Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Ilinca and Alex Florea (Romania)

Romania – After the drama of being disqualified from the contest last year, Romania are back with us in 2017 with “Yodel It” by Ilinca Ft. Alex Florea.
Ilinca and Alex Florea will be performing in the 2nd Semi Final on May 11th.

Song: “Yodel It”
Music By: Mihai Alexandru Alexandra Niculae
Lyrics By: Mihai Alexandru Alexandra Niculae

About Ilinca
18 year old Ilinca Băcilă was born in Târgu Mureș, Romania and is known for her ability to Yodel. She is a talent show veteran having competed in the Romanian Editions of The Voice and The X Factor as well as Romania’s Got Talent.

About Alex Florea
Alex Florea, real name Alexandru Ionuț Florea is 25 years old and was born in Constanța, Romania. He is also a contestant of the Romanian edition of The Voice, participating in the fifth season.

Romania selected their Eurovision Entry using the National Selection Selecția Națională. Ten finalists competed for the public vote and Alex and Ilinca won by a landslide getting 5176 more votes than runner up MIHAI. At time of writing, Oddschecker have Romania as 8th favourite to win just below Armenia whose song is still yet to be revealed.

(Taken from Wiwibloggs)

All you out there
Wanna sing and shout
Yodele, yodeleioo
Sing it!
Yodele, yodeleioo

Yodeleeii (yodeleioo)
Yodeleioo (Sing it so I can hear you)
Yodeleeii (Yodele, yodeleioo)

You never show the spark that makes you glow
You always run away, you always say no to the right things
Don’t try to hide the light inside of you
Today might be the day when you will make it baby

So bring it on, bring it on, I’m a dreamer
If you don’t believe it, come and see me I will teach you

If you never try, you’ll never be alive
You are gonna miss out on this ride

Yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleioo
(Yodele yodeleioo)
Yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleioo
(Yodele yodeleioo)
Wanna hear this now (Yodeleio)
Gonna act real crazy (Yodeleeii)
Yodele yodeleioo (Yodeleio)

Now what’s the use of being so confused
Of doing all this work you really don’t want to be doing
But you’ll be fine, it’s time to feel alive
Don’t stop from reaching for the stars and keep on moving

So bring it on, bring it on, I’m a dreamer
If you don’t believe it, come and see me, I will teach ya

If you never try, you’ll never be alive
You are gonna miss out on this ride!

Yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleioo
(Yodele yodeleioo)
Yodeleeii, yodeleeii, yodeleioo
(Yodele yodeleioo)
Wanna hear this now (Yodeleio)
Gonna act real crazy (Yodeleeii)
Yodele yodeleioo (Yodeleio)


Sitting alone at my desk on a 9 to 5 program
It just won’t do
Get another coffee, get another one to make it through
Don’t want this anymore

Don’t you hide that light inside of you
Come and show me what you wanna do

If you’re stuck in a place feeling incomplete
If you wanna run feeling like a misfit
Come on sing along
Come on sing this song
Say 1, 2, 3

Yodelei, yodeleio
Just shout it baby
Yodelei, yodeleio
Just shout it baby
Wanna hear this now
Gonna act really crazy
Yodele yodeleioo
Just shout it baby

Ilinca on Social Media:
Facebook: IlincaTheArtist

Alex Florea on Social Media:
Facebook: alexfloreaofficial
Instagram: @alexfloreaofficial

About jadeukesc

Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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111 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Ilinca and Alex Florea (Romania)

  1. Demy making an entrance at the INFE Greece esc party organized to honor her:

  2. Their stage presence is impressive considering they apparently only knew each other a few weeks before the audition. I enjoy the song and I think Romania is going to definitely qualify.

  3. Euroclub 2017:

  4. Kinda early but this is how qualification betting odds for semi 2 stand curremtly :
    1.Bulgaria 1.03
    2.Romania 1.13
    3.Serbia 1.13
    4.Denmark 1.22
    5.Hungary 1.22
    6.FYROM 1.25
    7.Estonia 1.3
    8.Russia 1.33
    9.Belarus 1.44
    9.Ireland 1.44
    9.Austria 1.44
    12.Israel 1.57
    13.Norway 1.72
    14.Croatia 1.8
    15.Netherlands 1.83
    16.Malta 1.95
    17.Switzerland 2.35
    18.Lithuania 2.40
    19.San Marino 2.75

  5. Qualification betting odds for semi 1 :
    1.Sweden 1.07
    2.Belgium 1.15
    3.Australia 1.17
    4.Greece 1.17
    5.Armenia 1.18
    6.Azerbaijan 1.20
    7.Poland 1.29
    8.Portugal 1.30
    9.Cyprus 1.53
    10.Moldova 1.57
    11.Finland 1.66
    11.Iceland 1.66
    13.Albania 1.95
    14.Latvia 2.00
    15.Georgia 2.20
    16.Czech 2.90
    17.Montenegro 3.80
    17.Slovenia 3.80

    It seems like San Marino is more likely to qualify compared to MNE/SVN :)

    • Cyprus in the Q zone and Iceland/Finland/Latvia out ? Are odds going nuts recently ?

    • I would agree with them vastly, however, LAT, ISL and FIN should have shorter odds. The opposite could apply to Poland.

    • Finland outside the final is unlikely as the jury should give it the win this semi together with Belgium imo and I actually do believe that many televoters will like the atmosphere of Finland this year. As Belgium it stands out from the other female acts this year.

      Greece should be lower, after a non-qualification Greece has lost some strenght in the competition and with a bad cheesy song, its gonna be in the lower top 10 imo. They are gonna need a really strong act and staging to pull this through.

      • I agree with what you say. As I said it’s quite early to take betting odds seriously. However, if in May Finland doesn’t climb up in betting odds, things are going to be tough for them. Betting odds have been extremely accurate lately

        • Like having Ukraine around 9th place for most of the season while everyone of us predicted them in top3 since day one :p ?

          • Yes but when rehearsals were on, Ukraine climbed up to 3rd, no? That’s not a failure with betting odds. Keep in mind Ukraine didn’t win ANY set of votes last year

            • So what :p They had a convincing live performance in hand yet they failed to see it was a top3 material. It might have not won but it was a comfortable top3 in both set of votes.

            • The major part of esc betting takes place in May. The Jan-April period is betting mainly from hardcore fans that’s why Ukraine was lower in betting odds until May.

  6. It is a NO+ song atm for me. The only positive element about is of course the yodelling part which Ilinca nails!. Personally, I do not like the song and find it a tad annoying. It will definitely qualify and with a possible strong support from the televote we might see Romania hovering around the lower left hand-side of the scoreboard.

  7. I like Ilinca’s voice and yodeling, but I’m not a huge fan of Alex. The lyrics also do nothing for me. Overall I find Romania to be enjoyable but it’s nowhere near my favorite. I think they will qualify easily though, and get high marks with the televoting.

  8. Song rules! This has done more for yodeling than anything I can think of. Never thought I would be yodeling in my lifetime but there is a first time for everything I guess.

    A rap-yodel. This is the most Eurovision song on offer this year. It’s like a science experiment where you start pouring chemicals into a test tube and hope it doesn’t explode. This could have been a disaster, but it ends up working, big time.

    It’s fun, it’s catchy, and Ilinca is willing to teach the dreamers if you go see her. What more can you ask for?

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