saw this to happen ? Probably never ? :)

      • Not quite true about Armenia. A broadcaster may not have to reveal the official before the deadline. It isn’t compulsory anyway. What a broadcaster must do before the deadline is to submit an entry – they might have done so. Also, EBU in the past offered extension to some countries (France) and let’s not forget about Australia. Another exception of the rule…

  5. Marko’s, Togravus’s and Anders’s winners’ lists above actually reminded me that I need to re-go my respective lists for those editions. It has been some years since I’ve done that. Last time i did it looked like this:
    2000: Latvia
    2001: France
    2002: France
    2003: Russia/France
    2004: Serbia & Montenegro
    2005: ?*
    2006: Germany
    2007: Bulgaria
    2008: Serbia
    2009: Bosnia & Herzegovina
    2010: Estonia/Spain
    2011: Italy
    2012: Israel
    2013: Hungary
    2014: Norway
    2015: Norway
    2016: Georgia

    *Greece has been my winner for the 2005 edition for some years, but unfortunately it is one of those songs that didn’t age well. Hungary, Croatia or Denmark could be potential winners on my list for that, really weak, year.

    • 1st place for 2005 has always been between Denmark and Monaco on my list.

      • Not a big fan of the monegasque entries during their 2004-2006 come-back, but out these three i prefer 2005 too.
        Speaking of 2005, way too many horrors that year unfortunately: Lithuania, Portugal, Ireland and, mostly and above all, Belarus.

    • I should add Moldova as a potential winner in my 2005 list. What a debute! (Same goes for Latvia 2000).

  6. My winners in 2000s Please don’t blame me for my favourites. As you can understand i mostly like eastern European style songs, a well produced and presented modern song with some ethnic elements is generally what i like in esc . Happily all my favourites did very well in those years. I still hear many of those songs and enjoy them. Please no offence, thank you.

    2001 Greece
    2002 Latvia
    2003 Turkey
    2004 Greece-Turkey-Serbia (were both same for me and i can’t choose one of them )
    2005 Greece (I am a big fan of the Greek goddess Helena btw)
    2006 Bih
    2007 Serbia
    2008 Ukraine
    2009 Norway
    2010 Turkey -Germany
    2011 Sweden-Greece
    2012 Cyprus
    2013 Denmark- Azerbaijan
    2014 and 2016 Did not have any clear favourites.
    2015 Italy

  7. My personal winners

    2000: Latvia
    2001: Denmark – Greece follows closely
    2002: France – in a weak year
    2003: Belgium – Turkey, Iceland and Russia follow closely
    2004: Serbia – Cyprus follows closely
    2005: Greece – Hungary follows closely
    2006: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    2007: Serbia
    2008: Russia
    2009: Norway – France follows closely
    2010: Germany – Turkey follows closely
    2011: Italy – Azerbaijan follows closely
    2012: Sweden
    2013: Italy – Greece follows closely
    2014: Hungary – the Netherlands follows closely
    2015: Estonia
    2016: Ukraine

    • Russia in 2008?I didn’t see than coming.lol

      • It is a nice pop-ballad. I could have ranked Israel, Greece or even Turkey up there as well.

        • Israel,Turkey and Portugal for me.

          • Portugal was good but for all I know – Fado – it is a weak song.

            • “Senhora do mar” isn’t a fado. Where is the portuguese guitar leading the way? What are all those different instruments doing there? Where are the fado harmonies? Why are there backing singers? Why are Vânia’s eyes open? Why is everyone moving? Only the lyrics are fadoesque. It’s an anthemic, dramatic pop ballad with a regional touch which is much more Mediterranean in a very general sense than Portuguese, at least to my ears and brains. Still a good song though imo.

            • It wasn’t staged as Fado but it has several elements of it. However some Portuguese ppl oN esctoday.com branded it Fado. I never believed of course and to this day I don’t consider it a Fado song.

  8. * In 2009 Bosnia and Herzegovina is up there with France.

  9. Are we doing this? Ok here are my faves since 2001:

    2001 Greece-Denmark
    2002 France
    2003 Turkey
    2004 Ukraine-Serbia
    2005 Hungary-Greece
    2006 Russia
    2007 Serbia
    2008 PORTUGAL
    2009 France-Estonia
    2010 Germany
    2011 Germany-Greece
    2012 Sweden
    2013 Italy-Netherlands
    2014 Austria
    2015 Italy
    2016 Ukraine

  10. Armenia’s teaser:

    sounds promising and not what I expected for this year! Let’s see….

  11. Since everyone seems to be doing it:

    2000: Latvia
    2001: France/Sweden
    2002: Finland/Spain
    2003: Russia
    2004: Turkey/Albania
    2005: Moldova
    2006: Iceland/Greece
    2007: Andorra
    2008: Iceland
    2009: Portugal
    2010: Turkey
    2011: Denmark
    2012: the Netherlands
    2013: Hungary
    2014: Finland
    2015: Austria
    2016: Italy (SR Version), Germany (ESC version)

  12. Armenian snippet : I think we are listening to the first 20something seconds of the song and I get the idea it will build up to something more bombastic as it progresses. Let’s see..

  13. Couldn’t help it :P
    2000: LVA, RUS
    2001: RUS
    2002: FYR
    2003: BEL, NOR
    2004: SRB
    2005: SWI, HUN
    2006: BiH
    2007: SRB, BGR, BiH
    2008: TUR, SRB
    2009: EST, FRA
    2010: –
    2011: DEU, GRE
    2012: SWE, ALB
    2013: ISR, GRE, MNE
    2014: NLD
    2015: LVA, EST, NOR
    2016: ARM

    • We have the same 2009 and 2011 :-P

      On the other hand, Rona and Ivetta….Brrrr….

      • 2016 : I have UKR at 10/10 too (same as ARM) but in the end I decided to give the 2016 trophy to a non-political song and GREAT stage performance imo (ARM)

        • Isn’t it ironic though?Iveta was the one causing controversy with her political flag waving.

          • She was indeed. But I am judging esc songs here

          • Hmm. Ukraine’s political provocation reverbs more than anything before. It’s not about what is. It’s about how it’s perceived and in this case how Russians percieved it.

            • You see it as a political provocation i see it as an amazing artist honoring her family history.And what about it was like you’ve never seen before?Have you listened to Greece 1976?

            • You miss my point here. I’m not commenting the artistic value of the song. I’m talking about the political message of the lyrics and using ESC as political platform.
              Ukraine is cortupted eastern state, borderline non democracy, the difference with Russia is actually quite small, just like the differences in their languages. When it comes to playing these kind if games, they learnt from the best – The Soviet Union. They knew exactly what they were doing and now they are paying the price. I actually love the way his this drama is unfolding.
              I’m sorry but I can’t see Ukraine as innocent victim, though they play the part convincingly. For me Russia and Ukraine are just different shades of same color. Russians deeper, of course, bit still, it’s the same color.

            • I didn’t miss your point.We just disagree.Russia is an aggressor.No sympathy for an aggressor who annexed Crimea from me.Their internal problems with corruption that i’m aware of have nothing to do with my estimation.At least,there’s a civil society there is pushing for reforms.Ukraine is definitely more democratic.There are actual opposition parties IN the parliament and they do fight a lot.In Duma there’s only Putin’s United Russia and its’ satellite parties that always vote for whatever he wants.Real opposition politicians are kept out of Duma and they only survive if they’re lucky enough.

            • Historically Crimea is part of Russia as we both know, but I totally agree that Russia shouldn’t have annexed it. Trust me, I have no sympathy for Russia, but I really can’t have much sympathy for Ukraine either.
              In ESC they played with fire last spring and now they are paying the price. It’s a mess, but it’s totally expected outcome.

            • I think it’s great that they won with a song like that and esc 2017 is coming together fine.

            • I think ESC shouldn’t be platform for political provocations of any kind no matter if you are wearing a black or white hat.
              Drama this year has only started to unfold. Russians probably have couple of aces in their hand. After all, it’s the master who is playing against the apprentice.

    • Rona FTW! Easily my runner up that year.

  14. Joining the club, but since I’m always one step beyond, I’ll make it a Top 3 instead. :p

    2000 Sweden – Latvia – Estonia
    2001 France – Estonia – Germany
    2002 France – Latvia – FYR Macedonia
    2003 Belgium – Spain – Russia
    2004 Serbia & Montenegro – Ukraine – Spain
    2005 Croatia – Hungary – Monaco
    2006 Bosnia & Herzegovina – Croatia – Norway
    2007 Serbia – Bulgaria – Bosnia & Herzegovina
    2008 Serbia – Portugal – Turkey
    2009 France – Estonia – Armenia
    2010 Belgium – Estonia – Israel
    2011 Germany – Italy – Greece
    2012 Albania – Sweden – Italy
    2013 Ukraine – France – Greece
    2014 The Netherlands – Norway – Azerbaijan
    2015 Estonia – Latvia – Belgium
    2016 Ukraine – Georgia – Latvia

  15. In the meantime,Eleni Foureira revealed that last year she submitted this song for esc but ERT refused to even listen to it:

  16. I won’t be joining the game, guys. :( I’ve been wrting on the computer all day long and I have a splitting headache. I came here to say that unfortunately the rumour that Salvador is very ill, suffering from serious cardiac problems, has not been denied by his agent. When asked about the matter, she repeated that the hernia procedures went well ad ignored the question. She also added that he will go to ESC. Jornal de Notícias has published an article about this and they are a serious newspaper:


    Now, I understand why he won’t be going to any esc party.

    • I hope that he’ll get well soon. But heart issues are serious stuff … :(

    • :(
      what can one say… I hope he gets well soon.

      • There is not any specific information on his concdition, but the rumours say the he has a pacemaker and is forced to wear a battery attached to his waist; hence the baggy clothes. We’ll see what the future brings. It seems clear that the Sobral family wants to keep this private, but his new found fame comes with a steep price to pay. I just hope that most of these rumours are false.

    • Oh dear…I just hope the way he touches other people’s hearts wll make his own so much stronger…

    • So sorry to hear that.I hope he will get better.

    • Ι hope he gets the first envelope…and of I course I hope all go well with him.

  17. 2006: Bosnia & Herzegovina
    2007: Serbia
    2008: Albania
    2009: Azerbaijan
    2010: Sweden
    2011: Slovenia
    2012: Sweden
    2013: Israel
    2014: Austria
    2015: Estonia
    2016: Ukraine

  18. My last ten winners:
    07 – Germany
    08 – Serbia
    09 – Estonia
    10 – Estonia
    11 – Italy
    12 – Albania
    13 – Italy
    14 – Netherlands
    15 – Belgium
    16 – Ukraine

    P.S. : 17 – Italy, I hope, but I think that Sweden will win. The slick stage presentation will win do very well in both sets of votes (2nd probably, like Ukraine last year. Italy will win the televote and Azerbaijan the jury vote. I’ve just made my first prediction!).

  19. My winners:
    2000: Latvia
    2001: Greece-France
    2003: Turkey-Belgium
    2004: Serbia
    2006:Bosnia and Herzegovina-Russia
    2007: Serbia
    2009: Bosnia&Herzegovina-Estonia

    • The consensus re: Latvia 2000 is amazing! If I remember correctly Guitar dislikes it though :)

      • Indeed he does if i remember correctly.On Latvia 2000,it’s a nice song in a rather weak year.All of 2000 to 2002 editions are weak in my books.

  20. Came from a birthday party where Eurovision songs played 😊I won’t be writing down my winners…I am very tired and lazy
    I am watching Turkish entries on YouTube now and literaly cying 😞May the curse be with the ones that put us in this situation…
    Even a little bit fun was too much….f*ckers!!! (sorry I am a bit drunk)

    Cheers to Mor ve Otesi…They are not only good artists but also great activists in this darkest time ❤

  21. News from the bf front: I played him several Eurovision entries tonight because I like to know what people outside the “bubble” think on first listen. He was deeply moved by Portugal – and Russia. I have the feeling this girl will do much better than people think.

    He liked both Belgium and Azerbaijan which he described as “very cutting-edge”, but he fears (like me) that Belgium might be too much of a radio song to come across in a TV show. He loves Finland and Sweden. He liked Moldova and Latvia but was pretty indifferent about Israel and Bulgaria. And he declared himself quite impressed by the level and variety of music this year.

    • Why should he show any kind of interest towards Israel? I mean you only played him the song right? :P

    • I have been doing the same thing with friends and had this discussion last night with a friend outside the esc fandom who heard the odds favourites mainly though.

      He loved Sweden and thinks it will win while he liked Sweden and Belgium. Did not get the fuss about Italy (and tbh no person outside the esc bubble that I asked did).

  22. Are we really doing top/winners?

    2000 Latvia (runner-up, Romania)
    2001 Russia (runner-up, Estonia)
    2002 France (runner-up, Latvia)
    2003 Belgium (runner-up, Estonia)
    2004 Turkey (runner-up, Serbia)
    2005 Montenegro (runner-up, Croatia)
    2006 Bosnia & Herzegovina (runner-up, Russia)
    2007 Georgia (runner-up, Sweden)
    2008 Serbia (runner-up, Portugal)
    2009 France (runner-up, Estonia)
    2010 Estonia (runner-up, Turkey)
    2011 Bosnia & Herzegovina (runner-up, Germany)
    2012 Albania (runner-up, Estonia)
    2013 Norway (runner-up, Netherlands)
    2014 Finland (runner-up, Netherlands)
    2015 Belgium (runner-up, Latvia)
    2016 Latvia (runner-up, Georgia)

    2017 Portugal (runner-up, Belgium)

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